Chapter 8 : What's Your Request?

As sound of the last bell for school rang Hikari ran to meet up with Hisagi, Ichigo, Rukia, and Megumi at the front gate.

"Everyone else said that they would meet us there. You ready?" Ichigo asked. "Yeah Megumi did you finish your work?" Hikari asked remembering she had work to do.

"No I haven't but Hitsugaya agreed to help me finish." Megumi said. "Toshiro Hitsugaya?" Ichigo asked.

"Yeah." Megumi said. "So you're going to be with him?"

"Calm down it's not like we're running away together he's just helping with some paperwork." Megumi said. "Alright."

"Yeah so I'm going to go and finish. I'll be over as soon as I'm done." Megumi said as she waved bye and ran back into school.

"Ichi we better get going I need to make sure everyone has a suit." Hikari said as she wrapped her arm around his. "Okay."

"They're really close huh?" Hisagi said. "Well Ichigo is a friend Hikari has known for a long time." Rukia added.

"Yeah I guess once we leave she'll still be alright."

"Don't get too attached especially to her. Things won't work out between you and her." Rukia reminded Hisagi.

"I already know that doesn't mean I can't at least be nice to her. It's possible to just be friends you know."

Rukia softly patted his shoulder, "Yeah well good luck with that Romeo."

Once they arrived at the cafe everyone was already helping the manager set up the cafe.

"Ahh Hikari you really helped me thank you." Manager said hugging her.

"No problem you remember Ichigo?"

"Yes its been a while Kurosaki-san."

"And these are two of his friends Hisagi Shuuhei and Rukia Kuchiki. They came along to help. Guys this is Masako she's the manager."

After the introductions Hikari went to the back to make sure they had enough uniforms for everyone. Ikkaku and Mai were on dish duty. Yumichika, Renji and Ichigo were to help serve with Rukia, Matsumoto, Megumi and Kohana. Manager Masako assigned Hisagi and Hikari to assist Kenta in the kitchen.

"Because I still believe in the idea of my cafe being a maid cafe I won't need to many of you as butlers. But I'm still more than grateful that you all came to help out." Masako said bowing.


Meanwhile Megumi had already started with her paperwork. But Hitsugaya didn't show up yet. She looked down at her watch and 15 minutes had passed.

"God can I really even trust this guy. He probably just said yes so I could leave." Megumi said stamping one of the documents. "He's probably not even smart."

"For someone who came looking for help that's a rude thing to say."

Megumi quickly turned to the doorway and there he stood with his arms crossed.

"Listen I know I need your help and if you're as smart as you seem you'd understand how to be on time. I really need to be somewhere and you showing up 15 minutes late makes me even more late."

"Strange human." He softly said.


"Nothing paperwork this simple I can be finished in 10 minutes."

Megumi said nothing hoping he was being honest. She looked at the two huge stacks of paper and wondered how 10 minutes would be enough.

He sat down directly in front of her and went through the paperwork. Megumi continued her paperwork to try and finish as fast as she can.

A few minutes passed and Megumi finally finished her stack. Once she put her pen down she noticed Hitsugaya was on his phone. It took her a moment to realize he was already finished and wasn't just being lazy on his phone.

"You finished?!"

"Like I said this is simple. It's practically nothing to me."

She could argue with his arrogance but brushed it off since he helped and she had to get to work.

"Well thanks for the help. I appreciate it." Megumi said collecting the papers.

"You're welcome." He said never taking his eyes off his phone.

"I'll be going now. See you tomorrow."

He nodded his head and waved bye.

"Here you go I wanted to thank you again for helping me out." Megumi said placing watermelon candy in front of him and taking her leave.

"She's really such a strange woman."

-Serendipity Cafe

"Manager, Megumi said she's on her way."

"That's great!"

"The party will be here in a few minutes so everyone please get to your stations."

While everyone went to help out outside. Hisagi helped Kenta cook as Hikari sat down in front of then getting plates ready.

"So among yours friends this one can cook?" Kenta asked.

"Yes trust me Shuuhei helped me cook once so I believe in his cooking ability."

Hikari turned to Hisagi, "Don't mind Kenta he is very particular on who cooks in his kitchen."

"Well that because I don't like others trying to cook and failing miserably." He teased.

"Oh shoot I need to get bowls for the soup. I'll be right back." Hikari said leaving to the back.

"So you go to school with my Hikari?" Kenya asked.

"Yeah we just got into town a little while ago." Hisagi continued, "Sorry if I'm too forward but when you say 'my Hikari' what do you mean?" He asked not being able to hold back his curiosity.

"Yes its thanks to her that I even got this job and I owe a lot to her. She's my savior and my favorite. Why? Do you like her?"

Hisagi just dropped everything he was holding.

"I'll take that as a yes. Ohh yeah sorry I'm a pretty forward person too."

"Its not like that I just got surprised." Hisagi said gathering himself.

"Well whatever your feelings are just know Hikari is very important to a lot of people." Kenta said. "I mean you seem like a good guy given you're here helping out instead of her actual boyfriend. She's lucky, I'd probably hit on you but I won't get in the way of my Hikari."

Hisagi was about to say something but stopped when Hikari walked in holding a big and heavy box. "Hikari you should call me for something like this." He said taking the box from her.

"Sorry, its just a habit."

Hisagi poked her forehead, "Idiot you asked me to come for me to help so rely on me more."

