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Chapter 3: The team is formed…

Itachi stood there in shock, the Hokage had just told him he, the best anbu seen since the Yondaime himself, was being removed from the anbu black ops to be on a team with Yamada. Shaking himself from his reverie Itachi began thinking of all the pros and cons of the Hokage's proposal, on the one hand he'd have more time to train Yamada to make him a better Shinobi and he'd be able to spend more time with Saskue, hopefully he'd be able to pull his little brother away from the clan's archaic ideals, but he'd receive a massive cut in pay, something he'd need if he was to buy a house away from his father, who was perhaps as Yamada said

"a giant stick in the mud".

"And I will be moving you, him, Naruto, and Anko into the Namikaze estates," Sarutobi stated, puffing on his pipe waiting for Itachi's answer.

"Hokage you are far too generous," Itachi stated, after he managed to get most of his shock out of the way.

"So Itachi do you choose to accept," Sarutobi asked again, knowing that he had just sealed the deal.

"Of course Hokage-sama," Itachi replied, still in state of surprise at the Hokage's statement, "but why me?"

"Because Itachi-san he responds best to you," Sarutobi stated simply, needless to say that statement was a hundred percent true, since he had tried everyone from a genin on up to himself and the only one Yamada seemed to even remotely respond to was Itachi, why he didn't know.

"Hokage-sama can I bring Saskue with me," Itachi asked, hoping to finally get his brother away from the clan.

"I am sorry Itachi but that is strictly up to his clan," Sarutobi stated, knowing that Itachi, Naruto, and even Yamada were trying to pull the young Uchiha away from his clan's outdated way of thinking. But sadly since Saskue was a Uchiha he fell directly under his clan's laws, so there was little Sarutobi could do unless there was a clear cut case of abuse, endangering civilians, or neglect. Itachi sadly bowed and left the Hokage's office, though Itachi had a small smile on his face.

"It's something at least," Itachi said out loud, as he walked down the streets headed to Yamada's apartment. When he got there he heard sounds of running, a few things crashing to the floor, and a loud shout. Quickly throwing open the door, Itachi saw Yamada chasing Naruto round the apartment trying to get some folder back. Chuckling Itachi watched the spectacle for a good few minutes, until Naruto ran by him and he tripped him. Naruto immediately began rolling until he hit a wall, bringing him to a dead stop with the folder landing just outside his immediate reach. With that Yamada stomped over, grabbed the folder, and read its contents, his eyes widen the longer he read the folder.

"Says here you are my new squad leader Itachi," Yamada said in disbelief, his eyes going wide.

"I accepted the position just today actually," Itachi stated, a slight smirk playing across his features, "Training ground six 9 a.m. tomorrow?"

"You got it boss," Yamada stated, giving Itachi a sloppy version of a salute.

Chuckling Itachi was about to leave before he stopped, remembering something.

"By the way we are moving into the Namikaze estates," Itachi stated matter of factly, "I expect you to be moved in by the end of next week."

With nothing more than a smile Yamada nodded and began ordering naruto to pack up all their clothes, as far as he saw it the furniture could stay. Smiling he began thinking of all the events, good and bad, that were to come.

Meanwhile in a Unknown location, on Earth…

Sighing for the umpteenth time SPC Mason Storm was once again looking for the body of one SPC Daniel Reaver, and he had been on the search for the about six months. When someone once asked why they were still searching the Battalion Commander forced said soldier to recite the Soldier's Creed sixty times and then had his rank taken away. Immediately everyone began assuming that his parents had connections high up in the chain of command. Mason just snorted at that and kept looking; after all he had met the guy's mom and dad so no way did they have any connections in the military whatsoever. Sighing Mason decided to take a five minute break in front of a cave. Sighing he wanted so badly to take off the body armor and helmet he was forced to wear, but knew that if a NCO came by and saw him without it on they'd start raising a fuss.

"Damn it Daniel why'd you have to disappear," Mason shouted to no one in particular before he lost his balance and fell backward, right into the cave. Screaming the whole down Mason bore witness to an Aurora Borealis inside the mountain, just before he felt his back thump against hard unforgiving ground. Grumbling he looked around and saw that he was in some kind of alley, walking out he saw girl with bright red hair with a loaf of bread in her hands and she was running from a grown man with some kind of knife in his hand.

