OC Dimensional Journeys: World of One Piece Chapter 16

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Grand Line - Drum Island, Jack's POV


I think as I run to catch up with a crazed and hungry Luffy, I am still recovering so my body is not at 100% at the moment which is the reason for my slower speed, as the rubber skinned pirate chases a terrified Chopper all over the castle with Sanji tagging along claiming he wants to cook it for his dear 'Nami-Swan'.

I had tried to explain and stop Luffy from attacking or trying to eat Chopper but the pirate captain was already crazed with hunger so my warnings and repeated exclamations of 'Stop' fell on deaf ears to the Straw Hat pirate and Sanji's Love crazed mode.

I then spot us coming up on a open doorway as we rush through only to see Nami and Doctorine in their makeshift ward room.

I see Nami is looking much better as she has a better skin colour and her fever seems to be way down to near normal.

We did crash through here earlier but I was more focused on stopping Chopper from becoming Venison stew by Sanji and Luffy.

I stop to greet her as does Sanji and Luffy as they both realised that Nami is here.

"Hey Nami, how are you doing so far?"

Luffy greets her also.

"Nami, you're all better."

As Sanji gets pumped up at seeing her as he says to her.

"Right, one tasty venison dish for Nami coming up."

They turn to see a scared Chopper as they spot him trying to sneak away, but unsuccessfully as he looks to see Sanji and Luffy ready to start the chase all over again.

But I stop them as I feel annoyance creep up and seep into my aura as they stop and look at me with trepidation as I speak with a quip.

"Sorry guys, but I think Venison is off the menu!"

I punctuate this as I grab their heads and clonk them together, knocking them out.

I smile as I look at a surprised Chopper as he shuffles over and begins poking the two nitwits who were chasing him.

I speak to him, making him jump a little as he stares at me with slight gratitude.

"Sorry about that little guy, but I think those two needed another opinion and another nap to think things over."

He speaks to me in shock as he asks "Who are you!"

I reply in kind as I say, "The names Jackson D O'Connell but you can call me Jack."

I then hear Doctorine say in surprise "Did you say O'Connell?"

I turn as I answer back saying, "Yes I did."

She gives a quick look at Chopper and back to me as she then directs her attention back to Chopper as she says to him in demand.

"Chopper, now that those two are not causing a ruckus, you'd best take them to be further treated while you can before they wake up again."

He nods as I watch him grab both Luffy and Sanji as he drags him back to the room they were being treated in.

I look at Doctorine as I say to her in question, "Was there a reason you asked me about my last name."

She looks at me straight in the eye as she says in reply.

"Yes, I know that you are related to Hiluluk as O'Connell was his last name."

I nod as I say to her in question, "And this has something to do with Chopper I guess?"

She seems surprised but recovers as she says in a questioning manner, "Yes it does but how could you tell?"

I sigh and partially explain my deductions and hidden reason.

"From the looks you gave Chopper and the general hidden care you show him it is obvious to me that Chopper is somehow linked to my uncle in some way which in turn links my uncle to you as I know that the hat which Chopper wears is in the similar style that my uncle wore his own black hat."

She seems to be astounded at my reasoning and logic as she begins to explain Chopper's past to Nami and I.

"It began about 7 years or so ago of how Chopper met the man who would teach and care for him like a son..."

Grand Line - Drum Island, Chopper's POV - A few moments after he left the room

I feel my body freeze in shock and surprise as I hear the conversation behind me, due to my heightened animal hearing, as I drag the two humans towards their beds for recovery.

I cannot believe what I have just heard and now learnt that the human man who saved me from being eaten is in fact the nephew of Hiluluk, the man who raised me after being abandoned by my herd and attacked from frightened and paranoid villagers.

I do not know how to deal with this news as, while I am glad that the man who raised me and cared for me had other family besides him, I am unsure of how to process my feelings or describe them.

While I am grateful for the human named Jack for helping me when I was scared and terrified of being eaten by the two other Humans, that I am now dragging to be placed upon their temporary beds to recover; I still wary of how I may be treated by him as the memories of my persecution by other humans besides Hiluluk and Doctorine comes to mind.

A sudden thought strikes me, giving me pause in my disordered thoughts, since Jack is in fact Hiluluk's nephew then that would make him and Jack both cousins; sort of.

I feel a small warmth fill my body as I now consider this as while he was raised by both Hiluluk and Doctorine on seperate occasions of his life, he always wanted a sibling or someone of his age to be with and to have fun games to play with.

The members of his old herd did not count as he was always excluded from the play and general fun games the other young reindeers had what with the older ones stopping him from joining in, mainly the leader of the herd who he felt deep hatred for and sadness at the leaders actions that made him a exile in his own herd.

I am snapped out of my contemplation and deep thoughts by the two humans mumbling incoherently, making me panic as I hurry to place them in their makeshift beds; and to make sure that they stay and recover I then strap them down with some cables and belts from storage but I am careful to not further damage them, especially the blond haired one who has the damaged spine from what appeared to be severe whiplash.

I then make my way back to the other room so that I can report what I have done so far to Doctorine, also hoping to talk with the human named Jack.

Grand Line - Drum Island, Jack's POV - A short time after Chopper had left the room

I sigh as I close my eyes, having listened to Choppers tale of woe, loss and heartbreak as I contemplate my feelings and thoughts on what I have just heard from Doctorine.

I really want to kill that bastard of a Reindeer that was the first of many tribulations the young reindeer was faced with throughout his life growing up with the exclusion of Chopper and abandoning the poor reindeer at such a young age to the mercy of being treated like a freak.

Along with the cruelty and hatred of scared and paranoid villagers of this island who thought that Chopper was a monster and was meant to be hunted and killed.

To the final great blow of watching Hiluluk die, trying to save his home from Wapol and sacrificing himself in doing so, only to fail in killing the spoiled king.

I personally wished I had killed that tub of lard when I had the chance but I, reluctantly, needed him as he was pivotal in giving Chopper some closer and peace of mind which allowed him to join Luffy's crew.

I sigh as I force myself to tell the female doctor the bad news.

"I have some bad news for you, Wapol has returned and is possibly on his way here."

Doctorine and Nami are surprised, especially Doctorine as they both ask me.

