OC Dimensional Journeys: World of One Piece Chapter 2

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FYI: This chapter is set some time after the first chapter had ended and it has been recently edited with stuff added in.


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Secret Island, East Blue – 3 years later

I wake myself up in my large bed yawning, I scratch my head and began walking to my private ensuite bathroom to clean myself up and get ready for my daily routine of training, learning and testing out my powers. I had gotten considerably good at them as I began showering myself, I also think on how my first successful try of my aura powers had worked out as I remember searching the extensive library of my new home for answers and advice until I had came across a few book's on Meditation and Tai Chi which had helped a lot in feeling the flow of my aura and help manifest it to be used properly by my abilities.

As I turn off the shower and began drying myself, I also think on how the Meditation and Tai Chi had started my first steps to mastering controlling the powers I had, but once I had finished all the Meditation techniques and Taolu's (A/N: Chinese way of saying Japanese Kata's – which mean forms) of Tai Chi, I had wanted to learn more fighting styles but there were so many to choose from the library; which had amazingly included written and pictured drawings of scrolls about the different styles of fighting from different countries that were surprisingly from my world that I had decided to try a combination of them which I had learned did actually exist but it was not well known and very dangerous to do if unskilled or unprepared for learning it.

It's name was called Hybrid Martial Arts which I had tried out for myself, finding that I did have a knack for it and had through rigorous training and learning created my style of fighting which was a mix of Boxing, Wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing, Taekwondo, Karate and Judo.

All of these styles I remember having studied them each deeply in finding the right moves and techniques that would suit myself and be best in combination with my abilities, I walk back into my room and pick out my clothes for the day which is a set of trousers in dark navy blue, a white shirt with a black vest and black training shoes.

I walk down and out of my bedroom, I then head to the kitchen to prepare a light breakfast of fresh fruit and banana loaf which I had made last night for a snack to be eaten today as I remind myself that I do not need a very heavy breakfast if I am training as I may end up sick and unable to train properly which I had found out the hard way as I grimace at the memory of me puking in the toilet after doing heavy exercise, I then after I finished my breakfast, head to the training room behind the house and when I go down and inside the room I smile at how much I enjoy spending my time here training.

The training room was full of things to keep me busy as it had a full weight and exercise room, a small Dojo and training mat where I usually train my moves and fighting against the wooden and sack made dummy's supplied by the Dojo, which helps me learn how to strike and hit a person in a lethal and non lethal way as the dummies are specially made to look like a person so it is more real and easier to train with but are still very durable and can withstand hard hits and strong attacks.

I had also picked up a small hobby in my spare time which is being a mechanic and engineer which I had taught and learned by myself through quick study from the library which as it appeared that for every person that has lived in this house before me, they have made their own book's and things for future people to learn from and had them stored in a separate section of the library which had helped so much in learning faster as I found that I enjoyed building and making things such as weapons which was my speciality along with vehicles or modes of transportation i.e. cars, ships and things like that.

During my studies of being a mechanic and engineer I had learned Chemistry and other sciences like Physics as I had thought that my ideas would work better if I knew what I was making and how it was made like the uses of different chemicals that could be used for machines and weapons along with all the other stuff I may make in the future but I had also set up a small lab for different experiments that I am in the middle of making up through the combination and experimentation of chemicals and materials.

Some of the things that I have made where very interesting; a small quad-bike that helped get me around the island better and faster, I had based its design off a few things that I remember seeing in book's and computer generated games but I had made the engine to be able to run on water through the use of hydrogen that is in water but also acted as a cooling agent for the engine to prevent a build up of overheating the real engine (A/N: think Halo and all that and you will get the idea as a lot of things used by my OC will be based on them and other games that I like).

I had named the quad-bike 'The Lupita' after the feminine Spanish name for little wolf as wolves are one of my favourite animals along with Black Panthers and other wild animals.

