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Summary: Hikari lived a normal and hard life ever since she was ten. Little did she know everything would change when a certain person walk through the café door.

Hikari is described as a girl with long black hair that went up to her waist and lavender eyes. She is very good at playing instruments. She works at a café in Karakura called "Serendipity" Two of her best friends are Ichigo Kurosaki and Megumi Aizawa. Megumi has dark blue hair and blue eyes. Ichigo has orange hair with brown eyes. Hikari has been Ichigo's friend since Middle School. Hikari met Megumi the first day at the café. The then became friends and all the three attend Karakura High School. Hikari knew Ichigo for so long but, never told her about is double life. Megumi didn't even know about it. So she never got to meet his other "FRIENDS" neither did Megumi. She only knew Tatsuki Arisawa, Orihime Inoue, Chad, Uryu Ishida, Keigo Asano, Mizuiro Kojima and all of Orihime's friends. But, in Orihime's friends she was closer to Tatsuki and Ryo Kunieda. Hikari and Ryo would always read together and race each other.

(If you want to find out more. You have to read. P.S. I don't own BLEACH.)

A Change in My World

Chapter One: Everything Will Fall Into Place

6:00 pm

"Hello Sir, May I show you your seat?" Megumi said wearing an apron over a light purple dress. "Okay." The man said blushing.

"Megumi is really good." Their Manager said. "Megumi just does her job. But, we just love working here." Hikari said.

"It was a good decision to hire her." Their Manager said.

As Megumi was showing the man a seat and started to serve him. Another guy came in you could tell he was very built he was also very tall. He had black spiky hair and silver eyes. Three scars that went down his right eye. A tattoo with the number "69" on his left cheek as well as a blue-striped tattoo running across his left cheek to the bridge of his nose. And a black chocker that had squares. There was one on his left arm. He was wearing a sleeveless shirt with jeans. He looked good in it. But, he really stood out.

"Wow… Talk about Hot." The other waitress that worked there said. "Whatever... Mai. He is so out of your lead." The waitress next to her said.

"Kohana you are just jealous." Mai said. "You'll be when I serve him." Kohana said.

These two were very competitive and always loved to wait on the hot guy that came in. They could drive a guy away though. But, they would never get fired because their business will lose costumers.

"No you're not I am." Mai said to Kohana.

"No." Kohana said.

"Yes." Mai said.

"No." Kohana said arguing to her.

"Yes." Mai said getting very angry.

"You're both not going to wait on him." Their Manager said.

"What why?" they both said in unison.

"Because I said so… Other costumers are waiting on you. Hikari will serve him." Manager said deciding things right away.

"Huh?" Hikari said turning to them.

"Go Hikari we have made him wait to long." Manager said pushing her.

"But… Let Megumi go." Hikari said.

"She's busy. Why your acting like you know him. Do you?" Manager said.

"No… Fine whatever." Hikari said walking toward his table. But, stopped when she was half way. She got a strange feeling. Like she couldn't even move but, she did. She walked up to the man with the same outfit like Megumi just blue. Mai was wearing red, Kohana had green.

"Hello… Sir what would you like to eat?" Hikari said giving him the menu and smiling.

"Hmm... An Ice Tea and the Green Tea Ice Cream." The man said.

"Coming right up... Sir " Hikari said walking away.

"That was really good." Manager said.

"Yeah… Yeah." Hikari said going to the back getting his order.

As she did a woman came inside. She had long and wavy strawberry blonde hair, icy blue eyes. It really surprised everyone… with her very large breasts. She wore a reddish brownish dress with a short jacket.

"There you are Shuuhei." She said jumping on him which made his head sink into her breasts.

"How did you find me?" The guy Shuuhei said pushing her off.

"Your reiatsu… was." The lady said as the Shuuhei man put his hand on her mouth. "We're in a public place Rangiku." The man said.

"Here you go." Hikari said giving him his order and when she got to the table she got the same feeling again but, brushed it off.

"Who's this Shuuhei your girlfriend?" The Rangiku lady said. "Rangiku we're in a café." Shuuhei said in a frustrated tone as he put the spoon of in his ice cream to eat it.

"Okay... What would you like to eat Madam?" Hikari asked.

The Rangiku lady looked at her and called her down, "Do you have any Saki?" She asked. The man then sent the spoon flying into her mouth flying into her mouth. "That's a bad idea..." The man said.

"Uhhu.. Shuuhei you dummy that gave me a brain freeze." She said rubbing her head.

"Can you give her and Ice Tea too and another spoon." He said to Hikari. "Okay coming right up." Hikari said leaving.

"Awwe... Whatever you drink Saki too. And when your drunk your worse than me." Rangiku said. "Just drink tea Rangiku." Shuuhei said as the Rangiku lady tried to eat his ice cream. But, he moved it away. She then dropped the spoon on the table and laid back into the chair.

