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Summary: The story is a AU of sorts and OOC . Pre bones, do you remember the story Booth

told Brennan in the season 1 episode soldier on the grave about his time in Kosovo well this is my

version of it . Temperance Brennan & Hank Letrell will be in it . In the episode Hank Letrell is already in his wheelchair but for my story he isn't but will end up in one in my way. I know Temperance was not there but she is in my story but she will be in later chapters she will be Booths doctor.

The place mention in this story at the beginning are actual places I googled them to get a rough idea of what Kosovo looked like .

Also this story is not beta'd . so any mistakes are mine.

So here we go with Fortunes of War The Pain , Suffering , and Happiness of Seeley Booth

Chapter 1 The patrol & The plan.

It was another hot day in gnjilane in the hart of pistina the capital of Kosovo mst sgt Seeley Booth & his unit were just finishing there patrol of the streets and surrounding area when in the distance they could hear a lot of gunfire & explosions in the next village.

When Booth & Hank could see the smoke in the distance they turned to each other "it looks like the general is trying to take another village" Booth said " yeah he want be satisfied till he has full control of the country" replied Hank.

" but Hank we can't go on ignoring what he is doing to the villagers"Booth said. " I know Booth but we can't do anything till we hear back from headquarters" replied hank.

"Hank if we leave it to long the general will have total control of the area and surrounding villages and the villagers will have no choice & surrender to him and his army","I know Booth I don't like any more than you do , come on let's get back to base camp".

So Booth & Hank and there unit returned to base to report what they saw on there patrol. When they arrived they went straight to the captains tent and found him sat at his desk & was on the phone to headquarters so Booth & Hank waited to he finished his conversation.

"yes sir I understand your request and will be carried out immediately and I have the perfect soldier for this mission" , " I hope you do captain because this tyrant needs to be put down & we can't afford any mistakes on this one captain " "yes sir & goodbye general".

The captain had know hung up the phone and spotted Booth & Hank standing in his doorway "come in gentlemen and report" Booth & Hank were know saluting the captain.

Hank was telling the captain what they en-counted on patrol.

"Well that does not surprise me at all, well gentlemen that was the call we have been waiting for, headquarters have given the go ahead to take out general and his army . HQ are just waiting for the intelligence on the general so we can come up with a plan of attack & assassination of general ".

The next day the intelligence came in on the general and the captain was sat at his desk going over the file.

When captain Davis looked up from what he was reading he spotted mst sergeant Booth standing in his door way .

"mst sgt Booth come in and sit down we just got the intelligence through on the general and after reading it he is definitely someone who needs to be taken care of for the sake of this country and it's people".

"He is a Serb general and from previous accounts with Serbs he seems to be the worst of them. His name is general Redek & what he does is destroy villages, in his own words he ethnically cleanse them & also destroys anyone who gets in his way or refuses to bow down to his demands. We have to do this soon as he is leaving the country soon, so mst sgt Booth go find sgt lethrell and your men and meet me at the debriefing tent in ten minutes , carry on soldier" " yes sir".

Booth was now on the way out of the captains tent & spotted hank & went over to him.

Booth was know standing in front of hank "gather the men & meet me in the debriefing tent in ten minutes " Booth what's going on" asked hank" " we just got the orders to take out the general & from what the captain has just told me about him the sooner the better if you ask me "Booth replied

"how bad can it be" enquired Hank " just gather the men and meet me at the tent all will be revealed Hank I promise" Booth told Hank.

Ten minutes later

Everyone was know in the debriefing tent listening to captain Davis.

The captain was now addressing mst sgt Seeley Booth & Corporal Parker .

"Booth you & Corporal Parker are going to be the major players in this plan, Booth you are to use your sharpshooter skills on this one, you and corporal Parker are to take out the general with one shot to the back of the head using your sr25 sniper riffle, and this plan depends on you hitting your mark.

You and corporal Parker will be taken by helicopter and dropped 3 miles from his compound and will have to trek the rest of the way on foot and set up position 100yds from his compound & await further instruction. He will be at his home that is on the compound , he will be there only for 3 hrs, he will be celebrating his sons birthday & they will be throwing him a party so he will be out in the open & that is when we want you to take him out as soon as you get the opportunity . Corporal Parker will be your spotter for this mission. So at 0300hrs you and corporal Parker will be taken by chopper to the outskirts of the jungle & parachute down and the rest of the team will be your ground support and be taking out his army.

The captain had know finished his briefing and asked if there was any questions,Booth spoke up.

"sir you want me to kill the general in front of his son on the happiest day of his life",yes MST sgt Booth this is the one & only opportunity we are going to get","but sir", you have your orders msgt sgt & they will be carried out understand","yes sir".

With all the said the debriefing was know over.

To be continued

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