LEADER: Foxstar-reddish tom with amber eyes

DEPUTY: Starlingflight-mottled brown she-cat

MEDICINE CAT: Badgersong-white she-cat with a black stripe down back

WARRIORS: Hawkpelt-brown tabby tom with green eyes

Mothshine-light gray she-cat

Eaglefeather-Black tom with blue eyes

Ravenpelt-solid black tom with brown eyes

APPRENTICES: Antpaw-light gray she-cat with one black paw

Lionpaw-light brown tom with white chest

Tigerpaw-dark orange tabby she-cat with lighter orange stripes

QUEENS: Wolfpelt-light gray, almost white, she-cat with brilliant green eyes. Mother of Beekit, Fishkit and Beetlekit


LEADER: Stonestar-gray tabby she-cat

DEPUTY: Mistypool-light gray she cat with amber eyes

MEDICINE CAT: Pebblefrost-gray she-cat with blue eyes

WARRIORS: Morningfoot-light brown tabby tom

Dawnclaw-pale she-cat with black patch over eye

Barkpelt-brown tom with white patches

Mudwhisker- Black tom with amber eyes

Brackenwillow-Golden brown she-cat

Thornheart-mottled brown and white tom

APPRENTICES: Frostpaw-small white she cat with blue eyes

Cinderpaw-long-haired gray she-cat

Longpaw-black tom with a long tail

Runningpaw-pale gray tabby tom with amber eyes

QUEENS: Swiftheart-white she-cat with one black paw. Mother of Elderkit, Acornkit, Oakkit, and Rosekit.


LEADER: Dawnstar-tortiseshell tom with blue-green eyes

DEPUTY: Brightflower-yellowish tabby she-cat

MEDICINE CAT: Willowshine-dark, fluffy gray she-cat

WARRIORS: Blueheart-blue gray tom

Cinderlight-small plump gray she cat

Brightstorm-black tom with brilliant bright green eyes

Swifttalon-black tom with silver streaks and emerald green eyes

Mousepelt-light brown she-cat

Dustfur-golden brown she-cat

Smallfang-small gray tom

Stumpyfoot-brown tabby tom with one leg shorter than the rest

APPRENTICES: Wetpaw-silver she-cat

Littlepaw-white tom

Tallpaw-brown tabby tom

Darkpaw-black tom with white ears

QUEENS: Onepelt-light gray she-cat. Mother of Brackenkit, Willowkit, Cloudkit, and Hollykit.

Morningheart-tabby she-cat. Mother of Jaykit, Hawkkit, Eaglekit, and Ravenkit.

Crookedpelt-tortiseshell she-cat, Mother of Tigerkit, Lionkit, and Leopardkit

ELDERS: Shadefrost-old, thin black tom

Heavystone-old, plump dark gray tom

Stonesong-black and white she cat

Loudleaf-long-haired light brown tom


LEADER: Graystar-dark, smoky gray tom with blue-green eyes

DEPUTY: Brownclaw-brown she-cat with white chest and one white paw

MEDICINE CAT: Silverstorm-light gray she-cat with sky blue eyes

MEDICINE CAT APPRENTICE: Graypaw-gray tabby tom with amber eyes

WARRIORS: Bluefang-plump blue-gray tom

Yellowbelly-pale ginger she-cat

Whiteblaze-Black she-cat with white blaze on chest

Brindlepelt-tortiseshell she-cat with amber eyes

Dapplepelt-Calico she-cat with green eyes

APPRENTICES: Blackpaw-black and white tom

Brownpaw-brown tom with white paw

Whitepaw-white she-cat with green eyes

QUEENS: Redwillow-reddish colored she-cat. Mother of Whitekit, Palekit, and Greenkit

Greenheart-orange tabby she-cat. Mother of Redkit, Yellowkit, Spottedkit, and Brownkit.

ELDERS: Silverflake-snowy white tom with dark blue eyes