Chapter 1: Moving Forward To NYC

So my second story, so simple plot in case you didn't read the summary on my blog a while back…. Really long time ago…. Anyways…. So it all started with Poseidon wanting to send his daughter Emily over to learn to manage the family business and orders Emily to go live with a brother she's never even met or knew about. However Emily doesn't want to, but instead rather stays over at California and study for her dream job, so she begs her best friend Annabeth to go over to New York and pretend to be her while she is over in California learning about her own career. Percy on the other hand is adapting well in SeaShaker Inc. (Poseidon's company), and pretty much having a good life as we know it, until he finds out about a sister he never knew about and to make matters worse he has to live with her for who knows how many months. Also thanks to his fathers' order she's also required to teach him the basic of the family business. So isn't life great for poor old Percy, having to live and see someone 24 hours a day, and to make matters worst someone he doesn't even know! What happens when these two unlikely people meet? Read and find out.

Disclaimer: well…well… we meet again…. I do not own Percy Jackson…. Disclaimer my buddy…. I hope we'll get off to a better start then last time…..

WARNING: if you seriously do not want to be scarred for life…. Please refrain from reading the first half…. No lemons I swear…. But reference to more mature stuff…. I guess…?

Percy's POV:

"YOU WANT WHAT?" I nearly screamed into my phone.

My dad chuckled nervously on the other side, "I might've have a daughter….Your sister" He added quickly. "A bit younger than you, and she's coming over to live with you in a couple hours…?" He said weakly.

I was furious, wanting to punch something. Oh! Did I forgot to mention? My dad's a player, which probably explain the kid suddenly popping up out of nowhere and also the reason they divorced many years ago. All in all, I have a jerk of a father. "SERIOUSLY? You haven't called or even contacted me for 10 years and now you suddenly decided to call me and saying I have a KID SISTER?" I yelled into the phone. "ALSO ONE I'VE NEVER MET AND IS A DAUGHTER OF ANOTHER WOMAN?"

Sometimes I wonder if I'm the older guy in the family. "WHAT DID YOU DO EVERYDAY FOR THE PAST 20 YEARS? STICK YOUR DICK ALL OVER THE PLACES?" I angrily shouted at him. Okay sure I seem disrespectful, but considering how much he lack as a father figure in my life, I think I have a right.

"Perseus…" He tried to talk smoothly.

"Don't call me Perseus." I warned him, he knows how much I hated my full name. Perseus, Perseus, PERSEUS! I hated that name.

"Percy," He corrected himself. "Listen, I know you're mad-"

"Oh I'm beyond mad, old man." I shot back into the phone.

"Okay you are beyond mad, but you have to understand, she's still your sister and the problem is-" My dad tried to explain having trouble keeping his voice calm. Let's just say we both have anger problems, that isn't very helpful in a situation like this.


"CONTROL YOUR TEMPER PERSEUS! IT'S BECAUSE OF MY DICK THAT YOU ARE HERE! AND WATCH YOUR FUCKEN LANGUAGE!" He yelled back no longer in control of his temper any longer.

"Hypocrite," I mumbled.

"WHAT?" He roared in the phone. What the heck? Isn't it me who's suppose to be mad at my stupid excuse of a father?

I took a deep breath, "Okay, so let's talk in a civil manner." I tried to compromise. "So you are trying to tell me that a little more than 20 years ago, you just have problems keeping your pants on and causing your little swimmers to go into another woman that was not my mom." I added trying to control my anger. "And out come Poseidy Girly which causes mom to divorce you and now many years in the future, you call just to tell me about it and I'm force to live together with some random girl I've never met?" I stated disrespectfully.

"Technically she's your sister." My father corrected me.

"Technically you're suppose to keep your pants on in public but look what happens when you don't" I shot back rudely, not that I care.

I could've sworn I heard his nose flare for a minute. "Percy, look I'm sorry but this is my fault not your sisters or half sister for that matter." He tried to apologized keeping his voice down to a low tempo. "Just give her a chance. She's already on an airplane right now anyways. If you don't take her in she'll live in the streets."

Ouch, he hit my weak point, knowing that I'd do anything to help someone even my enemies. "I hate you." I mumbled.

