Quint and Keith had just gotten back from Valkoinen Mokki Airport. Quint slumped in his chair, back in his casual uniform. "That was like a James Bond movie. We got out like Bond in Tomorrow Never Dies," Quint said. He was laughing as he spoke, holding a cup of coffee. Keith sipped from his mug.

Keith chuckled and raised his eyebrows. "Yeah, man. Surprised you put it all together."
Quint sipped some coffee. "Well, it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out. I mean, Veltro wouldn't need to look for its' own ships. ...And O'Brian was in the perfect place to set everything up, sorta like a good version of Moriarty." Keith looked toward the main entrance to this floor. The door had just opened up. Chris stormed in, followed by Jill, and a helicopter pilot named Mike. "That fucking bitch!"

Quint spun his chair around. He gave them a confused look. "Where's Parker and Jessica?"

Chris's nostrils were flared. "Jessica turned out to be a traitor. She was working for Lansdale the whole time. She set off the self-destruct system on the Queen Zenobia, shot Parker, and probably escaped. We tried saving Parker, but he let go of my hand when he was dangling over a raging inferno..."

Quint's jaw dropped. He nearly dropped his mug. "Please tell me you're joking. Parker dead and Jessica a traitor?" Quint stood up. Sure, he gave Parker a hard time about not reading the manuals and for really not liking the Genesis... And Jessica? Why would she be a traitor? There was no way that could happen. She was like the Zelda to his Link. Zelda never turned out to work for Ganondorf of her own free will. "You have to be. It's like... like how Nikita was framed, then forced to kill people for the government. It's gotta! And Parker is like how Holmes went off Reichenbach Falls, but survived. It's gotta!"

Keith looked at Quint and put a hand on the man's shoulder. He gave Quint a worried glance. Quint wasn't taking this well. A friend dead and Quint's Dulcenia a bitch that betrayed them? This whole thing really blows, he thought."Chris... You sure you know what happened?"

Jill nodded. "Yeah. That's what happened, but there are still parts of it that I still don't understand. We need to talk to O'Brian about this... So, what did you find out on your end?"

Quint and Keith glanced at each other, then looked at her. Jill was either trying to change the subject, or she really didn't care that someone died and another person was a traitor. "Well... Uh... Jill," Quint glanced at Keith as he said this. "We nearly got killed by the FBC."

"They dropped a whole bunch of bombs on Valkoinen Mokki. It's just rubble now. Lucky it was cleared out, otherwise a bunch of people woulda died." Keith scratched the back of his head. "What, we all gonna talk with the boss?"

Quint set down his cup of coffee. "Yeah..." He grabbed Chris's arm. "Come on!" Keith blinked. Quint almost never did this sort of thing, taking charge of a situation. He was normally that computer guy.

((A/N: Yup. Thanks to a friend of mine, Tamara, for saying how she wanted this fic. Also, the Nikita reference is a reference to the Canadian TV show (being framed for murder), not the original French film (where she kills someone). -The Sleep-Deprived Writer))