"Get back here thief," the man shouted. Mason then took a look at the girl's clothes and saw that they were tattered and full of holes. Quickly yanking the girl into the alley and covering her mouth so she wouldn't scream he waited for the man to pass by. Once the man did he let the girl go. The girl's first reaction was to cower in fear of the new person, thinking he was gonna turn her into the mean man with the knife.

"It's ok I'm not gonna hurt you," Mason calmly told the girl, after all he had gladly gone hungry after handing a group of starving kids his MRE before. Needless to say the girl didn't believe him and pressed herself closer to the wall. Sighing Mason just leaned against the opposite wall and sighed, right as his stomach let out a loud growl.

"Damn knew I should have grabbed something to eat," he said, mostly to himself. He then felt something being pushed into his lap, looking down he noticed it was a sandwich. Smiling he gladly accepted the sandwich and took a bite out of it. About a minute later he finished his sandwich and looked at the girl, noticing her dark red hair, brown eyes, and general state of her clothes told him she was either dirt poor or an orphan who ran away from the local orphanage.

"What's your name young one," Mason asked calmly.

"My name is Tayuya," the girl answered, looking at him curiously, "What's your name mister?"

"My name is Ishimaru Masato," Mason answered, deciding it was necessary to drop his real name for now. With that Tayuya crawled over and snuggled close to him as she dozed off. Sighing Mason picked the little girl up and began looking for at least a abandoned building. Ten minutes later he found a abandoned bar and calmly walked inside, noticing the door was suspiciously not boarded up. Calmly opening the door he found a bed upstairs, he calmly put her in it and sighed.

"What am I getting myself into," Mason asked, scratching the back of his head. Sighing he found a mirror and looked into it. What he saw was a little shocking to say the least. He looked in and saw that his hair had grown out and swept back, his dark brown eyes had a hint of green around the iris, his clothes were no longer the standard issue uniform, instead the uniform was replaced with a long dark blue sleeved shirt, black pants, and dark brown combat boots. Strapped to either side of the belt he was wearing was a pair of trench knives. Pulling the knives out of their sheathes and saw that the knives were beautifully made with the back edge of the blade being serrated and the cutting edge being almost a razor's edge. Smiling he grabbed a two spare blankets and a pillow and laid them out on the floor, where he fell asleep not knowing all the problems that were about befall him and the little girl laying in the bed.

Back in Konoha, next day…

Daniel woke up the next day and was about to slam his pillow back on his head and try to cram in another half hour of sleep. However his eyes immediately shot wide open, as he remembered what was so important about this day. Quickly grabbing his clock he saw that the time was 8:30 a.m. Seeing the time he quickly hopped out of bed, threw on the only set of clothes he still had hanging in his closet. He then proceeded to try and put on his boots, while going down the stairs, and ran out the door with all haste, needless to say he arrived at the training ground with just enough time to munch on a cereal bar and tie his bootlaces up. About five minutes afterwards Itachi arrived, calm and collected.

"You made it," Itachi stated, then looked at his watch, "with two minutes to spare."

Smiling Daniel was going to try and make some quip about how "time is money", when Itachi threw a kunai at him. Catching the kunai in between his hands Daniel was about to try and toss it back, when he had to side step a palm strike to his abdomen.

"Today your hands-on training begins in earnest," Itachi stated, as he performed a flawless sweep kick that knocked Daniel's feet out from under him.

"Why do I get the feeling you're gonna be a sadist about this," Daniel asked, already knowing his friend was about to put him through a world of pain.

"Whatever gave you that idea," Itachi asked, a little too innocently. Sighing Daniel got up and went through the routine again and again till Itachi decided to call it a day, which wasn't until almost four pm.

