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Mikan's POV

I looked around the room trying to find Hotaru, right after that gay teacher left. I saw two different clumps of raven hair, but one was reading manga, and I knew Hotaru-chan hated that so the one sitting there making something must be her.

"Hotaru-chan!" I said loudly to the slim girl, trying to sound like the happy girl I once was.

Normal POV

"Shut up baka." came a short snappy reply and before Mikan had time to say something, she was hit in the face and landed hard on her butt.

Suddenly, Mikan's mood changed and she said in a low voice to Hotaru "What the F*?# was that for Hotaru, I came all the way here after 7 years and you don't even care to acknowledge me?"

Hotaru looked up and she said "Oh hey Mikan, come to my lab with Iincho afetr school." with that she ignored the brunette.

The class mates that bothered to watch the scene were suprised that the brunette had suddenly become so cold (though they couldn't hear what was said between the two)

A sandy blond boy bounded up the to pair of friends and introduced himself. "Hi, my name is Yuu Tobita, but you can call me Yuu! I'm the class rep. nice to meet you!"

"Cool, umm...," began Mikan

"Hey" said two girls "My name is Luna and she's Sumire, get in our way and we'll squash you and your reputation like a bug, later loser" and with that the two, mean, girls walked away.

"Well, let's see about that" grumbled Mikan

"What?" said a pair of happy looking girls

'Great more people, I hope these ones are actually decent' thought Mikan

"I'm Anna and Nonoko! We have the cooking and chemistry alices, (Nonoko-Chem, Anna-Cook) what about you?"

"Etto... I have the nullification alice and I am 3 star cause of some things..."

"Cool!..."Nonoko and Anna countinued to talk as Mikan drifted of into her own thoughts.

Later That Day

"Hey, Yuu, ready to go?" Mikan asked after class.

"Oh, hey Mikan, yeah just gimmie a sec to pack my bag,...ok, lets go!"

At Hotaru's

"Thanks for taking me here Yuu! Byee! Hotaru-chan! I missed you so much" screeched Mikan.

"So did I baka-chan, but," she said changing her tone "what are you doing here?"

Sensing Hotaru become tense with her last statement she answered in a low voice "My...family."

"What, you mean to say Yuka let you go?"

"No, uh they... I hate them, I was on the verge of suicide if it wasn't the thoughts of reuniting with you..."

"Ok. Tell me everything from the moment I left."


( 3 and a half years after Hotaru left)

*ring ring!*

"I got it!" yelled Mikan


"Hello, is this the Sakura, Yukihara estate?"

"Yes! What can I do for you?"

"Your 'Jii-chan' has fallen very ill, he didn't want to worry you but he only has one year left to live. I have to go now, please tell the family" *hangs up*

My mind was on fire, my jii-chan who was always full of energy is now deadly sick!

I ran to the family and told them the news and *bam* mum tears up and runs out of the house crying, dad gets tickets to go to jii-chan's house ASAP and my brother just sits there emotionless.

*End of flashback*

"From there it only got worse, I couldn't say anything without being yelled even something so simple as a question, I would be beaten forced into things I didn't want to do or hated, but I did it because I understood, but four years later they can't move on and they take it all out on me and... I tried Hotaru I really did..."

Hotaru's POV

Just as Mikan was finishing I noticed faint scars on her arms and legs and a new one on her collar bone.

"How did you get those scars?" I asked in a voice that came out harsher than I would have liked but either way, Mikan replied "I did it myself."

I understood how she felt to be pushed to the edge, I felt like that when I first arrived here too. But I had to make her stop, no matter how bad her situation had been, I, had to help her get better.

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