"What, that windbag is here; I thought he was hiding away like a scared coward after that group of pirates who came here not long ago drove the so called 'King of Drum out'?"

"Wapol, Isn't that the guy who tricked your Uncle into killing himself?"

I realise that Nami must have not heard much of Wapol as she was either unconscious or asleep during the conversations about him.

I and Doctorine briefly explained more about the man who we have both met and know of to which Nami accepted our information.

And as the old saying goes 'speak and he shall appear' we all heard a noise bellow from outside that called out in a familiar annoying voice.


I turn to see a frozen Chopper as he has a look of terrified panic on his face as I vaguely hear him mutter in panic.

"That scent; there's no mistaking it, its Wapol."

I turn and head out to deal with the enemies were are all about to face as I quip while activating my powers.

"Well, we'd best give him a warm welcome."

I then turn as I use Aura Streak to appear at the front of the entrance to the castle.

I grin as I spot the group of Wapol and his henchmen standing not too far away from where I am standing, it appears they have noticed me as Wapol grows furious as a tick mark appears above his head as veins begin to throb in anger as the large man shouts out in fury.

"YOU, I have a bone to pick with you."

I shrug and say back with a cocky smirk "Well, I'm right here so come and get me."

He growls in great annoyance as he shouts out to me "I will but first I have to get rid of a blight on my castle and its that flag up there."

He punctuates this by pointing up to the flag that I recognise as Hiluluk's personal Pirate Flag.

He continues his speech by saying "I will not have that thing up there where my flag of Drum Kingdom should be."

I then hear a laugh that causes me to look behind me as Doctorine and Chopper arrive outside as well, the witch like laugh came from Doctorine as she speaks aloud to Wapol, which infuriates the large man even more.

"Aww, why do you have to take it down as it's much better than that trashy thing you call a flag; oh by the way if you want it back then no can do as I burned that old thing."

He yells in great anger as he points at us saying with fury colouring his tone "Then you will all pay for that with your lives."

Wapol then points his arm, which he had pointed up at the flag, at us as he uses the devil fruit powers he has to use an attack.

"Arm Cannon"

A cannonball is fired out of the mans hand, which has turned into a cannon.

I react quickly as I stand in the path of the cannon, making Chopper freak out as he says to me in panic.

"Wait, you can't stop that thing; you'll die."

I turn my head and grin saying to Chopper with a thumb raised up.

"I won't die here, nor will Hiluluk's dream so I will fight for his dream, his son and my family."

Tears appear in the reindeers eyes as he hears my proclamation as he mutters in awe, "Jack..."

I turn my head back as I ready my powers as they flow through me.

"Aura Shield: Front Barricade"

Like before when I faced with Eric a flat and see through energy shield appeared in front of me which takes the cannon as it explodes, forcing me back slightly but I keep the shield strong as gunpowder smoke and snow is blown up into the air from the impact and explosion.

I turn my head, while keeping my shield up, to see Chopper and Doctorine's shocked expressions as I grin at them saying with a cocky attitude.

"What, did you think I was just gonna knock the cannonball away?"

I then turn to see Wapol's enraged expression as he sees my powers have stopped him from harming us.

He yells out in frustration saying in his annoyingly loud voice, "If I can't make you three explode then I'll just settle for destroying that flag instead."

He then aims his cannon like arms at the top tower where the flag is positioned and is ready to fire at it.

I instantly react by lowering my shield quickly and using Aura Port to teleport near where the man is as I ready my next move with urgency.

"Aura Rope: Lasso Pull"

I form a lasso rope of aura energy as I send it forwards, too fast for his henchmen to react, as it wraps around the arm he is using as a cannon and give a great pull to redirect the shot away from the flag; it is too late to stop it from firing as the cannon releases its payload but it has been redirected as it soon hits a different part of the castle.

I look at the slight damage and hole in the area where it has damaged the castle until I realise where that shot went to.

"Uh Oh, I hope that Luffy and Sanji are okay as I think that was the room they were recovering in."

I am soon answered though as I hear a yell from the hole in the castle.

"Hey, Who's the guy shooting at us?"

I spot a ruffled Luffy and Sanji both who look down in annoyance at their rude awakening.

I yell up and say to them, while making the lasso disappear from Wapol's arm as I point to Wapol.

"It was him, that fatso over there."

Wapol reacts to this insult with a yell of anger as he calls out to me.

"What did you say, you annoying boy?"

I then withhold a laugh as Luffy repeats what said in his own way.

"He said you were a fatso, are you stupid or deaf."

He then realises who it is as he yells out in annoyance.

"Hey, you're that guy with the annoying mouth."

Wapol reacts to this as he shouts out in deep anger.

"You brats, I am a King; The King of the Drum Kingdom!"

Both Sanji and Luffy have disappeared to the large man's confusion.

I realise that Sanji and Luffy are making their way down to where we are, and soon enough they are next to both Doctorine and Chopper with Luffy now wearing the spare coat I gave him.

I figure that he took it when they left the the room they were in as they were heading down to us.

Luffy spots Wapol as I stand back and watch as Luffy runs full pelt with his fist pulled back as he punches Wapol straight to the chest, sending the large man flying as he crashes into his furry hippo like creature which sent it flying away until it was only a speck in the sky.

Luffy looks on in amazement at how far the creature has flown making me chuckle at the slight hilarity caused by Luffy hitting Wapol.

Wapol gets up, with the help of his worrying henchmen as he screams at us in great anger.


He then speaks to his left henchmen asking him.

"Hey Chess, tell me what did I eat today; and tell me in the exact order that I ate it."

Chess hurries as he brings out a booklet and reads aloud the things that Wapol ate.

Well sir you started with eating two cannons on the ship; one sauteed in butter and the other raw then a cannonball and gunpowder salad followed by the main course of a toasted cottage."

I feel my stomach turn at what that must have tasted like as it would have probably killed a normal person if they tried that, unless you were using those particular devil fruit powers or lived in the Toriko world where most things are edible and delicious.

I can hear Sanji and Luffy's reaction to what they have just heard and it seems they agree with me.

Wapol then continues speaking as he says to us with a determined gaze.

"You see Strawhats, whatever I eat becomes a part of my body thanks to the Munch Munch Fruit."

