Soul Eater: New Friends And Relationships


P.S. Chrona is a boy, and this has 3 O.C.'s Ice(me), Luna(my weapon/miester), and Fang(Mine and Luna's werewolf friend).

Pairings: Soul, Maka, and Ice; Black* and Tsubaki;Death the Kid, Liz, and Patty;Chrona and Luna; Spirit and Stien (for the yaoi-lovers);And finally at the end Soul and Wolf.

Sorry for the long first chapter, and for future long chapters but I want to give each pair their own chapter.

So here we are at the DWMA. Our story begins with Soul, Black*, Tsubaki, and The Symmetry Trio. Let see what's up. :)

"So what's up guys?" asked Soul trying to act like he didn't suspect Kid dating Liz and Patty.

"Nothing much." replied Liz.

"Nothing symmetrical." replied our friend the ever OCD Kid.


"Thanks Kid."

"No problem Soul."

"GUYS!" srceamed Maka running like her favorite author was at a book signing on the other side of Death City.

"What is it?" inquired Tsubaki.

"Are you finally good looking enough to look at. HAHAHA!" joked Soul.

"Makaaaaa..." started Maka.




"HAHAHA! Soul has a concussion! Soul has a concussion!" sang Patty as absent-minded as usual.

"What's up?" asked Tsubaki.

"We're getting two new students!"

"Do you know their names?" asked Chrona.

"WHEN DID YOU GET HERE!" yelled everyone except Chrona.

"We just got here!" yelled a huge lump forming on Chrona's back.

"Hey Ragnarok." whispered Chrona.

Ice's POV

Out side of Death City.

"Can we stop now?" whined a purple-haired girl.

"No! You're the one who took hours getting ready after waking up late when you spent all of yesterday bragging about how you'll be the first person to get to school!" yelled a boy with glasses and brown hair.

"But we were going to be late any way." whined the purple-haired girl.

"Shut up! We're here."said the brown-haired boy.

"YAY!" screamed the girl.

"Hey are you the new kids?" asked a white-haired boy with shark-like teeth.

"Yeah. I'm Ice and this is my miester/weapon Luna." I said.

"Weapon and miester?"asked Maka

"Yeah he turns into an ice sword which makes everything the blade touches freeze, and I turn into a scythe."expained Luna

"Cool you're like me." said Soul.

Luna then ran behind Chrona without knowing.

"A girl is holding onto me, I don't know how to deal with this!" whined Chrona

"Wow. He is just like Luna." I said

"Really?" inquired Kid


"Who would have thought that Chrona would find his perfect match."joked Soul


"Not again!"


Thud, Crash, Boom! Soul had just fallen down all the stairs only hitting three (the ground-level being one of the steps).

"Well Ice, let me show you around." said Maka.

"O.K.? Just don't do to me what you did to that white-haired kid."

"O.K. and his name is Soul."

Third Person POV

"Grrrrrrrrrrrr" snarled Soul who had finished climbing back the stairs to see Maka and Ice

"Looks like someone's jealous." Kid joked.


"You looked fine when they were introducing themselves." added Black*.

Let's go to me and Maka.

"I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Maka."

"Ah Maka, a name that implies intelligence and beauty." said Ice.

"HehHeh."giggled Maka.

"You know I saw a nice cafe on the way here, I could take you there Friday if you want."

"Sure! I mean yeah sure."

"Alright well see you later."


"This is my first class."

"Mine too."

"I hope we get to sit together."

"HehHeh"Maka giggled.

"Grrrrrrrrrrrr" growled Soul.

"So you're not jealous?"asked Kid.

"NO!" screamed Soul.

Let's skip to Friday at the cafe.

11:00 AM

"Sorry I'm late Soul kept me at the door asking me about where I'm going."

"What did you tell him?"

"'I'm going out on a date' and he freaked out."

"Well whatever let's go."


Inside the cafe.

"I hope they don't recognize me" thought Soul keeping his face behind a newspaper.

"What can I get for you?"asked a waiter to Maka and Ice.

"I'll take a glass of water." said Ice.

"I'll take a half-calf mocha latte." said Maka.

"Oh fancy." joked Ice.

"Hahaha."laughed Maka.

"Grrrrrrrrr" growled Soul from behind his newspaper.

"Did you hear something?" asked Ice.

"Crap." said Soul not bothering to keep his voice down.

"Soul! What are you doing here?" screamed Maka.

"This guy is trouble Maka! I feel it in my gut!" yelled Soul.

"What are you talking about I wouldn't do anything to hurt Maka!" yelled Ice.

Soul's right arm turned into a sycthe blade.

"Really then don't fight back."

"Woah!" said Ice as he dodged a quick stab of Soul's scythe arm.

"You really think threatening to hurt Maka if I fight back is protecting Maka?"


"You're just hurting her more!"

"Well do you think you can protect her and if so, let's see how tough you are."

Soul lunged at Ice, but Ice jumped where his foot hit Soul's head.

"I didn't want to do this but..."

Ice's lower arms turned into ice blades.

"..I guess I have too."

Soul lunged at Ice again, but Ice blocked with his ice blades.

Soul jumped back as Ice slashed at him, but he felt heavier.

"My blade!" screamed Soul.

Soul's blade had been encased ice, and it was slowly encasing his body.

"STOP IT!" screamed Maka.

Ice turned his arms back and the ice on Soul's body disappeared, so Soul changed his arm back too.

"Sorry, I was only fighting out of self-defense." explained Ice.

"Don't worry about it, it's Soul I'm mad at."explained Maka.

Soul had ran away when they weren't looking.

"I can't believe him! I don't want to see him again."

"But where will you sleep?"

"I don't know."

"If you want Luna has an extra bed in her room, so you can sleep there if you want."

"Thank you Ice. I'd love too."

"Okay come by my place at 4:00."

Ice and Luna's House

Friday 4:00 PM


"Hey Maka." said Luna.

"Hey Luna, Ice said I could sleep on the extra bed in your room." said Maka.

"I know come on."

Ice and Luna's house was as big as Gallows manor, but it was white and blue.

"This is our room."


"Maka I'm glad you made it, I just finished cooking dinner." said Ice as he came out of the kitchen.

"Good I'm hungry."