Meanwhile with Anko and Kurenai…

Anko had just finished dropping Naruto off with the Hyuga clan, with Hiashi and Hitomi Hyuga being one of the few people aside from herself and Itachi that Yamada trusted with Naruto, when she met her friend Kurenai. Together they headed to Anko's favorite dango shop and they talked along the way, mostly about nothing of grave importance, until Kurenai brought up Anko's weakness, besides Naruto, who she viewed as a baby brother, and Dango.

"So where's Yamada-san," Kurenai asked curiously, just catching a slight blush on her friends face.

"He got put on a team with Itachi-kun," Anko stated, with a slight, almost imperceptible stutter working its way into her voice.

"Anko I've been meaning to ask you something," Kurenai said, eyeing her friend real quick. Anko was currently wearing a tan trench coat that went to her mid-calf, knee length Shinobi pants, black sandals, her Konoha headband tied around her neck, a orange hair tie holding up her hair, and, from what she could see, a black short sleeve shirt with a long sleeve ninja mesh top underneath that.

"What's that," Anko asked, the blush slowly receding from her face.

"Why are you so nervous around Yamada-san," Kurenai asked curiously, causing Anko to blush a slight tint of red across her cheeks.

"H-h-he's kind, sweet, he's allows looking out for me, and he's handsome," Anko stated, hoping it would satisfy Kurenai's curiosity.

"I asked why you were nervous around him," Kurenai stated, "not his qualifications as boyfriend material."

It was then Kurenai stopped and her eyes went wide at some sudden realization.

"You have a crush on him don't you," Kurenai asked, eyes slightly wide. Anko's only response was to nod slowly and then look at the ground, with a deep blush that had spread across most of her face. Without a single thought Kurenai grabbed Anko's wrist and drug her friend behind her.

"Where are we going," Anko asked, trying to keep up with her friend's pace.

"To get you some clothes that will surely get his attention," Kurenai answered, a almost maniacal glee in her eyes.

Later that evening….

Daniel came home exhausted, his body telling him not to take another step or he'd fall face first onto the ground. When he got to the Hyuga household they had told him that Naruto had wanted to spend the night, so he and Hinata could play more tomorrow, needless to say Daniel tiredly agreed. It was when he sat on the couch, somewhat knowing he was gonna pass out right there, that he saw Anko poke her head out of her bedroom door.

"Umm Yamada-san are you ok," Anko asked, making sure that her head was the only thing not being blocked by the door.

"Just a little tired is all why, what's up," Daniel asked, curious about why Anko would try to hide her body behind a door. Now Daniel would be the first to admit he thought Anko was beautiful, hell she was more often than not the subject of some of his better dreams, but something always kept him from crossing the line to asking her out on a date.

"Nothing," Anko stated, and he saw she was about to retreat into her room when a invisible force pushed her right into his line of sight. Once he got a good look at her his mouth hit the floor and he could swear he heard Yakko and Wakko from Animaniacs giving a resounding "Hello Nurse" inside his head. Anko's hair, which was normally up in a pineapple like ponytail, was down and straightened, her light brown eyes were brought out with a slight tint of mascara, her lips looked somewhat shiny from whatever lip gloss she was probably wearing, but what caught his attention the most was the clothes she was wearing. She had a spaghetti strap black dress that was low cut, showing just enough cleavage to be enticing, and the dress stopped right at her knees, and she wore high heeled shoes that showed off her perfectly pedicured toes. Needless to say if he wasn't so tired right now, and if he didn't have Anko filed under the "Do Not Touch Without Permission" file in his mind, he'd have jumped her right then and there.

"Anko," Daniel called, already becoming entranced by her as he walked slowly across the living room to her, "you're beautiful."

Anko's reaction was to blush a dark shade of scarlet, then she noticed that Daniel was moving closer to her, deciding she shouldn't let him do all the work she slowly walked over towards him. Once they were close enough Daniel pulled Anko close to him and leaned forward, ready to kiss her. Anko began leaning up to meet his lips when she took in a deep breath to calm her nerves when she caught the scent of metal, sweat, and something unique to Daniel. When their lips met it was a soft, gentle kiss, nothing soul searing or desperate, but it served to let the other person know what the other thought of them. With a slight grunt of effort Daniel picked Anko up and began walking towards Anko's room, and with a slight kick the door closed.

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