He gives a grinning chuckle as he begins to transform completely with his other arm becoming a cannon and the rest of his body morphing and changing into what looks like a mixture of a battleship and house on legs.

He yells out in a triumphant manner as he says aloud.

"Munch Munch Shock: Wapol House"

He speaks again as he begins to widen his mouth to large proportions.

"Now if you'll please excuse me, I have to eat!"

"Now Behold my," "Munch Munch Factory"

He then begins to EAT his own henchmen to their horror and ours.

I then become sickened as he does it so nonchalantly to my deep disgust at the man's attitude and actions so far.

He then finishes eating and gives out a deep laugh as steam comes out of his chimneys head and arm like cannons while he moves about as if he is dancing.

He stops as a final blast of steam comes from his openings as he speaks again.

"Feast your eyes on this, come forth you miraculous union."

The door at his belly opens up as a figure emerges to our confusion and shock.

The figure then speaks in a dual voice that we all know.

"Allow me to introduce myself, I am the strongest warrior of Drum Kingdom; Chessmarimo...HA"

I and Sanji feel incredulous at what is before us while Luffys shows amazement and awe.

Wapol then speaks again as he gives a sinister grin.

"Article one of the Drum Kingdoms Constitution, those who don't do as the King wishes are put to death; you refused my wishes and broke that law and now you are all going to be punished for your crimes."

He gives a confident look again as he continues speaking, "But first; I am going to deal with that Quacks flag soiling my regal castle."

He then raises his arm cannon again as he fires at the flag even as I try to stop him, there is no time as the cannonball has already been fired.

A big explosion erupts as the flag I know as Hiluluk's flag is damaged and is beginning to fall from where it rested, I watch as Chopper looks on with horror and grief at his adopted father's symbol being brought down.

I see Luffy look up in realisation at what the symbol is, a pirate flag.

Chopper suddenly rushes forwards with rage as he yells out with anger, making me return my attention to the reindeer.

"How Dare You do that to the Doctor's flag, you Dick!"

He jumps over Chessmarimo as he transforms into his Heavy Point.

He grabs a surprised Wapol as he screams in anguish at what this man has done.

"The Doctor tried to save everyone, even you."

He pulls a arm back as he prepares to punch the living daylights out of Wapol when suddenly he freezes, making me realise what is going on as Chopper speaks to Wapol for all of us to hear.

"I, I won't hurt you if you just leave this country forever."

Doctorine has a panicked and scared expression as she yells out out him in worry.

"Chopper what are you doing? Even if he does promise that you can't believe a word that despot says."

Chopper's body shakes as he speaks back to her.

"But, Doctor said..."

I realise what he is talking about as I yell out out him in warning.

"Chopper, LOOK OUT!"

Chopper looks confused until he sees the sinister grin on Wapol's face as the large man points one of his Arm Cannon's at the transformed Reindeer, making him look on in shock as he is fired upon.



Doctoine screams out in pure fear and anguish as she watches a burnt and injured Chopper be sent flying back from the cannonball explosion.

Suddenly our attention is grabbed by the voice of Luffy coming from above, as we all look up and see Luffy standing on the tallest tower with the flag thankfully in one piece and undamaged as Luffy has used a sleeve from the Jacket I gave him to tie together the broken flag pole as the flag behind him is now waving proudly.

"Hey, Big Mouth."

Wapol looks up in deeper anger as he sees the captain of my crew, the large man yells out as well.


Luffy talks loudly down to us as he makes a speech.

"You guys weren't real pirates, you were just fake ones weren't you? That's why you don't know what flying a Pirate flag means; cause you guys were just a bunch of fakes not willing to risk you're lives."

I see Chopper look up in amazement as he sees Luffy stand up to Wapol as the flag he so cherishes is flying proudly as it should be.

Wapol replies in his snobbish and spoiled manner as he says to Luffy.

"What a Pirate flag means Strawhat?"

He gives a deep laugh as he speaks again to Luffy.

"Don't make me laugh, flags have no meaning."

Luffy replies in kind with an insult as he speaks to Wapol.

"If you think that then you're dumber than you look."

Wapol looks enraged as he yells back in retaliation for the insult.


Luffy speaks again with feeling as he says to Wapol.

"Listen, Pirate Flag's stand for something Big Mouth; there not raised for some kind of a Joke."

Wapol again yells back saying to Luffy with annoyance.

"Moron, the only joke is that I've let you live as long I have, since you dare put that flag back after I knocked it down then its time to deliver the punch line!"

He punctuates this by raising his Arm Cannon as he readies his shot and fires.

Chopper calls out in warning to Luffy about the cannonball heading his way but Luffy seems unwavering as he declares to Wapol with resolution.

"Do your worst cause you'll never break this flag."

A explosion again appears as the peak of the tower is blasted by a Cannonball.

I watch with a tense atmosphere surrounding us as Sanji, Doctorine and I look on with worry for Luffy.

Wapol laughs as he speaks in supposed smugness at the apparent death of his enemy and destruction of the flag he hated so much.

"Hahaha, he was blown to pieces."

He continues to laugh to my annoyance and anger at the man's actions so far.

But it is soon stopped as Luffy appears from the smoke, slightly brunt and covered in soot but relatively fine as the rubber skinned human says to Wapol with the same unwavering confidence he had before he was shot at.

"I told you, that you can't break it."

I can understand what he means as Luffy is using himself as a flag pole as his hand grips the remaining pole that holds the slightly tattered but intact flag of Hiluluk.

This is to the shock and incredulity of Wapol and his men as they see Luffy is okay and not totally destroyed.

Luffy speaks again as he makes his speech.

"I have no idea who this pirate flag originally belonged to but that doesn't matter, a pirate flag is a pledge to risk their lives and its not something to laugh at; it stands for something you jackasses will never understand in a million years!"

I watch as Chopper looks up at Luffy in awe as I can guess what he is thinking about the badass way Luffy is being right now, Luffy continues his speech as he says to Wapol and his men.

"It won't break, ever, cause the skull on it is a symbol of faith!"

Wapol retaliates by firing another shot at Luffy to perhaps shut him up as another explosion happens much like earlier.

We look on in worry as even though he could survive a few of those it is still nerve wrecking to see someone you know and care about be blasted by a cannonball.

