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Chapter 1: The Meeting of the Soldier and the fox...

Sighing Daniel Reaver was getting a new mission brief, though he paid it little attention. At 21 he was waiting for his military contract to be up so he could go to college, get a job, and all the good stuff guys at age 21 like to think about. He was currently wearing the standard US Military uniform, camo pants and jacket, helmet with cover, boots, and "bulletproof" vest. Sighing he picked up his rifle and brought to the ready as they left the C130. From what he actually paid attention to in the briefing they were sent to investigate strange lights that had appeared on Mt. Fuji in Japan, now normally they would right it off as some kids very determined to play a prank on the older generation, but the lights persisted for about a month before they realized something was up. So they called in the US Military, after all they were the world police.

Getting out of the plane at a air base that was as close as possible to Mt Fuji they jumped on a helicopter and went the rest of the way to Mt Fuji. Open touching down they split into groups of two. After three hours of looking around Daniel and his partner were resting close to one of the caves on the mountain, when one of the rocks he was sitting on crumbled a little, causing him to fall backwards, and the cave he had been sitting in front of had a VERY steep downward slope. Looking up he saw his partner grinning maliciously, just before he kicked him in the face. Falling Daniel closed his eyes, expecting death to meet him at the bottom, however if he had kept his eyes open he would have seen bright multicolored eyes surrounding him.

After what he assumed was a half hour of falling, his back smacked against hard earth. Opening his eyes he saw that his military gear had been replaced by a black t-shirt with a set of kanji going down one arm, a pair of baggy brown cargo pants tucked neatly into a pair of black combat boots, and he saw his hands had a pair of black fingerless gloves with metal plates on the back. Shrugging he reached to run a hand over his scalp, and was shocked to find his hair had grown back out. Jogging over to a nearby pond he saw that his hair had in fact grown back out, with black bangs hanging almost over his eyes, and he also saw a sword hilt poking over his right shoulder. Shaking his head he quickly looked around and saw he was in the middle of a forest. Scratching his head he then noticed a giant wall to the west of him. Walking in the direction of the wall he came upon a gate, which wasn't guarded that well with only two guards in green flak jackets, weird headbands with something etched into them, and blue long sleeve shirts and pants, the both of them were asleep. Walking right past the gate he heard a loud cheer and saw a drunk man pass him.

"Excuse me sir," Daniel called out, causing the drunkard come to a stumbling stop "what's today's date."

"Why my good man," the drunkard slurred, the smell of alcohol evident on his breath, "it be October 10th, the day we in Konoha commemorate the defeat of the Kyubi and the death of our Fourth Hokage."

Not sure what a "Kyubi" or a "Fourth Hokage" was he simply thanked the man, and then puzzled on how he understood him completely and wondered where he was. Upon hearing loud cheers he followed them in hopes of getting answers, only to be revolted at what he saw. There in the middle of the street was a little blonde haired boy, no older than four years old from the look of him, wearing a heavily stained white t-shirt, blue shorts, and blue sandals. His blonde hair seemed to defy gravity as it was sticking up all over the place, his cerulean eyes were filled with fear, and he had three whisker marks on each cheek. Surrounding the boy was a massive amount of adults with weapons of every manner from broken bottles to swords. It was then Daniel saw to his horror one of the adults smash a bottle into the blonde kids face. Right as someone was about to hit the kid with a pipe they found a fist in their face.

"What the fuck is wrong with you people," he shouted, before pointing in the blonde kids direction, "assaulting a innocent child like that."

"That is no child it is a demon," shouted someone in the crowd. Snorting at the crowd Daniel drew the sword from his back and rested the tip on the ground.

"Then if you want to kill this demon," Daniel said to the crowd, anger evident in his voice and sarcasm dripping at the word demon, "you'll have to go through me to do it."

It was at this point a man in a black kimono with black eyes, black hair parted to the sides, and a heavily scarred face walked from the crowd.

"Move aside gaijin Fugaku Uchiha demands it," the man ordered in a commanding voice, acting like his name meant something.

"Is that name supposed to mean something to me," Daniel asked sarcastically, causing the crowd to gasp in shock. It was at this point the man, identified as Fugaku Uchiha, glared at him.

"I am the head of the Uchiha Clan, you will step aside gaijin," Fugaku demanded, thinking Daniel would step aside now that Fugaku had declared who he was.

"And let you harm this kid fat chance," Daniel stated, his resolve cemented.

"Then I shall have to remove you," Fugaku stated simply, before glaring at the boy who was now hiding as best he could behind Daniel's leg, "and then destroy the demon myself."

With that Fugaku snapped his fingers and two people with animal masks and black hair stepped from the crowd, drew their weapons, and charged at Daniel, thinking they would make quick work of him. Sneering Daniel suddenly felt a strange itch at the back of his mind, almost like it was trying to tell him something. Trusting his instincts he opened his mind and then slammed his fist on the ground, causing two columns of earth to envelope the two that had charged at him. Looking on in shock at what had just happened Fugaku noticed the look of confusion on Daniel's face Fugaku assumed he hadn't had anything like that happen. Deciding to take advantage of the situation, Fugaku was about to charge forward, when he got slammed by a massive amount of Killer Intent.

"Enough of this," a old voice said calmly, though it betrayed the amount of authority he had, "ANBU take these villagers to Ibiki and tell him he can do what he wills with them" a elderly man stated before turning to Fugaku Uchiha, "and as for you Fugaku Uchiha you will be stripped of rank and pay for the next six months and you will no longer lead the Konoha Ninja Police Force until I deem that you are truly willing to protect it's citizens, ALL of them."

Fugaku merely scoffed before walking off, just as a large number of people in animal masks and cloaks appeared and took the villagers away. It was then the old man turned and looked right at Daniel, though he had a sense of curiosity.