I had also designed a few weapons in case of a fight that I may get into, such as a weapon looking like Chakram's but are smaller and act like Shuriken (A/N: they look Axel's Conformer Chakram's but are blue and black instead of red and black), a revolver styled handgun that I had ordered to be made and was delivered to me but I had rebuilt it so it could be modified to have attachments like a laser sight which I had made if I needed to make a longer and more difficult shot along with a small scope that could be attached the end of it's front sight.

I had also made another gun that had been I had modified from what looked like a Marine Rifle that I had found in the training room where it also had a small targeting range for gun lessons and how to use them of which I had gotten good at as I had a good aim when using both of the guns. The modified rifle had been changed so that it switched from semi to fully automatic in firing but it was mainly used for very long distance sniping with an even larger but slimmer scope than the revolver's one but the modes of firing the rifle depended on the switches that was on the gun that changed it from semi to fully automatic.

I had created a gauntlet for both my arms that could shoot the small throwing Chakram's 10 at a time, but needed to be reloaded after the 10 shots were fired, the ammunition was kept in clips of 10 so that they are easier to reload and all of which including the extra clips I kept in a compartment in a belt that I had bought at Loguetown, which of course I had visited now and again to get supplies as it was the best place for it as Isis did cryptically say that the secret island was near it and she was, as Loguetown was only a half an hour journey from here.

The belt was black and customized to my liking as the place that I had gotten it was the same shop that I knew where Usopp would get his special goggles which were not their yet as I had looked for them, but the store was a place where all the most useful gadget's and accessories from all over the four blues of the seas where sent to as I had found out that the east blue was the only one of the seas that had so many pirates come from or go through to get to the grand line which did explain a lot to me about the number of pirates roaming this particular sea of which I had saw on my journeys to and from Loguetown and other nearby islands.

The belt also had other pouches and compartments for small tool's and bullet packs that were used for my different guns like the particular bullet's for sniping, regular shooting and heavy-duty firing with each types of bullet's I had specially made and designed to pierce strong armour but those where mainly used for the revolver, making those bullet's essentially armour-piercing bullets

The belt also had a holster for the revolver and slot for a sword to fit into but I have yet to get one as I cannot make a complete sword as it is too complex and it would take too long to learn and practice but I am still training myself to use one through the different sword styles that go with the different fighting styles that I had researched while making my Hybrid Martial Arts and I appeared to be favouring Kenjutsu and its modern style of Kendo with an old and very blunt Katana that I had found from a rack of swords and other weapon's that may have belonged to a few former owners who had lived in this house.

I check over my weapon's and things until my eye land's on another weapon/vehicle that I am tinkering with that has taken up nearly a year and a half to build and design which should be finished sometime in the next year as I had based it on another vehicle that I know very well from my childhood (A/N: wait for it in later chapter's or the next one).

I begin my training and exercise which had really made a difference to my body as whatever fat or flab that was on my body was replaced by strong and rippling muscles that are very noticeable when in the mirror as I am stronger than I actually look (A/N: think of my OC's strength between Zoro's and Luffy's at halfway through the series for the moment) but I think of it as the natural laws of this world as all the people are much stronger and faster in body than regular people of my world are.

When I had finished my whole exercise a few hours later I am a little out of breath and sweating a bit from my chest, forehead and arm's as I also see that my hair is a mess with sweat and exercise but I remember how I had it cut and styled in a barbers in Loguetown after it seeing how it began to grow too long for me to handle properly so I had it shortened to make it less of a hassle to deal with (A/N: It is quite short at the moment, much like how Zoro's is after the time skip in the anime is but a bit longer and very dark brown).

I head to the small shower area that is in the training room and clean myself of my body's perspiration and odour as I am cleaning myself for the second time I think on how much I have advanced and changed since my beginning here in this world when I had thought that I knew all their was to know about this world from my watching of it when I was younger and how different it really is as I can actually get hurt in this world as I found out when I had sliced myself when first testing out my Shuriken Chakram's before making the gauntlet as it was somewhat difficult throwing them right as I ended up with one of them rebounding on me if I did not throw them right.