"Luffy!" "That was a direct hit"

Both Sanji and Doctorine say out loud as they watch and see if Luffy is okay as Chopper looks on with wide eyes.

The smoke clears to reveal a intact and alive Luffy with the flag still hanging on as the young man holds it aloft.

He looks down and calls out to Chopper as I look on at the events unfolding, not interfering unless needed.

"Hey reindeer, I'm gonna kick these guys buts for showing your friends flag disraspect; you in?"

Chopper looks startled at being considered for the chance to beat up Wapol and his men after his first disastrous attempt.

Wapol interrupts as he gives out a laugh with a wide grin.

"You just don't get it do you, well alright then since you feel so strongly about that flag then I think I'll destroy you along with it."

I roll my eyes at the stupidity of Wapol as I think on the man's actions so far.

"That is not going to work, or is he that stupid to try and fire cannonballs at a man that can't be harmed by blunt force weapons or small explosions from those shots of his."

I watch as Sanji tries to defend Luffy as he makes an attempt to stop Wapol as he runs towards the munch munch fruit user.

But it is all for naught as I hear a crack coming from Sanji's back which makes the blond cook freeze up like he was paralyzed.

Doctorine walks up to him as she speaks to Sanji with her nonchalant attitude.

"Look's like your backbone gave out, your condition will continue to worsen if you keep moving; so STOP, Doctor's Orders!"

She punctuates her speech by giving a hard kick to Sanji's back which I hope does not do further harm but I can guess she just tried to reset his back so that it is not further damaged by Sanji moving.

Wapol laughs as he looks on with him saying to them.

"If you two want to fight it out then thats fine by me, at least you'll watch as your strawhat friend is blown to bits."

He looks up as he speaks to said person.

"Strawhat, say your prayers."

Chopper screams out as he runs to stop Wapol from further harming Luffy or the flag that he cares about so much.

"Stop it!"

Luffy further encourages him by saying to the transformed reindeer.

"Yeah, that's the spirit; go get him reindeer guy."

His henchmen act quickly as I watch them stop Chopper from hitting Wapol as they block his first with their combined ones.

I then see Doctorine giver her signature laugh as she says aloud with pride at her student's actions.

"Would you look at that, the little furball has more courage than a full grown man."

I then watch as Chessmarimo laughs as he speaks to Chopper.

"Sorry freak, but we won't let you land a single paw on our king."

Chopper then powers down as he returns to his usual form to which the henchmen reply to in their mocking and snide manner.

"Wow there are some really strange creatures in this world, you must be that yeti the villagers were talking about that they feared; they tried to kill you and chased you away, right?"

"I'll bet you lived your whole life all alone with no friends, nobody likes you; people wanna kill you but here you are trying to save this country, thats the stupidest thing I've ever heard."

Chopper replies to this with a angry retort.

"Shut up, even if I don't have friends I can still fight for something I believe in; and as long as the flag flies then I will."

Chopper is interrupted by Luffy as he yells down at him while making his way down to help out.

"Hey thats not true, you do have friends reindeer; I'm your friend, me!"

He slingshots himself down to the ground as he lands with a tremendous force with snow forced up into the air from the impact.

This impact makes Wapol and Chessmarimo somersault over onto their back or head with Wapol's head stuck in the snow.

Luffy gives a chuckle as he holds his hat against his head to prevent it from being blown away by the strong winds blustering about.

Chopper appears shocked as he says to Luffy with said feeling.

"You should be flat as a pancake."

Luffy gives a grin as he says back with confidence.

"Yeah but I'm fine cause I'm a rubber man."

"Rubber?" Chopper asks in confusion.

Chessmarimo then begins lifting himself up with a angry expression and gritted teeth as Luffy asks Chopper a question.

"Hey reindeer, can you finish off that two headed guy for me?"

Chopper looks over at Chessmarimo as the reindeer asks, "That one over there? Piece of cake."

Luffy then speaks as he says to Chopper.

"Good, while you're doing that; I'll take care of this one."

Wapol has finally made himself stand up again as he looks down in annoyance at Luffy as he says to the Strawhat Captain.

"You dare to knock me, this countries monarch; you'll pay for that insult."

Chopper faces a standing Chessmarimo as he says to the amalgamated henchmen.

"I'm gonna take you down."

Chessmarimo responds to this with him saying.

"Oh is that so, you and what army; huh you little freak?"

I vaguely hear Sanji comment on the insult just given to Chopper as the blond man struggles to move with the foot placed down on his back, pinning him down into the ground.

Doctorine reminds Sanji of his condition by further digging her foot and heel into his back as she says with pride but with a tone of fondness colouring her speech.

"If you keep moving around then you may lose the ability to walk completely so just stay down there and shut up, and don't worry; when push comes to shove my little reindeer can hold his own."

The wind blows by as Luffy and Chopper face their opponents with Chopper speaking to Chessmarimo.

"Now listen up, my names Tony Tony Chopper not freak; its a name the worlds greatest doctor gave me."

He continues speaking with his voice gaining more passion and resolve as he spoke.

"He was a wonderful man, even if he forgave you for disrespecting his flag; I won't forgive you!"

I spot Luffy turn his head and grin at Chopper's declaration of resolve to stand up for his friend.

Chessmarimo starts walking slowly towards Chopper as the man spoke.

"The only one who will show no forgiveness is me, I'll stomp you."

Chopper takes something out of his shorts as he raises his hoof to show a yellow ball held between his cloven hands as he speaks aloud.

"Rumble Ball" "The effect of the rumble ball will last three minutes, all the time I'll need to take you down."

Chessmarimo replies to this with confusion.

"Three Minutes?"

But he then turns his speech into a mocking pattern as he says.

"Haha, You couldn't defeat me in three years let alone three minutes."

Luffy looks on with a wide grin as he says, "Three Minutes, thats amazing."

Wapol looks on as he says with disbelief.

"Just three, now way."

Doctorine looks on also with a interested gaze as she says.

"Well alright, this should be an interesting battle."

As Sanji tries to convince her to let him join in, Chopper throws the ball up and catches it in his mouth as he bites down on it saying with feeling.


Chessmarimo brings out two sets of a bow and arrow with the arrows set aflame as he speaks to Chopper with assured confidence.

"You're no match, not against this."

