There she was. She looked beautiful, her sky blue eyes sparkling. The soft light reflected off her thin frame.

"Hello, Dominic." She said sultrily. She walked towards me with great grace. There was something about her that was so romantic. She sat down beside me and I cupped her face in my hands. I leaned in and started to kiss her. Her lips were soft and smooth. We started to kiss passionately. I pulled her closer until we were skin to skin. 'I'm so glad she's my girlfriend,' I thought to myself. I savored her cherry lip gloss, much like the Katy Perry song. But then I heard moaning sounds coming from her mouth, getting more and more urgent. She pushed me away from her forcefully and I opened my eyes.

"What the fuck, Dom? What the hell were you doing?" Matt shouted at me.

"I-I …" I stuttered. Chris guffawed at my antics and I flushed tomato red. Oh God. I guess I had been in one of my fantasies again. I really should try to control them better. I hung my head in shame and walked to my room. Ah, such is the life of a single drummer.