One week ago:

Mr Hyde loved the night life.

Edinburgh was a city very suited to his tastes, loose women, drugs relatively easy to find, and piss-cheap booze. He prowled through her alleys and her loud, ugly underbelly, where the real denizens of Edinburgh went, his jet-black eyes scanning the barely-covered arses of barely-legal girls. His pointed grin stretched across his face as though hooks were dragging it.

The lights were low in this place. Being almost midnight, the girls were nice and drunk, he liked that in a woman. Approaching a voluptuous little redhead, slumped invitingly across the bar, he made his eyes big and put on his best Little Beggar Boy voice.

"a'Scuse me missez..." his voice slinked through the air like a serpent. She turned, her eyes struggling to focus.

"Wha...?" She replied, sluggishly.

"I's just wonderin'..." The voice dropped here, and his direct knife-like voice came into play "Do you prefer to be on top or bottom?"

A smile played across her painted lips for a moment, before a skinny little pissant with a low-cut top and a death wish cut in between them.

"Oi! What'chu think yer doin' with my girl?" His harsh accent growled.

"Well, I was asking her permission. But now, just to spite you, I'm going to fuck her each way!"

The drunken fool swung a wide, easy punch. Hyde could have done a dozen things to a hundred arteries with the time and space given to him, and the world would have been no poorer, but as it stood, he had a deal with his Daddy, and he settled for snapping the little bastards arm in three places and bringing his head down on a bottle of beer. He would live, but whether he would ever see out of his left eye again was anyone's guess. Hyde grinned at that as he escorted the redhead to the alley.

By half past one in the morning, Hyde had ditched the redhead, and was now carting a blonde and a blue-haired bimbo around the streets of Edinburgh. They laughed and screamed and stumbled and laughed again, all the while, Mr Hyde stood resolute, his black suit a column on which these two women hung. He was just looking for a place to shag and ditch them. No-one said he had to listen to them, for fuck's sake.

Just then, the scent crossed his highly-strung nose. It was the first time he'd caught it while in control, usually it was filtered through Jackman's dull brain first. The various smells and hints caught in his nostrils and were sorted accordingly. Hyde inhaled strongly, getting the last of the scent before the wind carried it away. His brain moved faster than a human could comprehend, detailing the subject's life story.

40 years old. Muscular, but letting himself go. Receding hairline, probably blonde. Year-old-suit, dry cleaned recently. No tie. Sweaty. Cold. Had a Chinese for lunch. Mobile phone call made 10 minutes ago, sweat on phone still fresh. Out of breath. Scared. 25 feet...

"...That way." Hyde growled, turning.

"Did you say someth-?" One of the women moaned. Before she could finish, he was gone.

The women collapsed in a heap first. Then, the man who had been following him took note, a little too slowly. He turned to run, and saw the alley behind him stretch to an impossible length. Mr Hyde had already planned the hunt out in his head. He stalked his prey first, a low growl in his ear spurred his stalker to run, and when he passed the grinning Hyde in the alley, he nearly tripped over himself trying to escape.

As Daniel Carew left the grasp of shadows and leaped into the moonlight, he looked back, searching for Mr Hyde. He wasn't there. Daniel turned back, sucking in air, and found himself face-to-face with a fanged beast, his eyes radiating fire and his cascading roar shaking the very ground. Daniel screamed as tears stung his eyes. There was no-where left to go, he was going to die.

Mr Hyde showed a surprising degree of restraint as he sent his coiled palm into Carew's throat, flipping him backwards and into the cobblestone face of Edinburgh. Carew choked violently as Hyde fumed, the escaping air of his nostrils forming a hellish fog around his head in the cold. As Carew rolled to stand, gratitude for his life seeping into him, Hyde grabbed the back of his jacket and threw him halfway down the street, sheer animal ferocity lending to his propulsion.

Daniel Carew stood again, his adrenaline pumping and his legs now under him. He tried to run, but crashed into the crisp white shirt of Mr Hyde. Confusion and hysteria poisoned his brain, driving out reason and logic. He began to cry. He was so scared.

Hyde growled, almost slobbering. He hated criers, they were pathetic, snivelling little cowards. Criers were small fish. Criers were never the ringleaders.

"Who are you working for?" Hyde spat. He wasn't playing or being cute anymore. He wasn't going to run in circles around this one. He was going to stamp out this shit before it started.

For the second time that night, Daniel Carew had to come to terms with the expectation that he was going to die immediately, only to be blindsided by Hyde's mercy. Hyde didn't have mercy, and Carew knew this. That's why he was so scared. Daniel blubbered, trying to force the words out, but they just wouldn't move. He could feel them, standing like statues, petrified at the back of his mouth.

"I will not ask again!" Hyde roared, a raw, animalistic roar that echoed through to Carew's very core, "Who. Are. You. Working. For?"

Daniel crumbled. He collapsed, falling to his knees, sobs bursting out of him in throat-ripping cries. Mr Hyde's patience fell away as Daniel sank, and he caught the MP by the jaw before the pain in his knees had faded. Mr Hyde squeezed his clawed hand, and Daniel felt the pressure on his bone. He felt it about to snap, and he imagined his teeth all jutting out of his mouth and his lips overflowing with blood. The darkness in Mr Hyde's eyes told him that this would happen. Soon.

"M-m-" Daniel tried to say.

"Go on..." Hyde rasped through gritted teeth. He didn't loosen his grip on Daniel, so that his victim would have to summon his last recesses of strength if he wanted to survive.

"Mm..." Daniel tried to open his pinned jaw. His muscles burst into flame and stung his cheeks, but he struggled on, fighting. Hyde's nails dug into his face.


Hyde released him immediately, and Daniel Carew fell backward, groping at his face, the pain emanating from it was excruciating and unimaginable. He cried like a child, wailing and screaming, before Mr Hyde spun him around and laid a foot on his chest, pressing into his ribs mercilessly.

"And where can I find Mr Moriarty?" He smiled. God, that smile. Daniel would never forget it.

"P-promise you won't kill me..."

Hyde's smile dropped, Daniel instantly regretted his words. Suddenly, he was in the air, and a wall leaped into his back, the harsh bricks cutting into any flesh they could find.

"Let me tell you how it is, you disgusting little streak of Neanderthal piss!" Hyde's pointed fangs clamped open and closed mere inches from Daniel's face as he spoke. "You are in no position to bargain! If I want to kill you, I will skin you alive and then hang you by a rope made of your own leather! I promise you that!

Now, I want you to tell me where I can find your pathetic little boss, and then, I'll decide whether I want to kill you or not. That's how this works!"

Nothing in the world could have stopped the torrent of words that fell from Daniel Carew's lips that night. He told Mr Hyde everything. Moriarty had wanted to meet Hyde for years, he had sent Carew to find him, to talk to him. Carew had been given minimal information on his mission., and one thing Moriarty had spectacularly neglected to tell him was that you cannot talk to Mr Hyde.

Within the minute, Daniel Carew could taste his own blood and see nothing but the long, open road in front of him. He could feel the cold stone on his face, but nothing else below his neck. There was a darkness creeping along him, and the last thing he saw before it swallowed him completely was a pair of headlights in the distance.

Mr Hyde climbed up the wall of the nearest building. I like this city, he thought.