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3rd Person POV

Toothless stared at her from the mouth of the cave. To him she appeared to be scratching some kind of rune on the cave floor not even noticing his presence. Toothless decided to take this chance to have a good look at her. She was enchanting. Her scales were the color of night, the way her tail swished was mesmerizing, and her scent was intoxicating. She smelled like crushed elderberries and wild flowers.

Toothless cautiously crept down into the cave whilst the female was carving whatever it was. He slowly got closer until he was about five to six meters away. Continuing forward, Toothless, by accident, knocked a small pebble, causing it to bounce onto the slightly sloped floor and causing the female to spin around.

Nora was met with the sight of deep black scales when she spun around, she followed the scales upwards with her eyes and was greeted by the sight of the same green eyes as those that she had seen earlier that morning. On reflex, she sprung up and backed away from the dragon in front of her.

"Please don't go, I don't mean you any harm!" Toothless pleaded instantly.

It came out as a series of grunts and growls but she was strangely able to interpret it. She stopped though like he asked, but she was still cautious around him, so she sat a respective distance away.

Deciding to ask a polite question first Toothless asked. "What's your name?" Seconds passed and Toothless' nervousness is she going to do?Toothless wondered.

"Nora, yours?" Nora answered in a barely audible voice. Even though she knew his name she thought that it was still a good idea if she asked him his, just in case he became suspicious of how he knew her name, even though she had never been told it.

Toothless pondered his answer. His Draconic name was only given to close friends and siblings so deciding to answer with his given name, he said.

" about this morning. We got caught in the storm last night and this was the first shelter that we could find."

"That's okay. No harm done, I suppose." Toothless decided to change the conversation so he asked. "Why do you stay in this cave?"

Nora thought for a moment before replying, "Two reasons. One, its nice here and secondly, because I can."

"Why have I not ever seen you before?" She cocked her head to the side in confusion at his question.

"What do you mean by that?" She asked.

"I mean, when the queen ruled dragons. Why did I not seen you?" She understood now what Toothless had meant, but still What answer should I give? Nora wondered. She could just simply say she had never heard of their queen before.

"Who's your queen?" Nora asked, feigning innocence. Toothless stared at her dumbfounded. How had she not known about the tyrant queen? Whatever the reason, he was curios.

"Never mind that question."

Toothless looked out of the cave mouth and realized that it was late afternoon, and that he had been gone for most of the day. Realizing he had to go back to the village, he was about to leave when thought that he should ask and see if Nora would come back with him.

"It's getting late, would you like to come back to the village with me?"

"I-I-I d-don't know." Nora replied hesitantly.

Toothless picked up on her hesitancy and asked, "Why do you fear them?"Of course there were obvious reasons in the past but not now.

"I'm not afraid of them!" She replied indignantly. "I'm just wary." Toothless rolled his eyes at that.

"You have nothing to fear now, so will you come with me or shall I have to leave you here and go on my own?" Nora mumbled something inaudible and with reluctance nodded her head. She would go with him to the village.

They had spent an hour traveling through the forest towards the village along the forest floor when they reached the fringe of the forest. By that time the sun had almost set and Toothless had well and truly been gone for the day. "Do you actually know where you're going?" Nora asked. "We've been traveling for well over an hour."

"Of course I know where I'm going. I live here don't I?" Toothless , where are we?Toothless wondered. He had never been in this part of the island before. "What makes you say that we're lost?"

"Because we're back to my cave again." She mumbled. Looking forward, the cove was in plain the heck did I get this lost?"Do you want me to lead?" Nora asked. With a sigh of defeat, Toothless nodded.

"Sure, go ahead." Quickly, Nora went left from her current position and walked straight for the next few minutes, her tail swaying side to side mimicking Toothless'. Toothless couldn't stop staring at her tail, the way it moved was entrancing to him.

Eventually the two finally found their way back, courtesy of Nora, and were now exiting the tree line.

The village didn't look to be any different than it was before Toothless had left, save for Hiccup and Stoick, who were now nowhere in sight. A few villagers stopped their business to watch the two with mild surprise.

"Another one!" Someone whispered which both Toothless and Nora heard as they walked along the main street, they received an excessive amount of stares from all of the people that they passed. Most of the stares were out of shock that there was another Night Fury in the first place.

So it was that when they reached the centre of the village there was quite a crowd following both Toothless and Nora. Toothless seemed to be heading towards the house that Nora recalled that she had seen Stoick in front of scolding his son for being out when a storm was pouring.

Nora glanced back at the small crowd of Vikings, and now dragons that seemed to be following them. Looking at them, some displayed shock and others displayed suspicion and…anger? "Strange." Nora mumbled. The Vikings that were showing suspicion, and/or anger, either had their fingers twitching which meant that, one, they either wanted something to hold, or two, they had twitchy fingers.

Their eyes, too, were showing more white, than their own eye color which meant that they were fearful. The way they carried themselves showed them being ready to bolt at any minute with their leg muscles 's going on here?Nora all either show hostility or anger, not to mention a small amount of fear. There is obviously something going on. It's like they think I murdered someone.

Looking forward, Nora saw that they were definitely approaching Hiccup's house. Toothless rapped his tail against the door. Bumping could be heard inside, along with a few curses. Opening the door, Hiccup greeted Toothless and then glanced behind him.

Once he caught sight of Nora, he froze. His eyes bulged thought. This was exactly his expression when he first met Nora. Toothless waved his paw in front of Hiccup, a few seconds passed before he recovered, if you could call it that.

"This is going to be troublesome." Hiccup said.