Deeks walked into the boat shed and found Kensi. He knew that all of this was hard on her, being arrested for the murder of one of the members of her dad's sniper team and all. When he walked in, he saw her sitting on the couch with her legs pulled up against her chest. She looked like a scared little girl – which Kensi was not. He was leaning against the frame of the door, and he new that something was definitely wrong – besides the fact that she looked scared and was curled up like a cat – when her super Hetty ninja skills didn't cause her to look up. So, he decided to talk to her instead of waiting on her to notice him.

"Hey." He said gently as if he said it any louder he might scare her away. It kinda looked like he would. She looked up at him and offered him a weak smile. Deeks sighed and made his way over to her. Kensi looked back up at him, and if Deeks didn't know any better, he could've sworn that he saw tears in her eyes.

"Kens, you ok?" Deeks asked after he's settled himself on the couch right beside her.

"Yeah." Kensi lied and put her feet back in front of her and sat up straighter. She swiped at her eyes. Realizing that that didn't get the job done, she continued to wipe her face. She eventually used the back of her arm and wiped her face.

Deeks chuckled but then turned completely serious. "No your not. You're crying. And my Wonder Woman doesn't cry." Deeks said moving a little closer.

Kensi laughed weakly and continued to wipe her face with the back of her arm. "Your Wonder Woman?" Kensi asked curiously.

"Well, your no body else's, might as well be mine, right?" Deeks smiled how he normally did around Kensi.

Kensi laughed a little bit stronger then before. "Don't remind me." Kensi said bitterly. Then she smiled. "Might as well be."

"Huh?" Deeks asked.

Kensi gave him that "you're an idiot" look. "Me being yours."

"Oh." Deeks smiled and got even more comfortable.

"Why are you here, Deeks?" Kensi switched back to reality.

Deeks' face fell. "I gotta take you in."

"Yeah, I know." Kensi weakly smiled at him and then stood up.

"Sorry, Kens." Deeks apologized regretfully.

"Not your fault, Deeks." Kensi said as she put her arms behind her back.

"No, Kens." Deeks looked down at her hands. "I may be here to arrest you, but I'm not cuffing you." Deeks was all serious. So Kensi didn't argue. She just looked him in the eyes and dropped her hands back down to her side. Deeks stared back into her eyes and frowned – although he was trying to keep a straight face. She smiled at him with tears in her eyes and turned around. He opened his mouth and put his hand on her back and led her away.

This was just a little inspiration I got from the preview for tonights episode (K. Blye part 1). This is a one-shot, but if you guys want be to continue, give me some ideas in a PM or review! I truly do love y'all! :)

-Gibblet :)