100-word drabble for the "Muggle artefacts" challenge. Title from the song "Answering Machine" by Matt Nathanson.

I've Got You On My Answering Machine


"'Dromeda!" Laughter. "This isn't a Howler, you can be a little quieter."

"Oh. Like this?"

"Yes. Exactly like this."


"'Meda!" Peals of laughter.


"You did it again!"

"Well, you do it then!"

"We'll do it together."


"You start."

"No, you."

"'Fine. Okay. Hello, you have reached Ted and Andromeda Tonks."

"And this is our new answering machine."

"Leave your name and message after you hear the beep."

"And we'll return your call."

"Thank you! Have a great day!"

"Was that good?"

"That was perfect, 'Dromeda darling."


"Perfect. Love you."

"Love you."