"You," the old man called, pointing to Daniel, "what is your name?"

Looking around nervously he was about to try and run for it, when he remembered a Japanese name from a name generator off the internet.

"My name is Kyousuke Yamada," Daniel answered, "but where I come from it's considered polite to introduce yourself first."

"Ah forgive my rudeness then," the old man apologized, before slightly tipping his hat, with the symbol for fire in the middle, "my name is Hiruzen Sarutobi, the third Hokage of Konohagakure no sato."

Noticing Daniel wasn't moving Sarutobi held up both his hands, to show he wouldn't harm the little boy, still cowering somewhat behind Daniel's leg. Sighing to himself he bent down to the blonde's level.

"Naruto-chan," Sarutobi called to the boy behind Daniel's leg, "it's me your ojiji-san."

It was then the boy, now known to Daniel as Naruto, curiously peeked out from behind Daniel's leg and looked at the old man in a frightened way.

"Really then tell me something that only my ojiji-san would know," Naruto demanded. Causing the old man to chuckle.

"Your name is Naruto Uzumaki, you are currently four years old, your favorite food is ramen, and you detest the color orange," Sarutobi answered, causing a massive grin to appear on Naruto's face, before he went from behind Daniel's leg and glomped the old man. Shrugging Daniel sheathed his new sword, which he decided to name late, and watched the interaction between the two. Just then Naruto acted as if he remembered something, than ran over to Daniel and bowed to him.

"Arigato Yamada-san," Naruto said gratefully, causing Daniel to chuckle.

"Think nothing of it Naruto," Daniel said, smiling at the little boy, before glaring at the Hokage and then walking away.

"Hold there Yamada-san," Sarutobi ordered, and noticed that Daniel wasn't stopping. Sighing he ran through a quick series of hand signs and then slammed his open palm onto the ground, causing a wall of earth to appear in front of Daniel. Looking at the wall of earth in surprise, Daniel tried to see if the power ha d earlier was still there, and just how much control over the earth it gave him. So he placed a open palm on the wall and concentrated, but nothing happened. Shrugging he turned and looked at Sarutobi.

"Come with me please i'd like to ask you a few questions," Sarutobi said, though you could hear the tone in his voice that said it wasn't a suggestion. Following the old man, Daniel carefully looked at people out of the corner of his, and noticed that a lot of people where sending glares Naruto's way. At first Daniel was wondering what Naruto could have done to cause people to hate him so much.

'I know most countries hate us Americans being there,' Daniel thought, 'but these people treat him like he's some kind of walking plague or something.'

It was then he noticed they were heading towards a three story tower, with the symbol for fire in the middle of the roof facing them. Once they got inside he saw it was sparsely decorated, an occasional picture and potted plant here and there. Once they got to the third floor they entered a office, with a desk stacked high with what he assumed was paperwork. It was then the old man sat behind the desk and proceeded to stare at Daniel, as if he were trying to peer into his very soul.

"Yamada-san I must say you have somewhat peaked my interest this night," Sarutobi announced, getting up from his desk and walking around, a hand brushing along the edges of the desk, "you come into Konoha as foreigner, you have no idea of our customs, you fight a clan head and two high ranking members of the Konoha Ninja Police Force, you display a kekkei genkai that has not been seen since before the founding of the shinobi villages, you use a katana that has long since thought to be lost, you defend a boy that the village hates with, what i'm assuming, little thought for recognition or reward, you don't even know the boy, and you defend him with little thought of your own welfare and safety. Now why is that?"

"It's what I was trained to do,"Daniel replied simply, Sarutobi merely nodded at this accepting the answer, for now. Feeling a tug at his leg Daniel looked down and saw the boy from earlier looking up at him with a mixture of awe and suspicion.

"Arigato again Yamada-san," the boy thanked him, causing Daniel to smile and ruffle the kids hair.

"You know I never got your name kiddo," Daniel stated, smiling at the boy who immediately perked up and gave him a fox-like grin.

"The name is Naruto Uzumaki," the kid, now identified as Naruto, proclaimed proudly, "the next Hokage."

Daniel chuckled and lightly patted Naruto's head, before tossing him up onto his shoulder and then sending his own grin at the boy.

"That sounds like a mighty tall goal there kiddo," Daniel stated, just before he heard Naruto yawn, "but it sounds like you need to get some sleep first."

Nodding Naruto gave Daniel directions to where he stayed, which turned out to be a building with a sign that had 'CONDEMNED' written in bright red letters across on of the doors. Shrugging it off, but still feeling a small bit of concern for the boy, Daniel went inside to find the place to be a wreck. The walls were either covered in black mold or peeling, in some places you could see clear through walls, he swore he saw rats running across the floor, and every time he took a step he was afraid he would fall through the floor and go straight to hell. Continuing to follow Naruto he found himself in the basement, perhaps the most stable part of the house, which had a bed that looked ready to collapse in one corner of the room, the walls looked little better than the rest of the building, though there was considerably less mold, and he noticed that the pipes were leaking, causing the foundation to weaken steadily.

'The barracks we had in Iraq were bad but never this bad,' Daniel thought, putting Naruto on the bed, just before he noticed Naruto's look of fear.

"Yamada-san can you sleep in the bed with me tonight," Naruto pleaded, the fear evident in his voice and eyes.

"Fine," Daniel sighed, running a hand through his hair, "but i'm sleeping on top of the covers."

Letting out a cheer Naruto quickly burrowed under the "blanket" that was on his bed and closed his eyes, while Daniel prayed to God for guidance in the matter. After he got through saying his bedtime prayers Daniel got ontop of the covers and went to sleep.

'This kid seriously needs someone kind in his life,' was Daniel's last thought before he drifted off into the sweet oblivion of sleep.

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