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Videl barely dodged a kick to her abdomen before she had to evade a punch to her face. Seriously; her opponent was strong, a lot stronger than anyone she had ever fought before. Of course he had to be strong, she thought, as he punched her squarely in her stomach. He was the freaking son of the former world champion; the one who had won the championship before her own dad. Now, why the hell was the difference so big? She glared at him as he stood directly in front of her, waiting for her to gain her breath while he looked like he had barely broken a sweat. She wanted to punch him so much, to just plant her fist directly into his face and enjoy the sight of his features scrutinized in pain. She snarled and aimed a perfect punch to his face, intending to make her wish come true. Unfortunately, he dodged effortlessly by moving his head a bit to the side. She landed behind him and whirled around to glare at him again.

"You should give up," he said, "you'll only end up getting hurt.

"I won't," she snapped, "not until I have beaten you!"

She sent another fist towards his head. This time he disappeared completely before her eyes and the next thing she knew she was down on the ground, blinking up at his handsome face. He pressed a foot down on her stomach to prevent her from getting up.

"1…," the referee started counting, "2…"

"You can't beat me," he stated, "the difference between us is too big."


She tried to break free, to stand up, but she found she couldn't move her torso.


"Why?" she demanded, "why is the difference so big? You and I are both children of champions. There should be no difference at all!"


He shrugged. "It's biological."


Videl fumed. Just great. Yet another guy who thought girls couldn't fight and should just stay home in the kitchen.

"9… and 10!" the referee bellowed, "Videl Satan from Orange Star High School is down! The winner is Gohan Son from Ox Academy!"

He let her go and offered his hand to help her up. She stubbornly refused and got up on her own while sending him her meanest glare. He seemed unaffected though, and a shrug was his only response before he turned around and walked over to his classmates who were meeting him with rejoicing, friendly claps on his shoulder, huge grins, and other actions that could be expected when they had just won the national martial arts tournament for high schools.

As soon Videl she stepped down from the ring she was met by a worried Erasa.

"Videl, are you alright?" the blonde asked.

"Yes," she answered.

But it wasn't true. Yes, her body was fine; she had experienced far more pain than what she felt now, but never ever had her ego taken such a blow. She had been defeated, no, not just defeated; she had been completely and utterly destroyed. She hadn't had a chance against this boy, and deep inside she knew he had been holding back. Exactly how much, she didn't know, but she was absolutely sure he had taken it easy on her.

She couldn't help but feel crestfallen as she was met by the rest of her high school's team. She felt like she had let them down by not winning, and judging by the looks on their disappointed faces, she could tell they felt the same. She was the daughter of Hercule Satan, the man who defeated Cell, and she was also Satan city's number one crime fighter. Yet she hadn't been able to land a single hit on her opponent at all!

As if the day couldn't get any worse, her dad was waiting for her by the door when she got home. He had his huge trademark grin on his face, ready to congratulate her on her victory. However, his face fell as she walked past him without a word, shoulders slacked, and a downcast expression on her face.

"What happened, sweet pea?" he asked, turning around to follow her through the house.

"I lost," she said solemnly, still not looking at him as she ascended the stairs.

"You lost?" he said in disbelief, following after, "but my daughter never loses!"

She halted and turned around to look at him. "I lost!" she said, her tone louder than usual, her eyes hard, She was on a higher level than him, and so the effect of her words hit him harder. "Don't you understand? The daughter of the mighty Hercule Satan lost to the son of the legendary Goku Son!"

He was dumbfounded at that revelation. "You lost to the kid of that trickster?"

"I couldn't even lay a hand on him, and he used no tricks. He was simply just better than me," was what she said before she left him there on the staircase and went into her room where she collapsed on her bed with a deep sigh and a great wish to fall asleep and just forget everything that had happened on this terrible day.

The next day was Saturday and Videl had originally planned on sleeping in, but she was woken up by a maid who told her that her two favorite blondes had come to visit her. She replied by turning around to face the opposite wall.

5 minutes later the door into her room opened again and her two best friends stormed in.

"Come on Vide, you can't spend your entire day in bed," Erasa whined as she tried to pull the blankets off her, "look who is home and decided to visit you!"

Videl grumbled under her breath. She wasn't in the mood to see Sharpner the traitor. The blonde boy had left Orange Star High a few months ago because he had gotten a scholarship to Ox Academy, an elite school where only the best of the best were accepted. The same goddamned school as that Gohan guy went to.

"Come on Videl," said Sharpner, joining Erasa in her mission to pull off the blankets, "don't be depressed that you lost to Gohan. I lost to him, too. Hell, everyone loses to him, even the teachers! Rumor has it that it's only our history teacher who stands a chance against him."

Finally they succeeded in pulling the blanket off and revealed a Videl with crossed arms in her pajamas and her meanest glare on her face.

"Says the traitor," she muttered.

"No more grumbling, Videl," Erasa said, her voice stern, "now go take a shower and get dressed. We haven't seen Sharpner for ages and you have the audacity to not even welcome him?"

"Alright, alright, mom!" she grumbled as she got out of the bed, grabbed some clean clothes from her closet, and went into her private bathroom to take a long shower. She couldn't care less if she made her friends wait. It was their own goddamned fault for coming over when she was in this mood.

Half an hour later she came out of the bathroom, refreshed, dressed, and ready to question Sharpner about that Gohan guy. Gathering intellect on the enemy was top priority right now.

She found her friends in the kitchen where Erasa was helping the cook while Sharpner was sitting on a stool, reading a magazine of some sort.

"Good morning Miss videl," said the cook as soon as she stepped into the kitchen, "how have you slept?"

