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When her alarm clock started ringing the next morning, Videl quickly turned it off and gathered her running clothes in her arms to hide her breast, then she bolted for the bathroom before Gohan could even open his eyes. She knew he was awake though, judging from the groan he had let out just microseconds before she had stopped the alarm clock. Hopefully he wouldn't think her morning practice was weird, but if he questioned it, she would merely brush it off with having to go to the toilet very bad. Of course, she could sleep with her breasts pressed in, to avoid having to cover them when she went to the bathroom to change clothes, but she had decided to allow herself just a little bit of time where she could feel like a female.

Another reason why bolting for the bathroom was a good idea, was that if Gohan got the "good" idea to change underwear before the daily morning run, she would not have to pretend that looking the other way, and turning tomato red in the face when they were both obviously boys, was totally normal.

She hadn't needed to worry though, because his eyes weren't even open when she exited the bathroom dressed in running clothes, and if not for the slight frown in his face, she would have believed him to still be asleep.

"The bathroom's free," she told him as she sat down on her bed to put on her running shoes.

"You rise early."

She glanced over at him, bright, blue eyes locking with tired, black ones. "Yes, well, I'm a morning person. And we have to meet with the others in a few, so I suggest you get up soon." Admittedly, she sounded rather bossy, but catching her greatest rival in this moment of vulnerability, made her feel incredibly smug. So he was not a morning person, huh? Interesting.

He groaned in response, then turned to stare up into the ceiling for a minute, before he finally pulled himself together and got up. Videl waited patiently as he headed for the bathroom and emerged a short while later dressed in running clothes, looking not quite awake, but at least not completely tired anymore. She briefly wondered if he was one of those people who could not function without a cup of scalding hot, black coffee in the morning.

"Are you ready?" she asked as she stood up.

"Almost, I just need to put on my shoes."

She waited by the door, feeling slightly awkward as she stood there, watching him tying his shoes. He stood up straight a minute later, giving her a tired smile, signaling that it was time to go.

On their way to the meeting spot, they passed quite a few students coming out from their rooms. Some looked like they were sleepwalking while others seemed to be quite awake. Others again, just seemed like they wanted to go back to sleep or at least drink a few cups of coffee. Sharpner fell into the last category and greeted them with a tired yawn as he and his roommate exited their room just as Gohan and Videl were walking by.

"Had a rough night?" she asked teasingly.

She received a rather sour look in response. "Why the hell are you so energetic? I thought you didn't sleep well in new places."

'Could you really sleep that well in the same room as him, your self-proclaimed rival?' was what he was actually asking, and Videl knew that. Truth was that she had been worried about that, and she would definitely be lying if she said her brain hadn't been overflowing with thoughts concerning the matter as they went to bed last night, but surprisingly it had only taken her about half an hour of trying to count sheep before sleep came to her. However, now was not the time to tell Sharpner that, so instead she answered with, "It wasn't that bad. A bit weird to not be sleeping in my own bed, but I'll get used to it."

Her blonde friend arched a questioning eyebrow, but did not inquire further. Which Videl took as a sign that he'd ask her later when they were not surrounded by people who were definitely not supposed to know who she really was.

Outside in the chilly morning air, they met up with the girls who looked just tired as the boys.

"I don't get why we all have to do this morning run," Erasa complained when she and Angela joined them in the square in front of the school building, the very same square where Videl and Erasa had been standing the day before. "I'm supposed to cook food, not run around campus."

Videl raised an eyebrow. "But I thought the cooking line was making all the meals. What about breakfast?"

"Robots," Sharpner answered casually as if it was nothing, which to him, it probably was, "Bulma Briefs has built robots to do the morning cooking so people like Erasa don't have an excuse to miss the morning run."

Erasa huffed, crossing her arms. "Stupid robots," she grumbled sourly.

"You know, you're not supposed to run if you don't want to. You can just walk."

"I know," she hissed, "I just don't want to get up so early. I need my beauty sleep."

Sharpner opened his mouth to respond but immediately closed it again as Yamcha came to stand in front of them on the stairs leading up and into the building. The constant buzz, which had been hanging around the students saying good morning to each other, died out, and everybody turned their attention towards the former professional baseball player. The smile he pulled off should have been enough to brighten the day of any tired student, and Videl couldn't help but notice how several of the girl stood a bit straighter, looking a little less tired.

"Good morning," he said cheerfully, "and welcome back after the weekend." There was a murmur in the crowd as 'good mornings' of mixed enthusiasm was uttered. "Now," Yamcha continued, unfazed, "as some of you may have noticed, we have two new students here with us. Erasa and Vincent, if you would be so kind to come up here and introduce yourself to the rest of the school."