"And I love you too my son." My dad said warmly. I'll admit I really want to feel my dad's love for me, just that he's a jerk that makes me want to kick his ass all the time, but you know typical parents. Still sometimes I wonder how'd my wonderful mom even fell for a guy as irresponsible as him. "Oh and did I mention you are going to have to show her around work as well since I'm going to be over in Russia in a business trip."

"What's the point of telling me this…." I mumbled. "You never show up to the office anyways, it's pretty much me that's running the company."

"I'm teaching you how to manage the company." He defended himself.

"Whatever," I told him.

"If you do this huge favor for me I won't be sleeping all over the place claiming you siblings anymore." He promised.

"WHAT THE HECK? THERE'S MORE KIDS?" I practically yelled probably causing my neighbors to have a heart attack.

"Yes…?" He said uncertainly. "I have another son name Trevor and one name Zachery."

I sat in shock, "And why didn't you ever tell me I had like a bazillion more siblings on the way? Seriously… If you have that much kid, including me, how do you even bother to remember our name?" I ask him with a dangerously angry voice.

"Relax Percy, I only have 4 kids-"

"Different women?" I sighed already knowing the answer.

"Yes" He mumbled, "But the other two are already have a job and is perfectly capable of taking care of themselves, plus they already have a family so it'll be awkward sending my daughter over." He told me. "And you and my only daughter…" He paused. "Well her name I'll remember it soon." He mumbled. "Anyways, I'm concern about you guys the most. Percy you're the most successful of all my children so I'm trusting you to take care of her."

"Seriously… how old is she? You're acting like she's five." I grimaced at the thoughts of having to take care of a kid. I can barely cook my food, so giving me a kid would be like giving me a death wish.

"She's a bit younger than you, about twenty-three or twenty-four." My dad replied oh-so-casually. "She's taking an extra courses. I mean you just graduated right?" My dad asked me.

I wanted to punch him, typical of my dad to not remember my age. "Yes I graduated last year and have been working like a workaholic for more than a year. In case you're wondering of my age, I'm officially twenty-seven since five months ago." I answered sarcastically.

"Oh good, I think she's around that age, but she's going to be taking extra classes at some university. It will be your job to drive her there every day, since I'm assuming she probably does not have enough cash to spare, I'll ask of you to pay for her fees as well." My dad mumbled on the phone. "Anyways, it shouldn't be a bother because she could pretty much take care of herself, so you don't need to baby her."

I thankfully was able to control my anger once again. "Oh good, that makes it so much better." I replied sarcastically.

"But just do me this favor Percy and I won't be sending you any more siblings." He promised.

"I don't think you can with a dick as old and ugly as yours." I rudely insulted his manhood.

Thankfully he decided to let it slide, "Do this and I'll pay for your study of being a marine biologist." He promised.

I frowned, "Parents aren't supposed to blackmail their kids." I lectured him.

"Kids aren't supposed to be so disrespectful to their parents." He shot back. "So are you picking her up?" He asked me again.

"I don't think I have a choice." I mumbled as I grab for some bags and hung up from the father I haven't talked to for almost 10 years.

"Yay…" I cheered sarcastically. "Time for house cleaning." I may be a jerk to my dad, but I couldn't help it. He pretty much ignored me for 12 years. Then comes back to send me a gift for my 12th birthday. Then disappear to who knows where and now he's here again, 15 years later asking for my service. I still couldn't believe how my mom even fell for an irresponsible jerk like him. My mom, by the way, is the most amazing person ever. I mean my dad is cool but even you have to admit he has needs or something.

My mom is the best, she's always there for me and currently is a novelist, writing her 5th novel I think with the help of my stepdad Paul Blofis. Usually the kid would hate the stepdad, I mean sure it's true, I hated my old stepdad Gabe who was a world class jerk, and I have to say, thanks to me he'll not be stepping foot in our house ever again. I was actually ashamed of myself then, I was pretty much the worst kid you could ask for, almost getting killed a couple times but I somehow managed to survive with my dumb luck. Surprisingly my mom was able to deal with me being a juvenile delinquent, while hoping to live with smelly old Gabe. I loved my mom a lot but somehow my twisted mind of a pre-teen, caused me to go berserk and I haven't been exactly the good straight A, goody-two shoe you would see around school.

