Months followed followed after the encounter with Mikey and the three boys had convinced Colt it was just a dream. But to Colt, it was real, she remembered it all. The boys thought with enough time they could convince her it was just a dream but Colt knew, deep down somewhere, they were lying. It wasn't until she encounter a certain newsie that knew she was right, someone who was there:

The boy stared as he watched Colt Delancy made her way up from the dock, her body soaked with water, he stared as she pulled on her boots and wrapped a towel around her. She sat on the edge of the docks, looking out at the sunset. It's blood red, olpitcal orange, and perfect pink colored the sky. The water looked glossy as it stood still on the harbor. After a minute or two she left, leaving the towel there. As she walked the streets he followed, watching her skip through the crowd. He laced around to mark himself in a direct stop she would be skipping across.
Colt slammed into a darken figure, his clothes tattered and spooked like. He helped her up, pulled her close and whispered into her ear:

"Then with unhallow'd hand shalt tear

The tresses of her yellow hair,

Of which in life a lock when shorn

Affection's fondest pledge was worn,

But now is borne away by thee,

Memorial of thine agony"

The End