"Fine…" She said crossing her hands and lifting her boobs higher.

"Here you go." Hikari said putting the ice tea next to the lady and giving the man the spoon. "Well thank you. How rude can I be? Hi my name is Rangiku Matsumoto." The lady said introducing herself.

"Oh… Hello is a pleasure to meet you. I'm Hikari Yamamoto." Hikari said shaking Matsumoto's hand. "Shuuhei is she the Hika…" Matsumoto said as Hisagi hit her foot to stop her from talking.

"Oww." She said. "Sorry…" He said.

"Ugg that guy is Hisagi Shuuhei." She said introducing him.

"Hello." Hikari said to Hisagi. "Hi." He said as he put the spoon in his mouth.

"Don't be shy." Matsumoto said to Hisagi who was looking away. "Well if you'll excuse me. Just call if you need anything else." Hikari said.

"Hikari its time." Megumi said pulling her. "Well I hope you too enjoy the show." Hikari said as Megumi finally got her away from the table. Megumi pulled Hikari up to a stage at the side of the café. There was a piano and a microphone on it. Hikari sat down at the piano and played a beautiful melody and sang to it. The café was very quiet and all the costumers looked at the beautiful sound. It was very hard to not look.

"She's very good and her voice is so beautiful." Mastumoto said. "Yeah like I remember." Hisagi said but he was still looking away.

"Ugg… did you have to hit me?" Matsumoto asked. "She's doesn't know anything about that so can we drop it." Hisagi knows.

Then the music stopped and everyone clapped. People complemented her on her way off the stage. She walked to Matsumoto's table to ask if they needed anything.

"So are we all good here?" Hikari asked. That was very good Hikari." Matsumoto said.

"Thank You." Hikari said smiling. "Don't worry Shuuhei liked it much more then you think." Matsumoto said looking at him. Which he was still looking away eating his ice cream.

"Well next is my friend.. Megumi is very good at dancing.. She even makes her own music. Her parents own a big music company. But, she wanted to live life like this. But, her parents are nice so they said okay. Therefore, she gets to make her own music anytime. It's really good we even make a CD. But, we couldn't… no we won't sell it for money. We just made one for fun." Hikari said.

And as she said that they saw Megumi go on stage. A song came on it was hip-hop then classic and it was Hikari and Megumi singing. But, mostly Hikari, Megumi didn't really like singing.. Her dancing was a mix of Hip-Hop and Classical. Sometime she would even make her own style. But, they were never the same steps. Megumi's dance was finished and people did the same thing to her as they did to Hikari.

"How was I?" Megumi asked. "You were great." Hikari said tapping her shoulder.

"Yeah best dance moves I have seen in a while." Matsumoto said. "Oh… Thank you... Umm?" Megumi said wondering what the lady's name was.

"Oh... Rangiku Matsumoto. Nice to meet you." Matsumoto said. "Oh... Megumi Aizawa… Welcome." Megumi said shaking Matsumoto's hand.

"So what are you guys in town for? I mean if you don't mind me asking randomly." Megumi asked. "Well just taking a vacation." Matsumoto said but they were actually there to find out what was this weird reiatsu they were feeling. It was different from Ichigo's it was a very bad feeling though.

"Ohh... Are you guys in high school?" Hikari asked. "Yeah we are we were going to and apply." Matsumoto said.

"Your friend is awfully shy." Hikari said. "Ohh don't mind him... His name is Shuuhei Hisagi." Matsumoto said stepping on his foot to say "hi."

"Oww…Hi." Hisagi said then went back to eating.

"Girls can you come here for a moment." Manager asked waiting near the counter.

"Well it was nice meeting you guys. And hope we see you again." Hikari said nicely then walking away with Megumi.

"You know that was you're only chance right?" Matsumoto sad. "I can't just come out and tell her about it without explaining why we're even here." Hisagi said

The two were done talking to their manager and they went to the back to get ready to change and go home.

"He was cute." Megumi said to Hikari. "Really I didn't notice." Hikari said.

"Whatever you so noticed that guy Hikari." Megumi said. "Megumi I have a boyfriend already." Hikari said stopping her and standing at the side.

"Yeah I know that you know that I don't like him. Ichigo, Tatsuki and Ryo don't like him. Besides he's never around always coming back to school and out of school when you guys get to chummy. Who knows when he's coming back or what he's doing." Megumi said. "Well that was just mean." Hikari said walking away.

"Hikari wait I didn't mean that." Megumi said trying to catch up to her. But, she locked the door to the locker room.

7:00 pm.

