To say Governor Denning was angry would be an understatement. His elite team had once more skirted that narrow line between international disaster and serving justice. He glared at the three remaining members of 5-0.

McGarrett had been called up for training. Denning was suspicious about the timing - literally 12 hours after the resolution of the latest debacle. He couldn't punish him, for now, but he could take some of his anger out on these three.

Maybe they'd learn to act more responsible! Chief Fields had just come in, HPD's head. Fields didn't like the 5-0 team, didn't like that a rookie, a dirty cop, and a haole comprised the elite team under McGarrett. Who wasn't even a cop to begin with!

"Chief Fields," Denning said coldly. "These... officers... need to be reminded of proper police procedures."

"I am certain I can find appropriate jobs for them," Fields slowly smiled, his delight in their disgrace apparent. "Kalakuau, Kelly, report to intake central jail at 0800. You'll be processing and searching new arrestees." Chin frowned. Talk about being disciplined! The paperwork alone was a nightmare. Add to that searching sweaty bodies.

It would be a long week!

"Detective Williams, you will report to vice in one hour. We have need for a new face," his grin widened. "Your blond hair is perfect."

All color left Danny's face. He knew he wouldn't be talking up the girls given the look on the Chief's face. He would be the prostitute.

"Sir, with all due respect, Williams' is well known through the media," Chin tried. "He's certain to be recognized."

"You'd be surprised, Detective Kelly, just how unrecognizable he'll become," the top cop said with satisfaction. Yeah, get this cocky haole down where he belongs. Maybe a little man-handling would take care of his attitude.

"Yes sir," Williams eked out.

"You're all dismissed," Denning concluded. "We'll meet next week when McGarrett returns from his training."