Well today is the day. It was a warm and absolutely normal and not to mention boring day in summer or otherwise known as the summer solstice. I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Nora Grey. Yeah I know weird name but apparently my great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandmother's name was Nora too so that explains my name.

I am 15 years old today just for information. I guess I am curved slightly at my hips. I live in Paradise Valley, Montana in a neighborhood called The Wilderness. I have jet-black hair and strangely enough I have Sky blue eyes or Cyan when my parents both have brown or chocolate eyes.

My mother and father could be heard having their daily recollection of the day conversation. Of course they had to drag in their only daughter into it. "So tell me dear, how was your day?" My mother asked in her usual high-pitched voice. I stared incredulously at her.

"It was as boring as usual." She gave me a I shouldn't have asked look before turning my father who was in his favorite navy blue, lazy boy recliner. He looked up from his ancient looking book and smiled warmly at her.

"So how was your day?" She asked in the same manner.

"It was fine honey." He replied ever so happily. I gazed nonchalantly out the window left from the couch I was laying down on. I single-mindedly flicked away a strand of my jet black hair away from my face. Tonight was the night I was born. My parents had literally recorded down every single detail they could from my birth from the date to the direct time down to the direct second.

I was born on the summer solstice at midnight. I mean really right down to the second. It was 9:00 p.m. right now so that means that in about three hours I would officially have my fifteenth birthday. I of course already had my birthday party but that was yesterday since everyone I knew were busy this exact day.

A loud "CRACK!" sounded from outside followed by a streak of lightning. I had forgotten that the weather forecaster had warned of an unexpected electrical storm coming in from the west. I counted the number of seconds until the next strike.

"1. 2." I could've hardly uttered three before the next strike hit sounding noticeably closer than the first one.

"Goodness Gracious." My mother mumbled as she closed the blinds. The mass of dark clouds replaced by a white blind. "Go to sleep dear, ill see you in the morning." I gave my dad a quick look before rising up from my position and walking towards the stairs. At the top my mother called out.

"Remember to brush your teeth!" She called out. I let out a frustrated sigh before walking back up to my bedroom. My bedroom was gladly a master bedroom and at least ten feet by fifteen feet with a queen size bed, a small three-foot nightstand with a LED lamp and alarm clock.

A larger than normal desk dominated the opposite end of the room with a white MacBook Pro laptop charging on it. Next to the door were two large book cabinets filled with books I had managed to collect throughout my life with some memorable items. The rug was midnight blue and surprisingly still very clean. I have no idea how it still stayed brand now for its three years with me but it did and I'm not complaining.

I reluctantly strode into the bathroom a few feet from my nightstand. Sighing I took out my red and black tooth brush, doused water on it, placed my toothpaste on it, douse it again with water and started my nightly routine.

Few minutes passed before I finally rinsed my mouth of the minty paste. Normally I would've just stared at myself in the mirror for a few minutes but tonight was a pain so I immediately changed into my black pajamas and went straight to bed.

'Dammit, why is today such a pain?' I thought angrily. The whole day from when I woke up to right now I had been easily evoked and obviously pissed off about something not to mention I kept on feeling an electric current travel down my back. I merely dismissed that for my usual insane imagination.

Sighing I turned to my lamp and switched it off. The room lurched into pitch darkness in less than a split second. Like my parents I mused over my day but truthfully I never shared my experiences to anyone.

Last night was stranger than normal though. Well the dream in particular. When I was on the precipice of sleep I could've sworn I heard a deep male voice on the edge of my hearing capabilities the words still stuck in my head. "You are the one." He had said. That was when I fell asleep.

What was strange was that in my dreams I saw was laying in a cove of a sort. Everything was cartoonish and in front of me was a obsidian colored dragon. Not just any dragon, Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon movie.

I know strange huh but strangely enough I felt a sort of loving connection towards him. I mean seriously the first thought that came to my mind was 'Damn he's cute!' Now a few seconds after that a loud "DING!" had woken me up.

Truthfully I was so damn pissed at that freaking clock. I almost flung it across the room in my tantrum. Thank goodness I didn't. And so I was pissy the rest of the day with a strange feeling of electricity running down my back from time to time.

Now there are two reasons why I reflect on my day at night. One I can focus completely clearly at night, second it passes time and I can fall asleep quickly. Again in my precipice of sleep the same voice came to my ears. "It is time." It said. Strangely enough a second feminine voice followed.

"Do you not think that she would not accept the male for his injury?"

"I have not, I shall heal him and his partner." The conversation quickly faded away and I slipped out from my awake stage into my dream world. Instead of the comforting experience of dreams it was replace by an unbearable pain all over my body.