Then after my freshman year in high school, Paul came into the picture, and he helped get my life back on track with all the drama that's been happening at my other school. You see, I wasn't always the business man I am now, I was a troubled kid, the ones that gets into fights everyday. Well Paul helped me get accepted into one of this school he taught in and soon I learned that there was more to life then just rotting in the corner. Paul's been more of a fatherly figure then my biological father had and I'm happy to say that he's been a great gentleman to my mom so I'm cool with him. He even respect me as much to be asking my opinion about any serious problems at school or home, treating me like the adult I'm suppose to be. That was probably when I have decided to step up and be a man.

I turned back to my messy house and then checked my clock. "Looks like I got a couple of hours to tidy up." I said with a groan.

Annabeth's POV:

I watched as my roommate ripped opened a letter and her eyes widen in shock. I walked over as she just sat there as if frozen in place. "Emily… are you okay?" I looked cautiously over her. She sat in silence still staring at the paper in her hands in shock.

I have never seen her like this, like just sitting in one place so still for so long. Her long black hair was loosely left down and falling freely over her shoulder and see looked over the paper in her hand. Her green-blue eyes seem to be filled with anger and confusion. Her normal shade of pink seems to have changed to ghostly white as she stared at the envelope and her small fingers are hovering over the last few words of the letter. She has been my friend since the day I started college, she seems to have a cool personality and understands (or try to understand) every fact I have to say. Usually she seems to in control of her emotion and almost rarely let it escape to her face, but today it seems almost as if she's seen a ghost. Normally at times like these she would be joking around with me and some of our other friends, however sense she received the letter from some rich guy this morning, she seems to be acting like a whole other person, so reserved, serious, and the worst case for Emily Kim, she seems very unenergetic today.

I sighed and walked over to my friend, "Emily?"

She instantly shot up scaring the heck out of me. "Woah! Sorry, got a bit shocked, that's all." She replied. She waved the papers around, "I just got a letter from my dead dad." She paused dramatically. "Or at least I thought he was dead."

I stared at her in shock, I knew she have told me that she never met her dad and according to her mom's opinion her dad was dead a long time ago. "Wait that letter was from your dad?" I asked in wonder.

"Yeah… or at least I think so… I mean he knows my mom?" She looked at the letter frowning, I almost had a heart attack, for once in my life I saw my friend frown as if she's actually thinking hard. Usually Emily is an easy-going kind of girl, she doesn't really believe in complications or seriousness, but unfortunately this letter means something to her. "Apparently he's alive and well…only problem…I don't think he knows my name and he wants me to go over to New York."

I thought about what she said, "Wait… so you're going to drop out?" I asked a bit worried, I knew how much Emily liked this place, and how much she wanted to pursue in her career in the medical field here in Stanford.

"I don't know…" She said frowning deeply, "I don't really want to move all the way to New York, I mean I have a life here." She said obviously not wanting to go at all. "My dad wants me to go over there and live with one of my half-brothers, then learn about the family business, some company, he said he'll pay for my college fee as well." She mumbled.

I thought it over my brain taking in what she just told me, "Wait one of your half-brothers? You have a brother?" I asked surprisingly.

"Yea, according to my so called dad I have a brother." She murmured, obviously depressed over the situation.

"So who's your father?" I asked her, curious about her parentage.

"A guy I've never even heard of, Poseidon Oceanus." She mumbled. "Seems as if he's a jerk and he acts like he has all the money in the world."

This time I frowned, 'My friend is related to Poseidon Oceanus? The guy who owns the SeaShakers Inc.' I turned to my friend, knowing that she should take the opportunity, "You should go, SeaShakers Inc. is a good place to work at and the colleges there are pretty good." I told her.

She stared at me confused, "How did you know the company's name?"

"Did a research on it a while ago, it's perhaps the richest company in the U.S., works with buildings in the ocean, repairing damages due to natural disasters and such." I told her matter-of-factly.