Videl paled slightly; she had not been expecting to be called up in front of the entire student body. Those she would be having classes with, yes, but not everyone else. However, apparently, since this was such a relatively small school, everyone knew everyone, thus you had to be presented.

The crowd parted in front of them to let them pass through, and Videl followed Erasa up the stairs to where Yamcha stood.

"Hi," the blonde girl said, channeling as much enthusiasm into her voice as she possibly could in her state of drowsiness, "I'm Erasa Marker and in the cooking line. It's a pleasure to meet you all."

"And I'm Vincent Sandell, I'm in the martial arts line," Videl introduced, doing her best to keep her voice as deep as possible. For some reason she was kind of nervous standing in front of everybody. Usually she had no problems with speaking in front of big crowds and people she didn't know, but this was not Videl Satan speaking, this was Vincent Sandell.

"Alright," Yamcha said, addressing the crowd again, "now that that's in order, let's go!"

The response he got was rather halfhearted; the exception being those who Videl guessed was in the martial arts line. Instead of tired grumblings, they responded with an excited cheer and followed their teacher as he descended the stairs.

The route was a trip around campus and was about 2 km long. Quickly, the student body was separated into small groups depending on the pace at which they ran. In front were the students from the martial arts line lead by Yamcha, and right behind them, were the few individuals from the other lines who actually ran in the morning. After that, scattered around the route, came the students like Erasa and Angela who preferred to be walking as slowly as possible.

Sharpner had taken a spot beside Videl who rather enjoyed the light jog Yamcha had set the tempo as. Or well, it was a light jog for her and the rest of the martial artists, while it seemed to take much out of the group right behind them. No one said anything as they ran; the only thing that could be heard where the evened breathing of her classmates and the wheezing behind them, making the atmosphere surrounding them sort of serene in the chilly morning air, the dew still caught in the grass. It was peaceful, and for a brief moment, she almost forgot what she was here for, and simply enjoyed the nature surrounding her. Then she spotted Gohan beside Yamcha ,and her mood darkened instantly. He seemed to be more awake now though, and her thoughts started to circle around what to do when they came back and it was shower time.

Should she bolt for the bathroom like she had before, or should she allow him to enter before her? What about dressing after the shower? Was he the type to put clothes on inside the bathroom, or was he one of those, like in the really weird romantic movies that Erasa liked to watch, who only wore a towel around their waist, and then dropped it dramatically and inappropriately in front of the heroine, which in this case was her? Oh god, she hoped he wasn't one of the latter, and if he was, she was never to tell her best friends about it, especially not Erasa. Sharpner might just laugh that one time and then shut up, but Erasa, the hopeless romantic, would haunt her with stupid and embarrassing questions for the rest of her life. Of course she had considered the possibility that she would get a roommate who dressed in the room and not in the bathroom, but she had decided that it wasn't going to be that bad. Sure, it might be awkward at first, but it wouldn't matter as she sooner or later was going to see 'that' anyway. But now, with Gohan as her roommate, she seriously hoped he was the type of guy to dress in the bathroom, right after shower. Because when all this was over, and she had beaten his sorry ass, she was going to reveal her true identity to him, and while she definitely wanted to humiliate him, she didn't want it to happen like that. She wanted to beat him in a fight fair and square, and not because she was a girl who had seen some private parts she shouldn't have seen.

Her possible doom came closer as they neared the school buildings again. The few sporty girls who had followed behind, left them and returned to their building to shower and dress before they would all meet up for breakfast in the dining hall. Yamcha gave them a bright smile and a small wave before he, too, left. Only he took off in the direction of the main building.

"Do the teachers live here?" Videl asked Sharpner as they entered their building together with Gohan and the rest of the martial arts boys.

It was Gohan, however, who answered. "Only my family. And they live in the house I showed you yesterday. The rest take turns staying here during the night and the weekends."

"So it was Yamcha's turn to stay the night?"

"Yes, but we're often joined by Yamcha, Tien, or Krillin at the morning runs regardless of who stayed the night." He grimaced. "Sometimes it's my mother though."

"Your mom?" She arched a puzzled eyebrow. "But why would she bother?"

He shrugged, briefly nodding to Sharpner who was entering his room thus leaving them alone. "I don't know. Perhaps she wants to be a role model for the girls, or perhaps she just wants to get the exercise."

"Role model?"