"Fantastic but I would have liked to still be doing it," she said, giving her friends a pointed look.

"Come one, Videl." Erasa grinned. "You can't stay in bed when Sharpner is finally back for the weekend. We have to do something today. You know, do things we used to do."

"Sorry E… but I'm not really in the mood."

Sharpner sighed deeply. "Videl, don't be sad that you lost to Gohan."

"I'm not sad!" she stated.

"Right," he drawled, not believing her at all, "then let me rephrase that: don't be upset that you lost to Gohan. Didn't I tell you? He's even stronger than all the teachers."

"Yeah, because being stronger than a teacher is saying much," she spat sarcastically.

"Yes, especially if the teachers are named Krillin, Yamcha the bandit, and Tien Shinhan."

Videl's eyes widened in disbelief. "You are saying that you are being taught by former finalists in the world martial arts tournament and even a former champion?"

The blonde boy nodded. "Yes, and Gohan is stronger than all of them, so you really shouldn't be pissed that you lost. Now come and sit down instead of standing in the door like you've been doing for the last five minutes."

"Okay, okay," she said and sat down on the stool beside Sharpner, "but if you must know I can handle losing. What I can't handle is what he said to me."

"And what did he say to you?" Erasa asked as she took out three plates from the cupboard and began to fill them with what she had been cooking. The cook chose to leave as the blonde girl shot him a pointed look.

Videl took a deep breath. "He said that I will never beat him because I am a girl."

"What?!" There was a look of pure shock and surprise on Sharpner's face. "Gohan? He would never say something like that! Not the Gohan I know."

"Well he said it to me," shesnapped, "perhaps you don't know him as well as you think!"

"But it doesn't make any sense! Gohan is probably the most liked person in the whole school. Are you sure that was what he said?"


Sharpner frowned, seemingly thinking deep thoughts. Erasa chose not to say anything as she placed two of the plates with breakfast in front of Sharpner and Videl before she sat down on the stool beside the black-haired girl.

"Well," the blonde boy finally said after a minute of silence, "I can't believe Gohan said that, especially with that mother of his. But if he did indeed say that, I think it was despicable. Of course boys will naturally be stronger than girls, no offence but it's biological. However, that doesn't mean girls can't beat boys. Hell, even with all the training I've been doing you're still stronger than me, Videl!"

Videl arched an eyebrow at that statement. "How can you know I'm still stronger than you? We haven't even fought for a while." She took a bite of her bread

"Uhm…" He scratched his chin in thought. "It's something we learn."

She raised an eyebrow, silently asking him to elaborate.

"You will probably not believe me, but we learn to somehow sense the other person's strength."

"And you can sense how strong I am?" she asked, not believing him at all.

He nodded.

Videl munched deliberately. Then she swallowed. "I don't know if I should believe you, but let's say you actually can do that, then how strong is Gohan compared to me?"

"No one knows. He always suppresses his strength to almost nil. The teachers who know martial arts do the same. They say it can give them an advantage in battle if no one knows how strong you are."

"Wow," Erasa chimed, finally deciding to say something. It was a wonder she had been silent for so long. "You really learn much in that school, don't you?"

"That's why it's an elite school, Erasa," Sharpner answered, "all our teachers are the best of the best, and not only our teachers in martial arts. Our science teacher is none other than Bulma Briefs!"

"Bulma Briefs?!" the girl exclaimed, "why would she be teaching? She's the presidents of Capsule Corporation!"

"Yes she is, captain obvious, thanks for telling us," Videl grumbled.

Sharpner decided to ignore his moody friend as he answered, "she's friends with the rest of the teachers and the headmaster, plus her husband is teaching language and history."

"Wow again," Erasa said, "I've also heard that they educate some of the world's best cooks." She smiled dreamily. "I wish I could go there together with you Sharpy."

Sharpner grunted in reply. His mouth was full of eggs at that moment and he did not feel like spitting it out just to answer his friend.

Silence fell over them as they all ate.


"That's it!" Videl suddenly exclaimed as loudly as possible, nearly falling of the stool due to her epiphany, "I will go to Ox Academy, learn all the stuff you do, Sharpy, and then I will beat the shit out of that sucker Gohan!"

"Huh?" her two blonde friends looked at her as if she was crazy which she probably was.

"You do know that only boys go to the martial arts line, right?" Sharpner asked.

"Lines? What do you mean by that?"

"I mean that depending on what you want to focus on, you are sorted into different lines. For example, all those who want to be cooks are in one line, the engineers in another and so on. We still have all the boring, normal subjects together tough, like history and stuff like that. And there are only boys in the martial arts one."

Videl huffed. "So you are saying they are discriminating girls? Fine! I'll just dress up as a boy and show them. When I've beat them all, I'll reveal that I'm actually a girl!"

Two sets of jaws touched the floor at that statement.

"Are you insane?" Sharpner cried, "dress up as a boy? That's gotta be a new level of insanity and stupidity from you!"

"I don't think you dad would agree to let you do that, Videl," Erasa remarked, "remember he has to pay for your school since it's private, and you have to be recommended to go there."

"On the contrary, E," Videl said, a smug grin on her face, "I think my dad would let me, if only to beat the son of Goku the trickster.

Both blondes tried to talk her from it, tried to tell her it was a bad idea, and that if she was found out she would be in big trouble. However, it was all in vain. Videl had already made up her mind, and when Mr. Satan passed by the kitchen and she told him of her master plan to wipe the floor with a certain Gohan Son, he did a master pose, grinned his trademark grin, and bellowed for all of his servant to hear that Videl Satan was definitely going to defeat the son of Goku. No matter what!

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