"Marimo Snow Melting Arrow"

He fires his flaming arrows at Chopper to which he reacts with a quick step forward as he begins to transform.

"Walk Point: Leg Boost"

He turns into a more Reindeer shaped form as he gallops forward with a run and a jump in the air as he dodges both flaming arrows.

Chessmarimo comments on this as he speaks while watching as Chopper nears him.

"Huh, just a transformation eh; I was expecting something more but all you have to show are devil fruit powers..."

He continues speaking as Chopper gets closer.

"...You're a Zoan type just like Dalton, So you're a reindeer-human huh?"

Chopper then changes his form as he uses his next move.

"Heavy Point: Weight Boost"

He continues to run on all fours as he charges at Chessmarimo with the reindeer saying in reply to the man's question.

"No, I'm a Human-Reindeer."

Chessmarimo smirks as he says to Chopper while carrying a large hammers that he pulls out of nowhere.

"Same thing, and I know everything there is to know about the three form transformations you Zoan Types use."

He then readies his next attack as he says with gusto, "Marimo's Super Surprise Quattro Hammer!"

He then further explains about the Zoan Type powers that Chopper has.

"Speaking of surprises, you've got none left to spring on me; I've seen all your forms as you're nothing more than a power fighter like Dalton."

He further tries to prove his point as he reels one of his hammers back to hit Chopper as he says, "So there's way you can..."

He is stopped from further speaking as Chopper does something that surprises Chessmarimo that makes me smile in happiness at getting the chance to see this in person.

"Jumping Point: Jump Boost"

He then turns into a completely new form that was a tall human like Reindeer with decent muscles, large hands and yet kept the reindeer like feet.

He then jumps so high in the air with such speed that he dodges the hammer attack done by Chessmarimo.

I whistle at the height that Chopper has reached in that form as it is about the max of which I can jump at the moment when I use my Aura techniques without using Strong Aura.

I can hear and tell that both Sanji and Luffy are really impressed by Chopper's powers so far.

Chessmarimo looks up in shock as he asks in confusion and incredulous stupification.

"What the, I don't get it; what is that form?"

He further questions aloud what he has seen and from what he knows.

"Wasn't his human-animal form that little reindeer from earlier, what now?"

He tries to attack Chopper as he raises his arm and brings down one of his Hammer's but Chopper stops him with his next attack/technique.

"Guard Point: Fur Boost"

His body then suddenly expands into a Giant brown Furball with his arms and legs being the only things that are visible besides the fur body of which absorbs the blow of the hammer.

He is sent down to the ground and begins to bounce along until he nears a wall of the castle where he rolls and stops moving.

Chessmarimo looks on in shock as he exclaims in surprise, "Another form?"

Luffy reacts as expected with his own exclamation of, "Woah; Awesome."

Then the furball shakes and moves as Chopper's face and head emerges from within the large furball.

Chessmarimo is still incredulous as he says in shock, "No way; I hit you full on."

Chopper returns the exclamation with his own, "It won't work."

Chessmarimo asks in amazement and shock at what he is seeing.

"How is this possible, you Zoan types have a three form limit; what the heck are you?"

Chopper then begins to explain why he can do what he can do.

"The Rumble Ball is a special pill that enhances the power of the devil fruit transformations, over five long years of research I discovered four additional transformation points; do the rest of the math yourself you jerk."

Chessmarimo looks on in great surprise and shock as he figures it out as he exclaims with said feeling.

"A seven form transformation?, that's impossible; I don't believe it."

Luffy reacts as expected with a childlike glee at what he has just seen and heard as he says with amazement, "A talking reindeer who can change into seven forms."

Wapol does not take being ignored by a starstruck Luffy as he says to him, "You Bastard; you think you can just ignore the fact that you are fighting me!"

Luffy ignores Wapol as he watches the fight between Chopper and Chessmarimo who speaks again with ignorant defiance.

"A seven form transformation is impossible, I won't be deceived by what has to be an obvious sham."

A confident Chopper argues this by saying back, "Its not one."

He then suddenly sprinted forward in his ball like form which ended up bouncing along toward Chessmarimo like a bouncy ball of fur.

Then he transformed into a new form of which he called out as he transformed as he charged at Chessmarimo.

"Arm Point: Arm Boost"

His body exploded outwards, ripping off the extra fur like it was a coat being thrown off, with him having changed into a more muscular and powerful looking form that lived up to its name as the biceps, triceps and shoulders of his body were like a muscle man's arm on steroids; but he still kept the hooves for hands.

With amazing strength he destroyed one of Chessmarimo hammers with a single arm thrust as he did so with his other arm; completely taking one of the hammers heads clean off.

Chessmarimo gets nervous as he watches his two hammers get destroyed by Chopper who speaks with a threatening tone.

"Could a sham do that?, If you thought that was something then you should see what my Iron Hooves can do against rocks."

I see Luffy look on in absolute amazement at Chopper's moves.

Chessmarimo replies with fear as he exclaims, "Not my hammers; what nerve."

He then tries a technique.

"Marimo's Super Surprise Quattro Axe"

As he brings out four red axes, to replace the broken hammers that Chopper destroyed, he calls out an attack.

"Snow-Splitting Blade"

Two blades of wind cut through the snow as they head towards Chopper who stands still, giving me worry as I while I know he can take; it is unnerving watching someone you are beginning to care about be inn harm's way.

I watch as one of the wind blades hits Chopper on his left arm as the other one misses him by an inch, as Chopper cringes and places his right hoof like hand over the wound by reflex.

I feel anger course through me as I watch Chopper cradle his injury but restrain myself from interfering, with great struggle to do so.

I vaguely hear Sanji exclaim with an impressed manner.

"Well damn, that reindeer can really take a hit."

Chessmarimo comments with annoyed surprise as he says to Chopper.

"Damn you dodged it, but lets see you dodge...this."

He begins to run forward, although it is more like a waddling run to my slight amusement, towards Chopper as he uses a new attack with his axes.

"Omni-Directional Snow Splitter!"

He then begins slashing from different directions, forcing Chopper to dodge as he changes form rapidly to enable him to dodge the axe blades.

Chopper finishes his dodging by jumping in Jumping Point and landing a short distance away as he turns back into his normal form as he declares his next technique.

