Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: The Recovery Continues P3

A couple of hours later:

Dr Brennan came back into Booths and Hanks room to check on Booth but he was still asleep so she tried to wake him up.

"Booth can you wake up for me"asked Brennan while lightly touching Booth face.

Booth started to open his eyes

"is that you Dr Brennan, what are you doing here"asked Booth

"don't you remember I was coming back to check on you to see if we can take you of the oxygen mask"

"yes I remember know" replied Booth

"well going by your stat's on your monitor I would say we can get rid of the mask and fit you with a nasal cannula and also I think we can get rid of your monitor as well".

A couple of minutes later Dr Brennan returned with the nurse to help with changing Booth from a oxygen mask to a nasal cannula. She removed the mask from Booths face and disconnected it from the wall and handed it to the nurse and in return the nurse handed her the cannula. Then Dr Brennan unpacked the cannula and attached it to the oxygen outlet on the wall and then put the cannula on Booth just under his nose.

With everything done Dr Brennan left the room with the nurse and the equipment she removed from Booth and said her goodbye.

Then Booth went back to sleep.

Six weeks later:

Booth was know sitting on a bed in the plaster room waiting to have the plaster on his legs to be removed, earlier in the day Booth had another set of x-rays done on his legs and Dr Brennan was know going over them in her office .

A half hour later Dr Brennan walked into the room and found Booth sitting on the bed .

"Well Booth everything is looking fine, I think we can get you out of the plaster now and from now on you will be confined to a wheelchair for a while so no trying to stand okay"Brennan told Booth.

"okay Dr Brennan"replied Booth.

With the plasters off of Booths legs he was now on the way back to his room.

Booth was know back in his room and watching a game on TV when Hank spoke up.

"Hey Booth I bet your glad to be out of that plaster "enquired Hank

"You can say the again Hank , but I am know confined to this wheelchair for a while according to Dr Brennan. Replied Booth

"you'll do fine, it just takes a little getting used to". Hank told Booth.

A couple of hours later:

Booth and Hank were getting bored in there room, There was now game on TV and they were fed up of playing cards all the time as well,when Hank decided to strike up a conversation with Booth.

"Hey Booth I don't know about you but I am so bored what to you say we have a wheelchair race" Hank said with a smile on his face.

"I don't know Hank what if we get caught"said Booth who was still sat in his chair by his bed".

"Well you can give Dr Brennan your sorrowful eyes and charming smile and she probably won't be to mad at us"Hank replied. Who had now got himself into his chair and making his way over to Booth.

They were both manoeuvring themselves out of the door and into the corridor. They were both know side by side at the top of the corridor and about to set off when Dr Brennan caught them.

"Mr Booth , Mr Lettrel what the h3ll do you think you are doing in this corridor"ask Dr Brennan with a angry look on her face and her hands on her hips that were made into fists.

"Nothing Doc" replied Hank with an embarrassed look on his face.

"It doesn't look like nothing"replied Brennan

"All right we were going to have a wheelchair race"Hank told the Doctor.

"Is this right Booth " she asked him while looking in his direction.

Booth said nothing and tried his trademark charming smile and his sorrowful eyes but it did not work.

"Booth looking at me like does not work, Please answer the question"Brennan asked.

"yes " replied Booth with a defeated look on his face.

"Well that is very stupid and very childish, You are grown men you could of run into someone and hurt them and you"Brennan told both of them with a angry look on her face.

"I was coming to see you both to tell you that you will be starting your physical therapy next week. so make the most of your quit time because from next week you will be put through your paces, know wheel your shelf's back into your room and back in your beds before you cause any more mischief". Brennan told them.

The following morning:

Booth and Hank were waking up to the usual smell of breakfast Booth was still not on solids yet so he had nothing to worry about but Hank wasn't and he dread what concoction was on today's menu.

After breakfast Booth and Hank had there first visitors of the day, It was there physical therapists

there names were Tom and James.

James was assigned as Booth's therapist and Tom was assigned as Hanks therapist.

James was know at Booth's bedside and extending his hand so that Booth could shake it.

"Well nice to meet you Booth , my name is James and I will your therapist for as long as the hospital thinks you can manage on your own and I will working with as a outpatient as well."

While James was talking to Booth , Tom was also saying the same thing to Hank.

"Well it was good meeting you guys we will see you next week".

With all the conversations finished James and Tom left Booth and Hank to themselves for the rest of the day.

To be continued:

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