Chapter 6

An early morning call had Chin up and out the door before seven. Malia had joined them after her shift and was still asleep in Grace's bedroom. Steve, having already had his swim, joined him leaving the two women in charge of Danny.

"A friend of mine at HPD called saying there was an incidence yesterday," Chin said. "Seems some files were requested regarding some vice work."

"Incidence?" Steve pressed.

"The files concerning a particular undercover assignment," Chin growled. "Protocol was followed and they were signed out. By Chief Fields' secretary."

"All the files?"

"All the files."


"But, said contact had made a printout of the original," small smirk. "I may only have a few friends on the force, but they're in all the right places." Steve pulled the car into the lot and together they went to sign out some files.

Detective Pono carefully reviewed the files. He annotated a few areas. Somehow some sheets became loose and, oops, fell into the shredder. Once Lukes finished his computer work the files would be returned no harm, no foul. Glancing around the office he noted the few men and women going about their own work none the wiser of his activities.

It had been simple to get the files, a bit of flirting, promise of dinner and Fields' secretary was more than willing to help him since he was so busy. He liked the gullible ones. And being from so high up it neatly transferred any blame to the chief.

Lukes had come to his apartment the night before and discussed what needed to be done to protect themselves. Not that they'd done much wrong, but first losing the stupid Haole then conveniently 'forgetting' the tracking device had been reported. A few choice words needed correcting and suddenly the tracking device could not be located the night he went missing. Carefully imply that Williams had ducked into Punnies before they could get to him.

Of course they'd celebrated their plan. Now it was after nine in the morning and they'd be done well before lunch. He heard the door to the vice office open but did not look up immediately. Just a few more changes and once more the Haole would not be a problem.

"Finishing up Detective William's case notes?" the low voice of Chief Fields rumbled. Carefully tooling his face into passiveness he looked up.

"Yes sir," he said. "Lukes and I wanted to close it."

"I see," the chief picked up the file and scanned it briefly.

"You did track the signal? Wednesday night?" he asked. "Strange, I could swear you told the 5-0 team and me that you had not."

"Why don't we check it against this copy of the report?" Steve McGarrett had entered the office at some point followed by Lukes and Chin Ho Kelly.

"Copy? This is the original," Pono sputtered.

"Seems that my secretary retrieved it for you, since you were so swamped with work," Fields said. "She said the officer in charge xeroxed it while she waited."

"Oh, I didn't know that was standard procedure," he said lamely. A new face came into the room. The officer bumped fists with Chin.

"Hey, bruddah," he greeted. "Officer Keno reporting as requested."

"Officer Keno, thank you for coming," Fields accepted a hand shake. The room had become very quiet and every officer in vice was watching the growing group. "Can you fill us in on protocol of retrieving case files?"

"Normally the officer in charge would come and sign out the files," he began, "in this case it would have been Det. Williams or Lukes as lead. Very rarely another officer can request a file if it is relevant and has the approval of the Watch."

"What happened when Ms. Leia came down to records," the chief asked.

"She requested the file on Det. Williams' last case. When I asked for who she told me that Officer Pono had requested them. It was unusual, but she said that he and Lukes were busy with a lead and wanted it first thing in the morning. Since Ms. Leia is Chief Fields' secretary I assumed it had been approved," he said.

"Why the copy?" Steve asked.

"Well, I assumed it was approved, but I could not ascertain it was true as it was late and the Chief was gone," he shrugged. "So I decided to copy the file and did a back-up of the computer log just in case something happened to the original."

"Ok, thank you once more for coming in on such short notice, Keno," Fields said. The officer nodded and left.

"I think we need to move this somewhere more private," the chief continued, "with IA in attendance." Now Lukes and Pono were visibly shaken.

"But, but it's just the Haole," Lukes said. "Everyone knows he doesn't belong in Hawai. He should be back in Jersey." Both Steve and Chin bristled at the words.

"Det. Williams is a veteran detective and brings a wealth of knowledge to Hawaii," Fields said firmly. "His work at HPD was valued, and he moved to a position where he can continue to protect the people of Hawaii. We might not all get along personally, but professionally HPD and 5-0 do excellent work. Let's go."

Although it wasn't necessary, Fields would follow through on the reprimands, Steve and Chin remained as IA began their investigation. Neither like IA, but there was a need for the force to police itself. Danny would be interviewed as well, but that would occur the following week.