"Brain Point: Brain Boost!"

He looks at Chessmarimo as he says to the man, "I wasn't just dodging your swings; I was looking for your weak spot."

"Huh?" Chessmarimo exclaims as he watches in confusion at Chopper's next action as he declares his next technique.


I nearly laugh aloud at Luffy's reaction to this as the rubber human mistakenly believes that Chopper is going to fire a Beam at his enemy to Sanji's annoyed incredulity.

They begin arguing back and forth about what is going on and what Chopper could be doing.

Chessmarimo reacts with disbelief at Chopper discovering a weak spot on him as he begins charging at Chopper with his axes raises high, spouting denials and threats as he runs to seemingly end Chopper.

Just as he is right on top of him Chopper exclaims with a will of iron, "Found it."

Chopper then jumps up blindingly fast, making Chessmarimo miss his axe swing as he then looks around to try and find Chopper but could not find him.

But as the amalgamated man soon discovered, Chopper was actually right beneath him and standing where he was the whole time as he reveals himself as he bursts out of the snow and it is too late to move as Chopper makes his finishing move.

"Hoofprint Roseo!"

He slams his Hoof like hand towards where Chess's Chin is located as it sends the amalgamated man flying with a hoof print on the man's chin.

Chessmarimo lands with a thud as he appears knocked out and defeated.

Chopper sighs as he says in relief, "Ahh; Three Minutes."

Luffy gives a big cheer as he begins praising and complementing Chopper to the reindeer's embarrassment and to my amusement at the cute actions of Chopper as he shows his bashful side.

Sanji interrupts the merry moment as he asks Luffy an obvious question.

"Hey Luffy."

Luffy replies saying, "Yeah?"

He asks, "Where's is he?"

Clueless, Luffy asks back; "Where's who?"

Sanji tries to clarify by saying, "That Guy."

Luffy just stares on still clueless about what Sanji is talking about making me want to groan at the stupidity of Luffy as said rubber human asks again, "That Guy who?"

A frustrated Sanji replies back "That Tin Plated Bastard; he's not here."

Luffy now realises what Sanji means as the Strawhat captain begins to panic as he looks about for a sign of Wapol.

Doctorine theorizes where he could have went as she says to us.

"Well since his hippo got knocked away, I doubt he could have snuck off very far."

A panicked Luffy asks her, "Yeah but how; when did he go?"

A angry Sanji replies in kind saying with frustration at Luffy, "Probably when you were drooling over those transformations."

A steamed Luffy says in reply to this "How sneaky, I'll find him; where do you think he ran off to?"

Sanji calms down and replies as he considers the munch munch fruit's options of escaping.

"Hm, there's not much up here; just the castle."

Sanji realises where the man could be as he makes another realisation as he exclaims, "And Nami's all alone in there."

Luffy begins running back into the castle, yelling in panic as he makes his way to possibly stop Wapol and save Nami.

Sanji follows with him speed crawling on his belly with his hand dragging him at superspeed as he says with determination and worry.

"If he lays a finger on her I'll chop him up and feed him to the sharks."

Doctorine calls back to them in annoyance.

"Hold it."

She sighs as she comments to herself,

"Oh well, I guess the nincompoop has a death wish."

Chopper calls out to her and asks with a quiet embarrassed manner,

"Doctorine, That guy; did you hear him?"

She looks at him as she nods with a small chuckle coming from her as he says in amazement.

"He called me his friend."

Chopper pulled the brim of his hat down as he hid his eyes from myself and Doctorine as he turned around.

I sighed and said to Chopper.

"Well of course he did, he's Luffy and he likes to make new friends; especially a transforming reindeer that can talk and fight like you did just then."

Chopper whirls around in surprise as he sees me with my back against the wall of the castle as I give Chopper a smile.

Doctorine looks at me in surrprise as she asks me with confusion.

"You're still here, why aren't you going to help your friends?"

I shrug and say back to her with confidence.

"I'm not needed really as I know Luffy can handle Wapol all by himself plus I wanted to ask you two a few things."

They look at me in confusion as Doctorine and Chopper both ask me, "What is it you want to ask?"

I look at them as I think of my question and then ask it.

"Would you consider letting Chopper join myself and Luffy along with the rest of our Crew as our Ship's Doctor?"

They both look at me in surprise as Doctorine asks me with a baffled expression, "Why would you want Chopper to come with you when he works for me and is my student along with the fact that he may deny your request?"

I shrug and say back, "I just thought that with Chopper as our Ship's doctor then it would make our journey a lot better and safer with a experienced medical expert on board besides yourself of course as you have already said no to Nami and Luffy in their request for you to be their own doctor of our ship."

Chopper looks at me with confusion and from what I can sense and tell a little fear and insecurity as he asks me.

"Why do you want me to go with you Jack, even though I may not be of much help?"

I look at Chopper in surprise as he says and asks this as I give my answer.

"Don't you remember what your father and my uncle told and asked you?"

Chopper looks even more confused as he asks me, "What do you mean?"

I sigh and say back with a gentle smile, "He wanted you to go out and see the world and all its wonders didn't he plus I bet you yourself have always wondered what was out there besides this Island?"

Chopper looks to have tears in his eyes as I can guess he is remembering the words of his father who talked about what I am saying.

I nod and say also, "Plus it would be nice to journey with a family member on the Pirate Ship my friends and I travel on as well as finding the island your father went to that had the Cherry Blossoms he so revered as I bet that would have made him happy to know that you could share his joy in seeing what he saw."

Chopper looks to be even more emotional as I can sense the bundle of internal emotions rattling around inside Chopper as they battled for dominance; Hope, Happiness, Fear, Insecurity etc.

Doctorine interrupts my conversation as she asks me, "Would you make sure he'd be safe to go with you and your friends?"

I sigh and say back, "I am not completely sure he would be safe but I would do my damndest to make sure he stayed alive and in relative safety as with the dangerous life of a Pirate it is not 100% certain that Chopper may come into dangerous situations and nearly fatal harm but I would protect him with my Life I swear it to you!"

I finish my speech with passion and determination colouring my tone as I express my emotions and hopes.

I saw that Chopper was still undecided as he stared off with the battle of emotions still going on inside him so I said to him, breaking the little reindeer out of his contemplation for the moment.