"I'm hopeless at this, I'm not even interested in all the building sea stuff." She quoted her fingers in the air expressing her annoyance."You're even more suitable for this then me." Emily pointed out, then as if she suddenly got hit by lightning her green-blue eyes blazed with a mischievous glint. "That's perfect!"

I flinched back alarmed by her sudden change of emotion, hesitantly I asked, "What's perfect?"

"You" She pointed to me. "And me!" She shouted nearly killing my ears. "I mean you want to go to NYC right? Look I got all the plane tickets ready and he doesn't even know who I am!" She said excitedly. "You just go pretend to be me, I'll bet he won't even notice." She smiled up at me with a hopeful expression, "Look you can build stuff! You get to go to the college of your choice! How much better can life get?" She waved her hands up in the air.

I looked at her a bit hesitant, "But.." I frowned, 'I do want to go to NYC, but Emily's acting a bit too rash.' I thought, even though I know that it's in my friend's nature to be rash about things, she doesn't care what people thinks, she likes to do things her own way. "But… Like, what If someone finds out." I asked her.

"No worries, trust me, no one will find out, mostly my plans are foolproof." She said confidently as I winced thinking about how many times we have followed her plan and it went wrong.

"Emily…-" I began.

"Look just get on that plane, and while you chase your dream job in NYC, I'll be here working towards my dream job in California." She stated so confidently I was starting to believe her.

"Emily it's not that easy, don't be so repulsive." I tried to advice her, "It-"

"Annabeth, Columbia University is in NYC, it's one of the best architecture universities in the whole entire world." I was about to talk when she stopped me. "I thought you wanted to be an architect, you pretty much got your whole life planned out. After you graduate from the course at Columbia, then you're pretty much set to work on my half-brother's company and build stuff. You're pretty much living the dream."

"What about you Emily?" I asked her.

"I get my dream job, plus Stanford is one of the best in the medical field, I can't pursue my career if I go to NYC. Annabeth it's Stanford I want to graduate from, not any other school." Emily told me, her eyes were serious and for once in her stubborn life she seems to be begging me. "Plus, you didn't even want to go to Stanford, this was your dad's dream, not yours. You wanted to be an architect, not a doctor like me." Emily stated.

I mean, she does make sense, we all get what we want. "You sure about this Emily?"

She looked at me without hesitation. "Positive, plus, why should I do anything to please my bastard of a father that never even bother to visit me."

I nodded, understanding her situation completely, my father pretty much ignored me throughout my whole life, the only reason why he even bother paying for my college fees was because my dead mom told him too. It doesn't help that he's only paying for colleges inside of California which is probably the reason why I'm currently studying at Stanford. In other words, he now has a new wife and don't care a shit about me. "How will I even explain this to my dad?" I asked her.

"Call him up and be like, hey dad, I don't want to go to Stanford, I'm off to Columbia in NYC which is across the country. Don't worry about paying my college fees, it's all covered?" Emily suggested.

"That's not going to work." I mumbled.

"Just who cares about the past with your dad, if he doesn't care let him be… keep on moving forward, don't, you can't let him tell you how to live your life," Emily reminded me.

"True but..." I hesitated, my emotions were getting ahead of me, and frankly I'm worried.

"It's your future at stake here Annabeth." Emily reminded me.

"I know…" I began trying to think of another reason.

"Doors of chances like these don't stay open for long," Emily tried to persuade me.

"But-" I began again.

"No buts, Annabeth, you're going, the flight is tonight so start packing ma'am. " She told me in an orderly tone.

I couldn't hide my grin, then I remembered what she said about her half-brother, "But …wait… your brother," She glared at me and I corrected myself. "Half-brother, how about him?" I asked a bit curious.

"I don't know nothing about my brother except, well…" Her face going into her thinking mood, "Well, except he works in some place, and his name is Perseus." She paused, "Oh yea, and he's picking us up at the airport tomorrow." She told me.

I stared at her, "TOMORROW?"

"Yea, so please get pack Ms. Chase." Emily grinned. "The plane leaves in…" She checked her watch. "2 hours?"

"You're helping," I grumbled sacrastically.

"Of course." She said smiling. Little did I know, I was in for big trouble if anyone finds out about this.

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