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You don't know me but I know you,

I loved you but I had to let you go,

I will never forget you!

Oscar Delancy looked everywhere for her, the night sky, a deep dark blue covered with twinkling white specs. He looked at them; he remembered looking up at them with his brother and his sister... His sister Colt. He misses her, he hoped she come home, he hoped he would find her. He never did, his brother and him looked everywhere.

"Oscar come on, it's late." Morris said, poking his head out the window. He looked up at the sky one more time.

"Oscar, we'se looked everywhere. No one has seen her in four months. We... you'se need to stop and let go." he patted his brother's shoulder. He was right, it was time to let go. Oscar smiled at Morris and went inside. He looked at the picture near his bed and the bracelet. How did she disappear they might never know.

After work, Oscar went looking for Colt again. Even though he promised his Uncle and Morris, he wasn't giving up. He will find her. Taking out the picture and the bracelet, Oscar walked around asked people on the street if they've seen her. As usual people said no. He decided to go to the place where he found her bracelet.

He looked down the street; it was deserted, just like it was when he found the bracelet. He closed his eyes and prayed again.

Please let her see us again. Let me see her again.

His prayer was answered, a horrified shriek pierced his ears. Oscar ran towards the noise to find four or five muscular news boys surrounding a girl. Her hair was black; it fell to her shoulders that had cropped layers, and a single white streak that followed all the way her side bang. She looked scared, her black eyes shook.

The boys circled her,

"Trying to escape?"

"Aftah four months of us you'se think you'se could escape?" Four months maybe she knows Colt?

"Hey! Leave her alone or you'll be answering to me." Oscar yelled at the boys, pulling back his coats to show a gun tucked in his trouser belt loop. They backed away but the girl ran to him, hiding behind him and gripped his sleeve.

"Let's scram! We'll get you'se later...Colt." Oscar stood there in shock. Colt, they said Colt. It has to be her! How many girls were named Colt? He took a shaky breath and turned around slowly. It was her!

"Is your name Colt?" he said shakily, afraid to show his excitement to the scared girl. She nodded. He couldn't hold it, he picked her up and hugged her. Squeezing, Oscar couldn't remember the last time her hugged her, smelled her sweet perfume.

"You're safe! I'se can't believe you're ok!" he put her down, but she just looked at him, confused. Why is she confused?

"Do I know you'se?" the girl looked at the boy who saved her. He was a foot taller than her and had dark short hair and dark brown eyes.

Oscar was in shock. How could she forget her brother, what had happened to her? She used to be the tough sister, the one who could punch him in the arm and laugh. He looked at her face, it had some bruises that were swelling down and some cuts on her arm. There was a cut in particular that he stared at for the longest time, carved into her right arm in small letters was the word Delancy. Colt noticed the boy staring at her arm and quickly covered it with her hand.

"Tt...thanks y...you." she manage to shake out of her mouth. She hadn't made any contact with anyone in years, except the boys in her prison and the master minds behind it all. Colt cocked her head, he looks familiar but where have I seen him? "Colt, you don't remember me?" he looked sad, no, disappointed. If he knew her he must know him. But where?

"I'm your brother. Oscar, your best friend. Remember?" he touched her face with his hand. She gently grabbed his hand and looked at it. His hand...it felt... Familiar, she knew his name somewhere but she couldn't remember.

"You'se look familiah but I can't remembah... Do you have a bruddah named-?"

"Morris." Colt's eyes widened. She heard those names before she could answer her hand interlocked with her so called brother.

"Where are we going?" she ask letting herself be dragged, he didn't answer. They walked until they reached a building, it had a great green gate inside were newspaper wagons and a ramp that led to a window with bars on it. They stopped, she stood looking at it. On the top it said World Distribution Center. The word Home popped into her head.

"You'se ok?" her brother asked

"Yeah, just... It looks familiar." Oscar smiled. She remembered something, maybe seeing more will help her. The two walked past the big window with bars and some boys gave her either looks of surprise, shock or undisrupted look that could be put into words. Oscar pulled her closer seeing how scared she looked. The walked up some steps and to a blacken door. Its paint chipped, and the hinged looked brand new, why?

Oscar opened the door and ushered his sister in. He put down the bracelet and picture. Colt looked around; the dining room and kitchen were connected and were painted a greenish sort of color. The white paint on the kitchen set was chipped and the sofa was torn a little. There was a counter that was a light green and hand barley anything on it. There were no stools for the counter. She looked at some of the pictures in the living room, two on the coffee table and about five or six on the wall.

Colt picked up the first one on the table. It had four people there, a portly man that had very short hair and beard stubble forming on his face. The man's arms were around two boys, Oscar, and another boy. He concluded it was Morris and her in the middle of them. Her arms crossed but a smile on her face. Colt looked at it, she looked so happy. The second one had her two 'brothers' and a toddler. They looked young, five or six; on the bottom it said 'The boys with Coltist.

"That was you. You were about two years when we took that picture." Oscar said putting his hand on her shoulder. Colt put the picture down at looked around. The door opened and Colt became started. She hid behind Oscar.

"Hey we're home! Hey Oscar who'se..." a man started but lost his words as he stared at the girl standing behind Oscar.

"Oscar who'se that?" Her other brother, Morris asked. He was slightly taller than his other brother and had a thin mustache that lightly covered his upper lip. His hair was slightly longer than her brother and had the same brown eyes.

"Guys, this is Colt. Our sister." he pulled Colt towards him and squeezed her shoulder. The two men looked at her, to each other, than back at the girl. The three men pulled her into a group hug, when they finally let go Oscar gave them the news.

"Guys, um she doesn't really remembah us. She has am-neez-yah. We need to help her regain her memory.." the three huddled near the counter. Colt tuned them out and looked around, then something caught her eye. On the table was a silver bracelet with a little locket on it. She walked over to it and picked it up, the boys and their Uncle looked at her, dare not to move. Colt loooked at the locket on the bracelet. It had a shamrock on the cover. Furring her eyebrows, she opened the locket to see a shamrock sewn into the locket's edges. In the middle was a emerald, it was small but shown brightly in her black eyes. She closed the locket and ran her fingers over the locket's cover.

"My locket! I haven't seen this since...How did you get this?