Hi guys,

So how long has it been? 4 or 5 years? okay.. like dammmm... I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this story to be honest. But a few people have messaged me to asked so I thought you guys kind of deserve an answer. Well I graduated college in case you guys are wondering. I'm still alive, officially an adult, went through some crazy shit but I'm still that one kid who's in love with Percy Jackson. I'm sure the whole fanbased have grown a lot and well we are all off to college or adulting or whatever it is, but I guess I just feel a bit nostalgic and I've received pms from some old friends on here which encouraged me to give out this note.

I do have a last chapter written like almost 3-4 years ago and I just never updated it because I didn't like it... it's just in the works right now. A few people actually messaged me about it so I'm going to try to maybe get the last chapter out with a help of a fellow author from the UK?

Wow hahaha I suck, i left you guys hanging so much.

I'm just on here because well... I'm actually going to a Percy Jackson Musical and I got nostalgic and over the past couple months I've received a few messages from people either threatening me in a friendly way to update or just checking up on how I'm doing :) So i love all you guys for that! truly do!

I want to tell you guys that there is a LIGHTNING THIEF MUSICAL! yes... please go watch and support the cast members. They have a couple shows left and I'm so sorry for not posting this sooner but if you guys haven't looked at it, just go on youtube to search up the lightning thief musical. Listen to The Good Kid, listen to My Grand Plan and so much other songs in the musical. I know the PJO fandom has been disappointed with so much stuff (cough cough the movie) but I really feel like this musical is really good and you guys should check it out!

All my old fanfics friends feel free to message me anytime, my email is connected to this account so I'll always try to respond no matter how long it takes.

Love all you guys :)