"Yeah, didn't you know? She was a competitor in the World Martial Arts Tournament the year my dad won." He opened the door into their room and let her pass through before he went in and closed the door behind them.

"No, well, I did know that, I just…" she trailed off, "never mind." Truth was it confused her why a woman wanting to be a role model to young girls could have such a chauvinistic son, but then again, she hadn't met her, yet, so who was she to judge anyone. Gohan raised a dark eyebrow at her behavior, but she didn't give him an opportunity to question it as she changed the subject and said, "So, do you want to take a shower first, or should I?"

"Oh, you go ahead." He smiled warmly. "I'll do some stretches in the meantime."

He didn't need to say that twice, and before he had even had the time to start his stretches, she had scooped up her towel and some clean clothes, and locked the bathroom door behind her. She sighed heavily once safely inside what was going to be her sanctuary during her time in Ox Academy, and began unwrapping the bandages around her chest.

Damn, not being restricted felt liberating.

For good measure she made sure the door was locked before she stripped herself off her clothes, leaving her in her underwear. Looking at her bare self in the mirror, she wondered what Gohan would say if he knew who she was, or rather, if he knew there was standing a naked girl on the other side of the wall. His side of the room was the one closest to the bathroom, and if she could reach through the wall, she could probably touch him right now. She pressed an ear to the wall, trying to hear if he was indeed doing stretches. That run had been a mere warm up for the likes of them, and she had a suspicion that he was merely pulling the I-have-to-do-stretches speak to be nice to the new kid. A smirk stretched across her lips as she pulled back from the wall. No, he wasn't stretching; he was just being nice, nice to the girl who would destroy him. Oh she'd show that chauvinist that girls could beat boys just fine. She'd show him that martial arts wasn't about pure, physical strength, but about technique, agility, and speed. Of course she'd admit that yes, right now he was stronger than her, but that would only be a matter of time. As soon as she'd learned all the things he had, undergone the same training as him, she would wipe the floor with him and afterwards show him just wrong he had been at that time. What was the saying again? Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned? Yes, that sounded about right. And soon she would show him just how much fury she-

A knock on the door interrupted her thoughts.

Videl stiffened, her face quickly emptying itself of all color in a matter of microseconds. At this time of the day, there was only one person who would be knocking at the bathroom door. Instinctively, she covered her private parts, fully knowing that it wouldn't matter anyway. If the person on the other side of the door saw her like this, it would all end. Before it had even started.

But what did he want? Why was he knocking now? Hadn't he just said that she could go ahead and take a shower first? Had he changed his mind? Or maybe he just wanted to use the bathroom. Yes, yes that was probably it. But what should she do about it? What could she do about? It wasn't like she could deny him access to the bathroom when they were both guys.

Yep, it was official: Videl Satan was screwed.

There was a knock again followed by Gohan's muffled voice. "Vincent?"

"Y-Yes?" she squeaked

-in her real voice.


But her roommate sounded like he hadn't paid attention to it. Okay then, she had a few more seconds before she was discovered. "Have you taken a shower yet?" Gohan asked.

"No." She bit her lower lip in anxiety. It was coming now; the question to use the bathroom. And there was nothing she could do about it.

"Good. I just wanted to inform you, that since we're going to have martial arts practice in the afternoon, there is no reason to use soap now. Just take a quick shower to wash the sweat off. Otherwise you'd just be wasting soap. And well, according to one of my friends, an excessive use of soap is neither good for the body nor for nature."

She blinked, stunned.


"I'm sorry that I forgot to tell you," he continued, a slightly apologetic edge to his voice, "but sometimes you take things for granted and expect everyone else to know what you know. Not that I think you would intentionally pollute nature, but well… I, yeah, I decided to mention it for good measure… you know, just in case.

That certainly wasn't what she had expected him to say. But it was indeed better than him wanting to come out there. Beyond relieved, she sighed deeply and answered him, a small smile playing at her lips, and this time she was making sure to get her voice under control. "Okay, thanks for telling me. I'll be out in five minutes."

"Alright," he replied before she heard him walk away from the bathroom door.

After taking several deep, calming breaths, trying to get her heartbeat under control and suppress the adrenaline kick she had just received, she wasted no time in entering the shower. She turned on the hot water to calm herself down but hissed as the first few sprays of water was ice cold. The water turned warm soon enough though. And as she stood there in the shower, feeling the adrenaline slowly leaving her body, she decided on no more hubris. The call had been too close, and if she didn't take care, she would end up with a cover blown before she could even get to her first martial arts class.

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