Mikan's POV

I hate them all, the three of them I hate them so much even the world can't compensate. One day I will get my revenge and I will make sure it hurts them and the lowly images they created of themselves because they can't see when others are suffering.

Every time I think, because of them, the only thought that enters my mind is suicide, I can't concentrate on anything any more. I used to think they helped me and were the ones I could always trust, but now whenever I'm with them I can only think about death shit and that crap.

This is the first night in 3 weeks where what I am writing isn't 'bad' or 'suicidal', like the notes hanging in various places around my room. They're all hidden because these people always think they have rights they don't so your stuff is all seen or taken. Even this isn't private, the first two sentences were viewed by the one and only bastard who I call 'anii' or 'onii-chan' when being, what they call, good.

I hate having to eat and that I can't control myself and am either losing 5 kg or gaining it in a very short period of time.

They think of themselves and each other but no one else around them. For other people that are close to them it is hell, and the close one are constantly being told what to do then being lectured because one of the three shoved you out of the way, not knowing how to impress the 'instructor'.

I heard that my old childhood friend, Hotaru had qualified for a prestigious school, but before she left she supposably forgot to tell me that she wouldn't be able to visit me.

So now I'm alone, I had other friends but recently I've lost it completely and can't take talking to people anymore. I just say we drifted apart, or I've changed.

Anyway, I have finally after all these years located Hotaru and she is in a prestigious boarding school in Tokyo, right now I'm on a train to her school, getting away from what you'd call my 'family', of course they don't know, but they will soon enough. Though I highly doubt I would be missed.

It's been 7 years and she will be 16 like me now.

My iPod begins to play a classical piano piece that calms me a bit.

Normal POV

"We have now arrived at Tokyo. Would all passengers please disembark the train."

"Finally!" thought Mikan.

5 hours later

Mikan had finally arrived at they grand school gates and had gotten through.

Suddenly a blonde man who looked like a girl with silky locks jump out from behind a tree and began to speak to Mikan like they were friends.

"Hiya, you must be Mikan Sakura! I'm your homeroom teacher, Narumi." Another man walked out from behind the tree and stood next to Narumi "Oh, this is James, he will take your belongings to your room! I'll take you to meet your new class!"

Mikan just looked at the two men standing before her and replied "Ok-a-y..."

Time Skip

"Hello students! How are we all today?" greeted the blonde man still standing at the front of the class.

The only response he got was a loud grunt/groan from the students that paid any attention to him.

"I have some news for you all, *pause* we have a new student! YAY!" he said in a hyper way, "Come in Mi-chan!" Everyone looked up to see the new student.

Mikan inwardly groaned, but smiled as best she could and walked in.

"Hi, my names Mikan Sakura, 16, please take care of me." She tried her best to sound happy but she just couldn't, it came out in a bored flat line.

Everyone was surprised, such a perfect face, body and well everything but her voice and attitude told something else all together. "Free period to get to know Mi-chan!" Narumi shouted before leaving the room.

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