I had gotten the hang of it but it took some time to do so and afterwards I had made the Gauntlet which was out of different metals like Steel, Titanium, Tungsten: that last metal did cost a bit to get as it cost 1 million Beri for a few pieces which I had melted down and layered on the steel covering which was over the titanium gears and insides of the gauntlet that allowed it to be fired from.

"I was lucky" I think to myself "That Isis had left another letter explaining how I would have a plentiful supply of money stored in a small vault in a room near the training area behind a solid steel door that I now have a key too," which did take some time to find and use as the key was hidden in a secret compartment in a desk in the library that you had to solve by doing a puzzle underneath the desk (A/N: Think National Treasure 2 film and you will get the idea) which was very tricky as you had to get the right combination of numbers with 10 chances of finding it or the key would be lost and unusable.

When he had found the key after spending some considerable time getting the puzzle solved, he had found a letter along with it that said how the desk was made by one of the former people who lived in the house who was interested in carpentry and puzzles along with riddles as the letter was written in a code and a riddle that you had to decipher to understand what it had said which took about half a day to solve after finding out how to do it and the person who wrote the letter also told him about the house and the fact that most of the furniture in the house was made by the writer who liked the colour of wood which he did agree on as the furniture was very well made and he agreed with the writer of the choice of wood.

The Vault contained very valuable item's like over 100 million Beri, which was mostly in cash but the rest were in coins along with a few mirror's that to his surprise allowed him to communicate directly to Isis making him wonder who made these but their was no name for them and Isis would not tell him who, he had given up finding out after a while as he focused on how to make more of these as they did have a slight aura surrounding them which he hoped that he could somehow manipulate to work on other mirror's but it was difficult as they did seem to be old and he had found out that aura while long-lasting on items could slowly fade away after a very long time of disuse making him wonder when they were made.

The last things that were in the Vault was a very old suit of armour and a shield that could still be used but the armour was suited and built for a woman so he could not use it.

The shield was not overly large or small, it was a good size and it was made beautifully (A/N: It look's like the shield 'Tester Zero' used by Vexen in KH 358/2 days but it is in a dark blue, almost black colour in the centre and in a silver colour for its surroundings instead of where it was mostly grey and dark grey from the parts of the shield).

He had tried out the shield and found that the shield could channel devil fruit powers like his which he guessed worked on either Logia or Paramecia types which he was the latter of as it may have been the kind of power that the previous user may have had which she was either a Logia or Paramecia power type.

When he channelled his aura powers into it he could fire beams and attack's from its centre along with projecting his aura to surround the shield making it much stronger and allowing that energy to expand around him, making him covered in a dome like energy shield that was very useful to defend himself and give him room to attack which he could do by still channelling his aura through the shield and firing from it.

When the shield moved with him it left a yellow aura trail that followed the direction of the shield but he could guess that was because of his own Aura abilities being channelled into the shield, he also could throw it as it was very light but strong and he knew that through studying it that the shield was made from a rare form of titanium alloy and the shield would return to him like a boomerang when he threw it like a Discus (A/N: I got the idea from Captain America in Marvel with how it always came back to him).

I head over to my change of clothes that I had laid out to clean and dry in what was very surprising, a washing/ dryer machine that he guessed was made by another person from his world and had made it themselves as it did take longer to clean his clothes the old-fashioned way which he guessed the other person had gotten tired of doing so too.

I walk back outside and go to the beach in front of the house where I decide to enjoy the sunset before I go inside to have dinner, I think to myself just as the sun sets and night blanket's the sky with the star's and constellations shining above me with the glow of the moon illuminating the island "Life is great, I cannot wait to see how I meet Luffy and the gang."

That is it for this chapter which was a kind of a recap and filler that show's you some of the things that my OC has been busy doing and preparing for the many danger's ahead with Luffy and his crew in the Grand Line.

The revolver is based on the Smith and Wesson 500 revolver model which I think is the best gun ever but the sniper is based off of the rifle used in the 'Back to the Future' movies, specifically the one used by Doc Brown in Part III.