End game


Sakura has finally awakened just in time to see the end of both her sensei and her beloved crush dying painful deaths. She then notices that both naruto who has TWO-TAILS waiving behind him as if he doesn't even know about them. Then there is that other guy who says he was stuck inside of naruto and is wearing a blindfold to cover his eyes now.

"Well well look who we have last in our little game spirit my FAKE crush sakura haruno what should her game be?" spoke naruto without a once of emotion in his voice. Spirit just stands s off to the side waiting. "oh I know how about a pop quiz three questions sounds fun right spirit?" he said looking toward him all he does is nods while walking in front of sakura to start the game.

"Ok sakura here are the rules we will ask you three question that you must answer with in two minutes, of being asked understand that if you get one wrong then you will die." after making sure she got spirit smiles and says "then let the game begin!

All of a sudden sakura is surrounded by seven cyclones that are traveling at speeds that can rip flesh from bones yet slow enough that it won't instant kill them. Sakura looks around scared until she see's spirit in front of her beginning the game.

"all right then you know what the rules are but not the penalty so here it is as you can see there are seven cyclones surrounding you on all sides correct." sakura looks around her but only see's six cyclones not seven like he said so she decides to call his bluff.

"HA YOU CANT EVEN COUT RIGHT THERE ARE ONLY SIX OF THOSE FAKE CYCLONES BAKA!" sakura screeched making spirit and naruto fall to a knee as their ears start to bleed before a woman slapped sakura's cheek shutting her up.

"Shut up you stupid bitch you caused the prince and his son's ears to bleed!" the woman stated with an ice cold edge to her tone. Sakura looked at the woman in anger at being slapped and jealous for what she looks like.

The woman is a lot taller then normal women at the height of 6'0 even, long white hair in a braid, toned light tan skin, red eyes, flat stomach, full D-cup breast, round ass, heart shaped face with not a blemish in sight. She is wearing a no sleeved golden breast plate, with a gold and silver battle skirt, along with silver gauntlets and golden grieves, on one of her shoulders is a white cape that has the symbol for captain in gold.

While sakura was busy checking out the mysterious woman, she was healing both naruto's and spirit's ears so they can at least hear again. Once she completed she took up her place right behind the boy's then spirit walks forward and begins talking again.

"As I was saying there are seven cyclones all around you, the seventh is above if you would have looked up sakura," so when she did see the seventh cyclone she started to panic again. "Now then let's begin" with that naruto steps up besides him with the first question.

"Ok who where the two founding members of Konoha?" sakura immediately answered with "Harishima senju and Madera uchiha!"

"Correct. Next question who's monarch was 'the red death of konoha'?" naruto continued with another question. Sakura actually is thinking up the answer and right at the one minute mark she answers.

"Kushina Uzumaki!" she said with smirk on her face when naruto said correct again she only need one more and then can have these three killed for killing sasuke and kakashi. Spirit told naruto to go by the door with the women who he says name is moka while he gives me the last question.

"Now here is the last question," spirit paused for a second then continues on by asking "who is the son of a kami?" spirit finished in a slight humors' tone of voice since he knew what they always say.

"That's a trick question there is no one that is the son of a kami!" shouted sakura luckily spirit had in ear plugs this time. "Now let me go I answered all your question's correctly a deals a deal." she finished in a superior tone of voice which made spirit laugh long and hard for a few seconds, then snaps his head up with a crazed smile while saying something that turned sakura's blood cold and face pale.

"Sorry that is the wrong answer so your penalty is death!" spirit roared as the cyclones begin to move toward sakura who was screaming and cry out that he had lied. Spirit lifts up is blindfold to show his eyes then leaned close to her telling the right answer to the question.

"the son of a kami is the one who stands before you ningen, good bye sakura." with his peace said spirit walked away hearing sakura scream in pain as her flesh is torn from her body. If anyone was to watch they would see blood, flesh and muscle being tossed around as the cyclones turn red from the blood they ripped from there target.

Sakura lost penalty: death by cyclones

Next player: you pick