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Chapter 2: 6 months later…

Slash! Overhand Cut! Parry! This was the current pattern the two combatants found them in as one tried to land a death blow against the other. Eventually one of the combatants grew tired and made a critical mistake which caused the other to get the advantage needed to disarm his opponent and go in for the kill; however he stopped when the tip of his blade rested against his opponent's throat.

"Damn Itachi you got me again," Daniel said with a smile, which got wider when he saw the corner of Itachi's mouth begin to twitch.

"You're improving," Itachi stated, "you used to only last thirty seconds."

"Sure and another ten seconds is any improvement," Daniel joked with a smirk. When the after sparring banter was over Daniel went and picked up his sword, Earth-splitter, from where it had landed. Chuckling he threw an arm around Itachi's shoulders and guided him off the training field.

"Now, now Itachi let's not be all gloom and doom," Daniel shouted enthusiastically, "otherwise we'll die of an ulcer before our time."

With that Itachi smiled and tossed his arm around his friend's shoulder and they laughed the entire way off the sparring field. Now if you had asked anyone six months ago they would have said Itachi was the ideal ninja, cold, quiet, and emotionless, but ever since he started being sparring partners with the "Demon's minion" everyone noticed a change in the Uchiha heir, he smiled a whole lot more, he more readily showed emotion, and he even told jokes now, poor ones but he was improving.

Daniel was also improving in his fighting skills, and in his control over his kekkai genkai, or bloodline limit, to the point people never really messed with Naruto anymore, though the occasional glare would be fired off. He had also volunteered to be Naruto's primary caregiver, which if you had asked Naruto was a huge step up from he had been, and he was currently working at a Shinobi weapon's shop in the market district of Konoha, as a source of income until he could join the Shinobi ranks. With the presence of Daniel in his life Naruto's personality also did a complete 180 from a scared boy always on the run from a mob, every other day, to a happy boy who finally had someone in his life.

"How's Anko-san doing," Itachi asked with a slight smile.

"Improving in leaps and bounds my dear friend," Daniel replied back with a wide grin. Two months ago after Daniel had picked up Naruto from his play date with Hinata, Daniel had heard someone crying for help from an alleyway. Now Daniel knew if he didn't immediately go investigate then Naruto would bug him till he went to see what was wrong. So turning into the alley way the noise was coming from Daniel was horrified by what he saw, three 20 year old looking men had a 16 year old girl backed up against the wall with a frightened look on her face, while the men had lecherous looks on their faces. This pissed Daniel off and he did the only thing his conscience would allow, he beat the hell out of the perverts and threatened that if they ever came near the girl again he would take away what made them men, needless to say the men had run away like a demon was chasing them. Ever since then the girl, known as Anko, had begun staying with them, though Hitomi Hyuga, Hinata's mom, kept insisting that Anko was suffering from a case of hero worship. After he and Itachi had picked up Naruto from another play date they went their separate ways, Itachi going to help his brother train while Daniel and Naruto went home. The place they had moved to was a massive step up from where they had been living, though considering the place they had been living in was a condemned building that wasn't saying much, the new place was a two bedroom apartment with a single bathroom, though the place had been made somewhat livable. When they got in they saw Anko dressed in her civilian attire, which consisted of baggy tan pants, a loose fitting black t-shirt, a pair of gray socks, a pair of running shoes, and a red ribbon holding her hair up. Sighing Daniel sat down on the couch, or as he referred to it his bed, and sighed heavily.

"Anko when was the last time you went out and made any friends," Daniel asked, a little worry edging it's into his voice. Anko looked nervous, as she always did when the subject was brought up, that was all the answer he needed. He then got up grabbed Anko around her neck and began pushing her to the door; he then opened the door and pushed her out the door. Anko frightfully tried to scramble back in the door, only for it be closed.

"You're not coming back in here till you make a new friend," Daniel shouted through the door. When Daniel turned he saw Naruto glaring at him.

"What," Daniel asked, a confused wondering what he did wrong, "she needed to get out of the house for a while."

Naruto just kept glaring at him with a childish pout before sitting down on the second hand couch with his arms crossed over his chest. Daniel ran a hand through his hair and sat on the couch, his sword sitting by the arm of the couch.

"What a odd little group we've become," Daniel stated to no one in particular.

"I must agree that you seem to have collected an odd little following Yamada-san," said an elderly voice in the kitchen. Sitting ramrod straight, and grabbing his sword, Daniel looked in the kitchen to see the Hiruzen Sarutobi sitting at the kitchen table and puffing on his pipe. Sighing Daniel sat back on the couch and ran a hand through his hair.

"You my dear Yamada-san seem to have a talent for collecting strays," Sarutobi stated, a slight chuckle in his voice, "First you save our little Naruto, the you befriend perhaps the coldest, most emotionless ninja in existence, and then you save the ex-apprentice of a traitor from being raped, is there no end to the acts of kindness you'll do?"

"Probably not," Daniel answered with a chuckle. Then Naruto glared at him and puffed his cheeks, "what she needs to get out of the house every once in a while."