Megumi left a note saying she was sorry. Hikari wasn't really mad at her because she knew that they didn't like him. And that he was hardly around. He was a playboy before he met her. The question was he still one. But, she really thinks he loves her. By the time Hikari got out everyone left except the Manager.

"Manager I'll be going now." Hikari said. "Okay I'll see you tomorrow. Be careful." Her Manager said.

"I will." Hikari said.

Hikari left the café and started walking home. The streets were empty but she could have sworn that there was a man always around her. She bumped into him she got that same feeling like she did in the café. But, she couldn't move but she glanced back. And saw something… The man turned into a big ugly thing. It had a white mask that look like a star and a hole in its chest. It had a lot of stars on it. Hikari was scared and turned around. The thing moved closer Hikari thought it was going to attack her so she hit it with her bag.

"Hmm.. How did you do that? No human can hit me. Unless you're not a human but, a soul reaper. Finally something I can eat." The thing said as it went toward Hikari.

"Aaaaah." Hikari screamed as she fell to her knees and covered her face. She wondered why she wasn't dead. She looked up and saw a guy with a black sleeveless kimono. He had a sword at the monsters mouth. The thing moved back. And he jumped up and sliced it in half and it was gone. He looked at her and started to walk away. Hikari recognized him and she didn't really remember his name yet.

"Hey." Hikari said. "Hey." She said again as he ignored.

Hikari said a rock picked it up and threw it at his head.

"Oww." Hisagi said as he looked back and looked at her. "What are you?" Hikari asked.

Hisagi started to walk toward her. "Stay back. Now answer me what they hell was that thing? And just who the hell are you?" Hikari asked.

"Now why would I tell you that?" Hisagi said. "Then don't... I'll just figure it out myself." Hikari said.

"And it ain't Halloween anymore. So I would take off the lame disguise." Hikari said. "It's not a disguise." Hisagi said.

"What the hell was that?" Hikari asked. "That thing is called a hollow." Hisagi said.

"I can't talk about this with you just say thank you and I'll be going." Hisagi said as he started to walk away. "Wait…" Hikari asked.

"What?" He said. "I remember who you are now… you're that guy from this afternoon." Hikari said.

"Yes." He admitted. "Uhhh… Hisagi… Hisagi Shuuhei right?" Hikari said.

"Yes." He said. "What are you?" Hikari asked.

"I'm what you call a Shinigami." He said. "Shinigami?" Hikari said.

"Yes." He said.

"Are you okay?" He asked. "I'm fine." Hikari said as he helped her up.

"Why are you here?" Hikari asked. "I can't be seen talking to you." Hisagi said.

"Please… I want to know." Hikari said. "Hmm…" Hisagi sighed.

"Ohkay…I was sent here to figure out what was going on with all these hollows disappearing all a sudden." He said. "That thing that just attacked me a few minutes ago. There's more." Hikari asked.

"A lot more." Hisagi said.

"So where are you from?" Hikari asked another question. "You sure do ask a lot of questions don't you?" Hisagi asked,

"Yeah and you didn't answer mine?" Hikari asked. "It's called Soul Society. It's known as Heaven to you humans." Hisagi said.

"What do you mean humans… weren't you one?" Hikari asked. "Yes but, that was a long time ago." Hisagi said.

"So how old would you be?" Hikari just had to ask. "Hmm... I don't know I've been like this for a long time." Hisagi said.

"Wow so you pretty old." Hikari said with a smile.

"Haha." Hisagi gave a fake laugh. "So who else is like you?" Hikari asked.

"A few others, that girl that was with me and someone like you… Umm… Ichigo.. something." Hisagi said. "Ichigo Kurosaki?" Hikari asked.

"Yeah." Hisagi said. "No… I know him that's not possible." Hikari said.

"I know you do…" Hisagi said as he stopped. "What?" Hikari said as she was confused.

"I'm surprised he didn't tell you." Hisagi said. "Yeah he's my best friend how could he not." Hikari said.

"Well I'll keep your secret. I guess I'll talk to Ichi tomorrow. Thanks Shuuhei." Hikari said with a smile which to Hisagi looked like she shined. Then there was an awkward moment.

"Bye." he said as they went their separate ways. Hikari got home she was just lucky that one of those things didn't show up again. She had a hard time sleeping. Thinking what this Soul Society looked like. She had a lot to ask Ichigo and why he never told her? But after that she had an even weirder dream…

She was in her mom's arm like she was still a baby. She looked around and saw her grandmother who was in someone's arms. She looked back at her mom and saw a man next to her.

"Dad?" She said. "She's adorable huh?" She heard her mom say.

Then she saw a little figure in front of her. Then right when everything was about to become clear she woke up…

Hikari sat up… looking so confused.

"What the heck was that?" Hikari said as she fell back and tried to dream about that again but couldn't.

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