Danny and Kono were actually in the ocean when Chin and Steve came home. The rookie was paddling on her board with the Haole on a second board looking down into the water. Suddenly there was a flash of gray and a spray of water as a bottlenose dolphin flipped out of the water causing the surfboard duo to laugh in delight.

"There's a small pod," Chin quickly pointed out the flukes and blowholes encircling the pair. They were very interested in the two creatures on the floating boards. With a grin Steve pulled off his shirt and emptied his short pockets. Chin followed suit and soon they were swimming out to join their friends.

"You're a handsome fellow," Danny was telling a smiling dolphin face. The animal was checking him out as well. Steve carefully moved to the board and nudged his friend. Shifting sideways room was made so both men could hold on to the board floating between them. Chin joined Kono.

Seeing the legs of the creatures seemed to satisfy most of the dolphins although a couple of the younger ones continued to jump and swim close.

"This is so awesome," Kono smiled at her cousin. "We were just floating out here and they surrounded us."

"I did the dolphin thing with Grace, thanks to you," Danny ran a hand over the snout and head of the dolphin that found him so interesting. "But this is way better. It's like we're the attraction and the parents are indulging the kids!" This brought out smiles all around.

"So we're the attraction?" Steve touched a sleek back as another young dolphin braved to come close.

"Yeah, mom and dad brought the kiddies to have a hands on with the humans," Danny sighed happily. Once again one of the adults came close to nudge one of the babies towards the swimmers. Kono held out her hand as the shy creature came close to look at her.

"Hey sweetheart," she said gently. The dolphin touched her quickly then turned tail knocking her off the board. Before the humans could react one of the adult dolphins was there next to her encouraging her to grab the board. There were clicks and whistles going on as Kono accepted Chin's hand.

"You ok?" he asked.

"Yeah, fine, just startled me," she admitted. The dolphin that had helped her carefully lifted partway out of the water to look her over then ducked back down. Then a moment later the young dolphin was back, still skittish, but lifted up and clicked at her.

"I think that was an apology," Danny said. The pod moved around them one more time and then began to swim off. The ohana watched as several leapt up and splashed. Then they were gone.

"Wow," Chin managed.

"Maikai," Danny agreed. Then the three natives whipped their heads to stare at him.

"Maikai? Where'd that come from?" Steve asked.

"Eh, jus' sumting I picked up," he grinned. "nai'`a no ka oi!" Now they all laughed.

"You're coming along just fine, Haole," Chin smiled. "And I'm hungry so maybe we should take this to the kitchen."

The afternoon slipped away and dinner was bar-be-cued chicken. Danny was still extremely subdued and went up to bed with little fan fare.

"Think he'll sleep alright?" Malia asked as she sipped at her beer. She easily followed Chin to the McGarrett ohana gatherings. She knew enough from her husband that Williams might have trouble.

"Hopefully," Kono said. "The meds should help."

"Memories," Steve stared darkly up the stairs. "Forgot about the memories."

"Shit, you're right," Chin set down his bottle. "What should we do?"

"Think I'll be sure he's not alone," McGarrett stood up and disappeared upstairs.

"What memories?" Malia queried. Kono searched her own memories and sat bolt upright.

"Damn, Jersey, the mob," she said. "Damn Fields and Dennings! I bet they didn't check his file or didn't care."

"They better haven't checked the file or else there's gonna be a lot of trouble," Chin growled.

"Jersey? The mob?" Malia was completely clueless.

"He'd been captured, don't know all the circumstances, but instead of the normal get the stuffing beat out of him and tossed in the gutter in front of the police station he was forcibly raped," Chin filled in his wife. "I'm sure this will bring back some bad dreams."

"Being abandoned won't help," Kono added. "That whole thing with HPD and his trashed apartment also undermined his self-worth."

"Chin told me something about that," Malia said. "And unfortunately it will bring on nightmares."

Which was why when Danny bolted upright just before midnight he had his own Navy Seal anchor talking him down. The shaking man was enveloped in warm arms and allowed to take comfort. Tears weren't unexpected and at some point Chin was there as well. A cool glass of water and diazepam were brought in by Malia.

When he finally calmed down and was thinking of sleeping again he looked around at the concerned faces. He sighed deeply.

"Ohana," he murmured as he settled into the bedding.

"Ohana," Kono agreed as she stood with her cousin and Malia.

"Definitely, Haole, we are," Steve smoothed covers over his sleeping friend.