Hikari smiled and returned to her duties as the two started cooking. The group arrived a few moments later.

Hikari would watch from the back and noticed that the party was going well, everyone was working very hard and the guest were having fun. There was the occasional hitting on the butlers which made her think for some reason she was glad that Hisagi was in the back with her. As Masako predicted everyone had fun especially with butlers there. But the gathering didn't last as long as they predicted but it made cleaning up a lot faster.

Masako had thrown everyone a little thank you celebration for their hard work. Kenta did have a little sake to drink and started to flirt with whoever was there with the exception of Yumichika who traded comments about being the prettiest in the room. Kohana and Mai were trying their best to flirt with Ichigo which was going nowhere since Rukia has dragged him away to discuss something. Megumi of course told them that no matter how many times they tried Ichigo was not the type to take such attention. Of course she kept out the part where everyone was betting the day they admit their feelings. Because there was just no doubting their chemistry. Megumi looked over at the other side of the cafe where Hikari was with Hisagi sitting in a booth wiping down the dishes. She made sure she gave them their space because she loved seeing Hikari laughing and again there was just something couldn't say it out loud but something was definitely changing.

"You didn't need to help me you know." Hikari said taking the plates from his side.

"I already told you to rely on me more. Plus I see it as I'm helping you with this favor so one day you have to help me with one thing too." He said smiling at her and taking his share of dishes. "Anyways I'd do anything for you."

"Eh?" Hikari looked up and it was as if Hisagi was nonchalant about it. "Have you fallen for him?" That thought suddenly appeared in her mind. "Wait? What is this?"

"Hikari?" A familiar voice called out to her.

The sound of bells chimed together which had signaled that someone entered the cafe. Everyone got so quiet to the point where you could hear a pin drop across the room. She saw how Hisagi went from smiling too a blank stare behind her. She turned around to see that Shin had walked in.

"Shin? What are you doing here?" She said getting up from her seat.

"I need to talk to you and I figured you'd be here." He walked up to her. "Did you want to go and get something to eat?"

"Ummm yeah sure let me just go and get my things." Hikari said. "Sorry Shuuhei you won't mind finishing up right?"

"Not at all don't worry."

Everyone felt the awkwardness and tried to ignore it by returning to their business. Shin sat down and started wiping down some dishes.

"Listen here Hisagi Shuuhei I don't know what your planning but Hikari is my girlfriend and I don't like how you're always around." Shin said quite enough so no one heard.

"There's nothing between us." Hisagi said continuing with his job.

"Good but I'd appreciate it if you didn't come around so much."

"Why do you care so much? Scared I'll steal her away?" Hisagi had enough of Shin's comments.

"Is that a threat?" Shin said.

He looked straight into his eyes with a look that sent chills down Shin's spine, "We'll just have to wait and see."

"Okay I'm ready." Hikari came out from the back and went up to Shin.

He put his arm around her shoulders and kissed her forehead, "Alright let's go baby." For some reason Hikari felt nothing when he said that. It felt more of someone marking their territory than saying a pet name to his girlfriend. "Okay."

Hikari looked at Hisagi and placed her hand on his shoulder, "I'll see you tomorrow."

Hikari didn't want to admit it but she was starting to feel that being around Hisagi even if it was just for a few brief moments it was like they were in their own world. She didn't understand why she felt they way she just did.

"So what did you need to talk about?" Hikari asked.

"Well let me buy you dinner first." Shin said as he took her to a nearby restaurant. Hikari noticed the name and remembered this was where Shin took her to celebrate their 1st anniversary.

"You remembered this place?" Hikari asked.

"Of course this was where I took you on our anniversary. You always did want to come here together again."

The restaurant had around 20 people inside. As their meal came out Hikari waited for Shin to say what he needed to talk about. The silence whenever she asked what it was about was bothering her. Hikari figured this was something that was an after meal thing. After they ate Shin said he would walk her home. Again the silence was getting on her nerves but this time it also had a similarity to times when good news was never what was delivered. As they walked hand in hand the closer they got to her house the more she felt that he was going to say something. The air was cold enough to make their silence feel even more uncomfortable. At that moment he slipped his hand away and walked in front of her.

"Babe there's something we need to talk about?" There it was… the end of their silence.


"I'm not going to beat around the bush…I got a call from my mom today and she wants me to come back." Hikari was surprised with how fast he said this.

She stopped walking to take in what he told her, "Huh?"

"I know what you're thinking that I just got here? How long? What about us? You see my dad and her have been working things out and are deciding to give what they have another shot."

"So you're trying to say you're moving there…permanently?"


"Wow this just seems so can you already be going? We haven't even spent time together."

Shin turned around, "Is that my fault? You're always with that Hisagi guy!"

"Don't you turn this around on me and Shuuhei has nothing to do with this. I want to spend time with you but the day I planned to you had other plans."

"See right there why do you call him by his first name? It's not like you've known him that long."

"Don't change the subject we're talking about you here." Hikari fired back wanting to talk about the current situation.

"That's why I wanted to make all that up to you. Hikari I want you to come with me?" Shin asked holding her hand.

Hikari's eyes widen. Shin's grip tightening around her hands. The cold air of the night seemed to drop, the wind wasn't even blowing anymore. The noise from cars or animals walking around the neighborhood had faded.

"You want me to leave?"