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Great, just great. Can it get any worse? I know what you're thinking, not in an Angel kinda way that girl is a devil, that's a mind reader for you. So back to what I was saying before, we were flying over some state (I'm not sure which one it is (I was only in school for less than a month give me a break)), and of course they just had to have a fair, so guess what I had to face; the ever curse-able Bambi eyes. So Nudge saw the county fair coming up on our flying we are on the way to my mom's, and she just had to stop, so I had four pairs of those cursed eyes on me. I mean really Iggy! I turned to Fang for help and you know what he was giving me them too! I mean what the kell! He blames it on Angel controlling him, I almost forgave him but he forgot that his eyes show emotion, he had enjoyment in them! He was close but I'm not an idiot.

"Max can we go on the rollercoaster. Please please…" I tuned her out after that. By her I mean the only person who can talk for ten minutes straight! If you still don't know who I happen to be talking about its Nudge, she has that name for a reason.

"God, Nudge shut up!" Iggy yelled putting his hand over her mouth. Thank God for Iggy.

"Max can we get cotton candy?" Yup that's Demon, I'm not forgiving her for this one. It's more Nudges fault though…. Dang I'm turning into Nudge.

"Max," whines… Fang?

"Fang what the heck have you been replaced by a clone?" I yell in his ear just to tick him off. He doesn't flinch maybe he was…

"Max, well I just thought that you would want to know that there are to pyro's over their blowing up something looks like co-"and a wonderful pink explosion happens. They are so dead. Notice sarcasm I prefer to use it thank you very much.

"Fang, watch Nudge and Angel." I command him, sometimes being the leader with the ability to kick any of them into the middle of next week happens to come in handy.

"Iggy, Gazzy you had better run!" I bellow at them. I must have spent too much time at the school in Virginia. Their faces are pure pail white; I didn't know Iggy's could get any whiter.

"Max, Max you should try the funnel cake it's so good!" ugh, Fang is so dead I mean really send Angel to get me distracted while Iggy and Gazzy get away smart boy he is going to get it…

"Max can I help you do that I really want to see that," I forgot she is a mind reader, "please," I made the mistake of looking down.

"Sure Angel, come-on lets get started," I whisper to her, "Iggy, Gazzy be ready, I can get you at any time!" I yell into the air. Jez people look at me like I'm some freak. Oh wait I just happen to be one. Thanks School! Not. I mean the ability to fly is pretty awesome, but… I NEED TO STOP HANGING AROUND NUDGE!

"Fang can we please go do that," you go Angel! IF you don't know what she is doing she is giving Fang the Bambi eyes and pointing at a photo both. You know the type where they give you all these different costumes, yah I don't care enough to explain.


"I AM SOO NOT WEARING THIS!" screamed Fang at the top of his lungs.

"You have to," I say in my prettiest sing song voice. I am making myself gag trust me I am usually not like this. At all.

"Max I am going to kill you!" stupid Fang, I just happen to have a little Angel who has mind convinced the nice man to give Fang all of the most girlish costumes ever, they just happen to be all pink and ruffles.

"Max what does Bastard mean, because Fang just thought that and a lot of other words I don't know?" my sweet little Ang- wait what did he say!

"Fang, would you stop thinking of inappropriate things!" I scream.

"Well you're not the one with these clothes to put on!" okay maybe we did go a little overbroad but that's what he gets for swearing, I mean at least I manage to keep my brain G rated.

"No Max, you have an R rated brain, and I know cause I think I have been scarred for life in there," opps.

"Mmhh mmmhhhp!" Nudge tries to say something or another.

"Max can we please take the tape off of Nudge," yah I got a little pissed at her, she never stops talking. Duck tape is good for everything.

"Angel, I am going to kill you for this," what is she doing, wait I already know.

"Fang (gasp) I (gasp) need (gasp) air!" I will face it when all dark, no emotion emo wears a pink frilly dress well you just got to laugh.

"Have your fun now Max because you have to change too," Oh dear God Fang you couldn't do anything bad to me. Right?


I was wrong. Way wrong. I shouldn't have told Angel to take Fang's cloths because he had Nudge take mine. Which now we are both in ridicules clothing in the middle of a freaking fair. While, Iggy and Gazzy have just so happened to return, they are smart. Repeat I can NOT fight in a dress.

"Max," Fang whispers in my ear, "You are so dead for this one." What does he do to kill me? Well what do you think? He kisses me.

Dame he is confusing. One second he is telling me that he is going to kill me and the next thing I know he is kissing me! IN FRONT of the entire flock. Wonderful.

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