Sarutobi just chuckled knowingly and puffed on his pipe a little more. It was a well-known fact amongst the few people that associated with the two people sitting on the couch across the apartment that ever since he had saved Anko from being raped she had developed a bad case of hero worship for the young man, and most girls couldn't blame her, not every day you get rescued by a living, breathing prince charming. But he had to agree, she needed to get some friends. He also noticed just how close Naruto an Yamada where, in just the short six months Yamada had been there Naruto had come to view him as a big brother, and like Anko had developed a case of hero worship. Smiling Sarutobi decided to just leave the small folder of paper work on the table he decided to leave and let the two do whatever they usually did around now.

Later that night Anko knocked on the door and was nervously twisting the hem of her shirt as she introduced her new friend, Kurenai, needless to say after almost ten minutes of intense questioning, complete with straight back chair and florescent light, from both Daniel and Naruto they readily accepted her into their little group. That night when he went to sleep Daniel's nightmares came back.

Begin Nightmare no jutsu….

They were in Iraq it was his first deployment, they were rolling out in a convoy to secure a supply route when they were hit. The vehicle in front of him exploded. Next thing they knew they were under heavy fire. Daniel was doing his best to lay down supportive fire then that's when he saw it, his brother had a RPG exploded right in front of him. Quickly running over there he began putting pressure on the wound.

"It's ok bro you're gonna make it out of here," Daniel stated, whether it was to reassure himself or his brother he still didn't know, "MEDIC!"

That's when he saw it his brother slowly pulled out a picture I smiled sadly as blood started to leak from his mouth.

"Well Becky don't look like I'll be making it to our wedding," his brother stated with a sad smile on his face as he gently kissed the picture.

"Don't you say that," Daniel shouted, tears coming to his eyes as he tried to think of some way to keep his brother alive long enough for the medic to get there. It was then he saw the light leave his brothers. Staring down at his brother's lifeless body in shock, Daniel could only sit there and stare as the battle winded down. Shakily picking up the picture he saw it was of a beautiful black haired woman of 25 with a bright smile and green eyes, she was wearing a plain black t-shirt and tan pants and she was holding a little boy of six with brown hair, blue eyes, and he was wearing a shirt with the Avengers logo on the front baggy blue jeans and shoes that also had the Avengers logo on the sides, and he was also hold two Transformer toys as he smiled excitedly at the camera. His brother had his arm wrapped around the girl, at the time his brother was wearing a black unbuttoned over shirt, a AC/DC shirt on underneath that, and tan cargo pants. Naturally Daniel had been off with his friends, trying to have a good time before they deployed.

Then the dream switched to two weeks later when he had the unenviable job of delivering the letter and having to tell Becky that he wouldn't be coming home.

End Nightmare no jutsu…

Daniel groaned as he woke up, rubbing his sweat soaked face with a sigh.

'Well it wasn't as bad as usual,' Daniel thought, usually somewhere in the nightmare his brother's corpse would unexpectedly get up and start chasing him. It was then he felt a unfamiliar pressure on his right arm. Looking over he saw Naruto laying on his stomach and Anko snuggled up to his side.

"It usually like that for you in the morning," said a female voice just outside his field of vision.

"This one of the good days," Daniel responded with a sigh. Using his one free hand Daniel nudged Anko awake, and then he shook Naruto awake. Once they had completed their morning ritual Daniel grabbed his sword and dropped Naruto off at the Hyuga complex, the Hyuga clan being one of the groups of people he knew he could trust Naruto with, he then went to his part time job at the Rising Phoenix Shinobi Shop. Sensing something was off Daniel stepped to the side, only for the resident tomboy Tenten Himura to thump against the ground.

"How did you I was there," Tenten asked, a childish glare on her face.

"Instinct," Daniel stated with a smile on his face. Then he simply picked Tenten up and set her on the counter as he stood behind the register, sword underneath the counter and decided to patiently wait out his shift before he went to train with Itachi some more.

Meanwhile with Itachi…

Itachi was smiling as he ran his brother Saskue through the hand signs for the Great Fireball Jutsu again, noting how much Saskue had improved. When a ANBU with a cat mask appeared right next to him.

"Itachi-san the Hokage requests your presence," the ANBU stated. Itachi simply nodded and the ANBU shunshined away. Saskue frowned, thinking his brother would immediately go to see what mission the Hokage wanted only to be surprised when Itachi was still standing there.

"Brother aren't you gonna go see why the Hokage asked for you," Saskue asked confused. Itachi merely smiled at the question.

"I promised to help you train," Itachi stated with a small smile, "right now that takes priority."

With a wide grin on his face Saskue redoubled his efforts, wanting to not disappoint his brother.


Itachi walked into the Hokage's office thirty minutes later, a small smile on his face.

"You're late," Sarutobi stated matter-of-factly.

"Something required my attention," Itachi replied. Sarutobi nodded with a small smile on his face.

"Itachi the reason I have called you here is because I'm removing you from the ANBU black ops," Sarutobi stated, immediately Itachi wanted to yell at the old man for even suggesting such a thing, but the Hokage's next words shot that down, "and I'm placing you on a team with Yamada-san."

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