Let's play a game

Today is a special day for naruto because he finally get's his revenge against certain individuals in konoha. The first three victims are team 7 sasuke, sakura and kakashi we begin at their training ground were kakashi was making naruto have handicap matches. After his match with sakura naruto herd a voice that was not the giant fox's since it sounded "human" to him.

"Naruto let me out!" yelled the voice

"Who are you?" asked a confused naruto to his mind

"It does not matter at the moment just answer me this do you want to kill them for all the pain they caused you." naruto mentally nods his head "then do exactly what I tell you to don't worry you wont die, but you will become a hybrid of demon and angel like me."

Again naruto just nods his head. "All right let's begin shall we."

When kakashi turned to tell naruto it's time for more "training" as he calls it. (Cough childabusecough) naruto pulled out a kunai and stabbed himself on the opposite side of his chest from his heart, and then he pulled it out and licked the blood from the kunai and said in a scary calm voice.

"Come forth, god of twilight!" then a HUGE amount of power that could put the tailed beast to shame except for maybe the Juubi No Ookami and then there was a flash.

"FINALLY I'M OUT OF THAT TORTURE OF A PLANE!" came the roar of a man or more precisely a 15 year old boy with chocolate brown skin, white hair to his back, eyes that change from an ocean blue to a dark purple.

He turned to team seven with an evil smile on his face, and begins to laugh. While he was laughing with naruto who started shortly after him the sky begun to turn black.

"Hello team seven would you like to play a game."

"Who the fuck are you brat?" asked kakashi reaching for his kunai pouch.

"Oh how rude of me but before that" he put his hands behind his back then pulled them back in front of him, and to their shock he has their kunai and shuriken pouches.

"Now then my name is spirit aqua Ookami uzumaki and I'm here to teach you all a lesson." he finished with an evil smile then there vision turns black and the fall unconscious.