"You don't have to answer right away as we, being my crewmates, will be here awhile so you have time to give myself or Luffy your answer as I bet he will be pestering you to join up soon after Wapol is defeated with him being the Captain and having final say on who can join the crew."

I give a wave to both Chopper and Doctorine as I head back into the castle with plans of my own as if I am correct then Luffy will have chased Wapol up to where his supposed 'plan B' weapon is kept which gives me enough time to see what is really in that arsenal room of his for me to take and examine.

Grand Line - Drum Island, Jack's POV - A short time later

I grin as I step into the Arsenal room of Wapol to check what is inside.

I am glad I was able to haggle with Nami to have her let me inside this room with her having the key to it now, provided I give her any treasure or valuable items I can find in here.

I then look on in slight awe and a feeling of approval at what I can see here as it a literal smorgasbord of weapons and different types of war equipment.

I can guess that most of it was kept by Wapol's father as a insurance policy and protection against island intruders and other threats that the old king might face.

I begin looking through anything that may be useful to my work, inventions or what could help Luffy and his crew on the journey's ahead.

After picking a few items that may be helpful like extra explosives, cannonballs and other small knickknacks to help with my work, I spot something odd.

It looked like a large mirror of some kind but it gave off a energy and aura that was unfamiliar to anything I have sensed in this world so far.

I think that I may need the help of a deity on this conundrum as I contact her.

"Isis, Isis are you there?"

I soon get a reply as the woman responds.

"Jack, what is it?"

I ask her with my thoughts as I explain the situation.

"I'm in the arsenal of Wapol's Castle and I've found something odd."

I feel her emotions as she asks me with curioisty.

"Odd How?"

I tell her what I have found.

"It's a mirror but it is giving off a weird energy that seems to be not of this world as it does not match the aura energy signature of this worlds natural Aura that is released."

I feel the same energy wave pass through the area I am in that is similar to the energy scan that Isis did on Little Garden when I found the Pokémon Egg in that cave.

I get a answer soon as Isis speaks to me.

"I cannot believe I never sensed this before, this is a rare artifact that I used to have and use for sending people to different worlds before I used a different method like I did with you."

I blink in surprise as I learn this as I hear it from Isis, I ask her in confusion.

"Then what is it doing here and why do you not have it anymore?"

I get my answer soon after as Isis answers my question.

"I thought I lost it as one day it just disappeared and no matter what I did I could not find it after that, I still have no idea how it got here?"

I shake my head at the mystery as I ask her another question.

"What do you wish to do with it as since you already have a replacement method to send people to different worlds then you really have no need of it."

I get a answer soon after as Isis says to me.

"Why don't you keep it and use it for your own purposes?"

I am surprised at this suggestion as I could use it to visit other versions of myself who are either in the different worlds that I may have chosen instead of coming to the World of One Piece.

I am interrupted by Isis as she says to me, "That is a good idea as it would not require myself to act as a way to send you to help your alternate versions of yourself if they need assistance."

I think on this as I make my decision soon after.

"Alright I'll take it."

Grand Line - Going Merry, Jack's POV - Much later on

I sigh as I sink into my chair in my room as I recount the events that happened while we were on the island and the subsequent addition of Chopper to our crew.

After taking the map and sending it to my room, of which I kept hidden under a blanket near the back of my room, I took some chests that were filled with maps and other small treasures that I gave to Nami to her delight as some of the maps were of the whole island and other neighboring islands that Nami loved as it gave her more useful tools to help her make a map of the world.

I also laughed at the sight and sound of Wapol being sent flying by Luffy's Gum Gum: Bazooka as I returned the key to the arsenal to Nami of which she later used to barter for payment of her medical bills.

It also seemed that Chopper had considered my offer as after talking with Luffy and myself soon after, with both praise and hilarity from both of us but mostly Luffy as he chased Chopper about and bugged him to join up, he agreed to join the Strawhat Pirate Crew.

Which ended up with us leaving in a rush as we were chased off the island by a angry and mad Doctor Kureha who I knew was just masking her emotions behind the mask of those negative feeling about her pride, hope and love for Chopper to go out and make her proud as he has made her feel like a parent and caring mother to him.

I am glad Chopper joined in a more proper way as it always annoyed him how Chopper just joined from Luffy shouting nonsense and stuff.

I smile as I remember the pink snow that made the island look like a Giant Pink Cherry Blossom tree which made Chopper happy and emotional as he saw his father's life work be used to celebrate Chopper's departure and Wapol's reign of tyranny ending.

I also am glad that I got a little small revenge for Chopper as while we were heading down to the ship we encountered the Herd that Chopper was a part of and its Leader who was trying to stop Chopper from leaving.

I myself always felt that the herd and especially the leader deserved a severe punishment for what they did to Chopper growing up so I, using a favor from Isis, had frozen time except for myself and the herd along with its leader.

Then I had a little 'chat' with the Leader and its herd about there horrible actions against Chopper and their ostracising by them towards Chopper.

Which culminated in me yelling at them in their minds and ranting to them about what their punishments could be and what I really wanted to do to them like slicing them all up and giving their meat to Sanji for him to keep and us to eat, teleporting the entire herd into the den of a large pack of hungry wolves and finally making them experience excurciating pain as I killed them slowly and one by one laughing as I did so and in my wolf like form for extra terror until I saved the herd leader for last as I finished his death with a stab and shot to the eyes before I cut both his antlers off to the base of the skull.

Needles to say they were scared shitless and pretty much ran off, shitting themselves as they did so to my laughter and joy at them being taught a lesson with a little hypnotic suggestion to never again act like that if one of their herd or its offspring is different to them or I would really do those things as I made sure to let them know that I would know if they did that again.

Isis pretty much was laughing slightly as well at the odd yet hilarious sight as she restarted time, with us passing a fleeing and shitting herd of Reindeer to Choppers confusion but the others incredulous yet humoured expressions, especially Luffy's.

I felt really good at getting my feelings off my chest as I sighed in my comfy chair and relaxed.

This was interrupted soon after by a knock on my door to my confusion until I opened it and saw a fidgeting Chopper at my door.

He was looking down at his hooves/feet as he mumbled to me.

"Can I come in?"

