A/N: This was written for my gf who wanted smut at some odd hour of the morning because...well...my gf is a smut addict. Eh, it makes me think on the fly and I am surprisingly good at coming up with random smut. Huh, wonder what that says about me? Eh. also this is centered b/c I like things centered. If that's too much of a problem let me know.

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The site that awaited him when he walked into their bedroom was unexpected, but arousing all the same. His lover, Toshiro, lay spread out on his back, tan skin slightly flushed, one hand steadily pumping himself and the other working a good sized dildo in and out his stretched entrance at a tantalizingly slow pace. Byakuya's breath caught in his throat and he felt himself harden instantly.

It was a beautiful sight.

The younger man's skin was slightly damp, hair down, lips parted in breathless little gasps and moans, eyes glassed over in pleasure. Ocean green eyes locked gazes with black onyx and the smaller man moaned his name.


Byakuya was in motion before he had time to think. He removed the rest of his clothing while crossing the room, having already shed jacked in the living room. Clothes gone he knelt between tan thighs and leaned down to cover the white haired male's mouth with his own. Their tongue's mingled and danced while he reached down to take over the pace of the dildo. He quickened the speed, slamming the toy in and out of his boyfriend, making him mewl and squirm. Lithely muscled arms slid around broad, pale shoulders and slim fingers tangled themselves in raven black hair. They broke the kiss, both gasping slightly for air. Toshiro tilted his head back and the older man attacked the expanse of creamy tan skin offered to him; biting and sucking, leaving marks that would surely be hard to hide.

Toshiro would think about that later though, right now he needed his lover. Needed to stretched and filled by the man above him.

"Byakuya, I need you feel you inside me, now." his voice was little more than a breathy whisper.

A shiver went down Byakuya's spine and he complied all too willingly, pulling out the toy he positioned himself at Toshiro's entrance and pushed in. Tight, unyielding heat enveloped his cock, the walls contracted and pulsed around him; he loved the way his lover felt and Toshiro loved being filled by him. Said man under him bucked his hips. Byakuya moved, pulling out and thrusting back in sharply. A cry of pure pleasure ripped itself from kiss abused lips.

Byakuya continued his pace, pounding into the wonton body beneath his, the moans and pleas driving him on. Panting, moaning and the occasional grunt filled the room, along with the sound of sweat slicked skin on skin. Nothing else in those moments mattered. Byakuya felt the muscles engulfing his member start to spasm and wrapped his hand around his lover's erection, pumping him in time with his thrust. The both of them were so close.

"Come for me, Toshiro." the older man whispered, thrusting up hitting the smaller man's prostate hard.

A strangled, scream left Toshiro's lips, his blunt nails raked the pale skin of his boyfriends back, his body arched up; inner walls clenching almost painfully around Byakuya as he came between them, the older man's name on his lips.

Byakuya came with a groan a moment later, spilling his seed in the now sensitive man shuddering with pleasure under him. He collapsed on the bed and gathered his exhausted lover in his arms. Toshiro buried his head in the other man's chest, making sleepy little mumbling noises. Byakuya smiled to himself as his boyfriend's breathing evened out and he drifted off to sleep. He followed suit not long after slipping into a satisfied slumber.