I nod as I let him in, shutting the door behind him as I ask him in curiosity.

"Is there anything the matter and would you like something to drink?"

Chopper nods as he says to me, "I wanted to let you know that I thank you for helping me decide to come with you all and yes I will have something to drink."

I nod as I set out another seat for Chopper who sits down as I take out my tea supplies and ask Chopper as my back is turned from him.

"What tea do you want; I have Fruit Cannonfire Chamomile Tea, Ocean Blue Oolong and Sweet Bloom Sakura Tea?"

Chopper looks confused, as I have turned to look at him as I finish my question, as the reindeer asks me.

"Those are some odd named teas and what is that last one again?"

I smile as I say to Chopper in explanation.

"The last tea is called 'Sweet Sakura Bloom Tea' and is a bit of a speciality brew as My family or, should I say our family, personally has their own line of teas that many people can buy as the other 2 I have are the two out of 3 top sellers of our families business which is good as all family members get a small profit for every 50 teapack sold."

I smirk as I see Chopper's amazed expression as he seems fascinated to know more of his now extended family as I think on how surprising it was to discover this myself when I first went to Loguetown as I wanted some tea to have but there was none left in the manor house on my personal island so I searched for a good tea place to buy some and accidentally stumbled on a tea house with a logo I recognised from the Manor House which after some info from Isis who explained all I needed to know of my family's business and other small details.

I am snapped out of my reminiscing as Chopper asks me another question.

"Can you tell me about the other members of you...our family?"

I nod after some thought as before I do I ask Chopper again.

"I will but first what tea do you want?"

Chopper looks at the tea containers as I see his eye travel to the Sakura tea the most so I nod as I say.

"Well I can tell you've already decided as I can see you eyeing the Sakura Tea blend the most so I'll get it ready and then I can tell you about our rather large family."

I gather the tea leaves and bags along with the boiling kettle I had set up as I pick the Chamomile Tea for myself.

I let it steep and brew properly as I give it about three minutes after I pour in the hot water in the tea cups.

I then sit down as I begin my tale of the family both Chopper and I share.

"First of course is my parents who are both explorers and scientists who study different subjects and wonders of the world but most of the stuff they study is the things inhabited in the Grand Line."

Chopper nods to see he understands as I continue.

"Next is my Sister who is a Marine Biologist and expert on Sea Life."

I explain some of the same details I gave the rest of the crew some time ago about my sister.

"Furthermore there is my Grandmother and Grandfather who Hiruluk is related to from my Grandfathers side as he is his cousin."

Chopper appears surprised as he asks me, "Will I ever meet any of them someday?"

I nod and say back to him, "Possibly; as they all mostly live on the Grand Line plus one of Vivi's handmaidens is a aunt of mine so we may meet her when we get to Alabasta."

Chopper is amazed as he says, "Wow I can't wait to meet her!"

I nod as my timer goes off meaning the tea is ready as I sit up and make it ready to drink as I hand Chopper a cup of his tea as I take mine.

I watch as Chopper takes a sip to try it and I smile at his happy and calm expression as he exclaims in joy, "Wow; this is so good and it's really sweet."

I nod as I explain about the tea.

"It is, as with how it is made you don't need any extra sugar added as the tea is mixed with candied Sakura Blossom petals which are crushed into a fine powder and put with the tea leaves as they are being made into a tea blend."

Chopper has a surprised expression as he asks, "So where do the Sakura petals come from?"

I smirk as I say to him, "They came from this island filled with them which I think is the same island Hiluluk went to as I was really young at the time so I don't remember much when he used to visit us but I do remember him talking to my mother and father and giving them a large bag of the same petals so I guess they used the petals in a new tea blend which is in fact the top seller as it is really loved by kids with its natural sweetness."

Chopper has an astounded expression as he looks at his tea with new clarity as he has slight tears in his eyes as he mumbles to himself as I vaguely hear him, "Hiluluk."

I smile as I see his overwhelmed expression as I say to him with a calm expression.

"I think he would be happy to know that you are, in a small way, sharing in his joy and wonder he once felt as a younger man."

We are then interrupted by a noise from outside as I set my tea down as I leave Chopper to have his moment of privacy as I say to him.

"I'll leave you to have a moment to yourself as I check what is going on out there."

He nods as I go outside only to see a odd site that makes me nearly groan as I see a man I have been slightly dreading, Mr 2 or Bon Clay.

Grand Line - Going Merry, Jack's POV - A little while later

I sigh as I watch Bon Clay leave us on his ship as his men pick him up while the rest of the crew panic as they realise they all just met Mr. 2 of Baroque Works and have learned of what he could do if he can imitate us but luckily I point out that Chopper, Sanji and I were not touched by him so we are a sort of ace the hole if we are to defeat him and be undetected.

The meeting of the okama went as expected with him showing his powers and being a slight annoyance to others especially me as I was luckily able to stop him from flashing himself as he imitated Nami with a quick use of my Aura Rope that I used to tie his coat together so he could not unfasten it to Nami's relief and mine as I did not want Nami exposed like that when I wanted to do it myself when and if our relationship progressed to that level.

But it was a good thing altogether as it helped us remember and refocus our attention on what to do when we reach Alabasta and face against Baroque Works and Crocodile.

I snap out of my recollection as I keep myself steady on the ship as it rocks of which I look about as the rest of the crew panics even more as a giant cat fish like creature of which I recognise as a Sea Cat.

I sweatdrop as I watch Luffy, Zoro and Sanji's reactions to this as they prepare to capture and eat the sea cat for dinner but I then laugh a bit as Vivi 'shows' them the error of their ways.

Vivi and Nami then talk as they consider what they have seen as Nami comments on the calming weather of late to which Vivi explains is the natural weather of Alabasta meaning we are all really nearby as we look ahead as Zoro soon spots a ton of ships ahead with Baroque Works symbols and flags on them to the others, especially Usopp's horror at so many agents we may have to fight.

But that is put on hold as we begin our plan of making sure we are all not clones of Mr 2 as we all wrap our arms in white cloth to help separate us from the fakes that will or may be used by Bon Clay.

We reaffirm our goal as we all see the Island nation of Alabasta and the chaos that will possibly ensue as we near the Island with the goal of helping free Alabasta and stopping Crocodiles Plans.

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