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Hiashi always knew his daughter had…feelings for the Yondaime's son, and he was never particularly happy about this. Yes, Naruto proved himself to be a worthy shinobi and yes, everyone respected and looked up to him now but still, he never really trusted the kid. His daughter had gotten quite close to the Uzumaki boy after the war had ended and from what she'd told him, they had become great friends. He had thought as much. Though Hiashi was sympathetic that she had been rejected, as a father, he was relieved. He wasn't sure what he would do if Hinata was with Naruto. Fortunately, things were going his way and he'd never have to find out.

It all seemed to come crashing down the day Hinata came home with him for dinner.

Hiashi had never been the kind of man who panicked. He did, after all, have an image to uphold. The leader of one of Konoha's most prestigious clans was cool, calm, collected. Not a lunatic with a daughter complex. Friends came over friends' houses for dinners…right? It was normal. So he told himself not to worry and accepted the Naruto into his home with open arms. Suprisingly, by remaining calm he found himself quite pleased with what he'd found.

The boy he'd watched grow up was a rude, dirty, classless scoundrel who never knew when to shut his mouth and learn his place, but the man who now sat across from him was anything but. This Naruto was smart, patient, polite, well spoken, well mannered and above all else not the psychotic demon he was led to believe.

He wondered, fixing his gaze on his daughter, whether Hinata had seen this in him all along.

"Hiashi-sama…" Naruto's raspy voice, which had noticeably deepened within the year, interrupted his train of thought and he looked upon his guest who at the moment had been sparing an unnecessarily long glance toward Hinata. It seemed she had noticed this as well because a light pink blush began to creep onto her cheeks.

Something clicked in the boy, he could tell, because suddenly Naruto faced him, shoulders broad, back straight, eyes confident and in the most calm of demeanors stated for all at the table to hear "I'm in love with Hinata."

Everyone around them seemed to stop chewing and the room grew eerily quite.

"…I beg your pardon?"

"I'm in love with your daughter."

Hinata let out a small gasp, her tiny hand diving up to cover her lips and Naruto simply stared at her father, brows crunched, cheeks donning a stubborn blush as well. "I wanted to ask your permission to date her. I may not have much to offer, but I promise you, I'll take very good care of her and-"

The noodles dripped off his chop sticks.

"Get out of my house."

That night Hiashi sat his daughter down and had a nice, long chat.

"What is the meaning of this?" he had hissed, "If I remember correctly, I was told by none other than yourself that you and the Uzumaki boy were merely friends!"

"We are friends! Believe me I was caught o-off guard as m-much as you…!"

Despite it being hours since the dinner, Hinata's blush was still fresh on her face and she held her blanket just above her nose, clearly hiding a smile.

Naruto's visits became frequent after that, though of course, that was only to be expected. It was hard for Hiashi to grow accustomed to him. The prospect of Hinata dating had always been disturbing, even when he dismissed her value as a daughter when she was a child. Yes, he'd always wanted to rid himself of her, but it was only recently that he'd accepted her as his daughter. He wanted to make up for all the years he'd missed out on and now, it seemed he was too late.

Naruto came this morning again.

"Your daughter spent the night at my place sir."

"…I beg your pardon?"

"Hinata spent the night at my place."

Absolute indifference. Why, god in heaven did he say that so calmly?

"Hinata…was with you last night…"

Naruto shifted in is seat, his shoulders slugging downward, "I thought I made that clear…sir"


The blonde tilted his head lightly in confusion. "What?"


Instead of taking the initiative, (like any sane person would) Naruto flashed him one of his toothy grins and scratched the back of his head, a blush creeping onto his cheeks, "Oh no, don't worry Hiashi-sama there was no sex or anything if that's what you were thinking."

This kid had a death wish.

If anyone really knew Sasuke Uchiha, they'd make it a point to never make claims that wouldn't be followed through. As far as he was concerned, when a person makes a commitment, they honor it, especially when it involves him. Sasuke was not happy. Not one bit. And when he saw Naruto he was going to pummel him to the ground.

"Hey!" an arm snaked around his chest, " Are you listening to me?"


God, he hated women.

"Ne, why don't we go out for ice cream? Don't you think that's so romantic?"

"Get off me," he growled.

Megumi was a rabid fangirl, and that was pretty much all there was to her. "Why are you even here?"

Megumi brushed a strand of her short brown hair behind her ear and peered up at him in a (futile) attempt to look cute, "Tsunade-sama assigned me to you."

"I highly doubt it."

"She did, I swear!"

He rose from the stool where she had ambushed him, making his way out into the crowded market streets.

"Where are you going!"

To kill Naruto.

He had for all intents and purposes meant to make his way through the crowded Konoha markets in search of his dear old friend but something hard collided against his chest and he was forcibly pushed back in his place, his leg twisting slightly in the process.


Sasuke's fists tightened "Idiot," came the growl, "watch where you're going."

"'I-I'm sorry!"

Recognizing the soft tone of voice Sasuke stared down at Hinata, a frown etched on his usually indifferent lips. The young Hyuuga had her eyes shut, a light pink blush dusted on her cheeks. Her right hand clutched a medium-sized basket with blue cloth spread above it. Naruto's girl. She was a clumsy one. "Don't worry about it" he said and extended a hand to help her to her feet.

"Oh, Sasuke-san" she took the hand he offered gratefully, "Sumimasen. I should've watched where I was g-going. I…wasn't f-feelling well-""

"Yeah, whatever." He interrupted her. Sasuke found that he had no patience for Hinata's little speech impediment.

She smiled up at him, her head tilting slightly, "So...w-what brings you here today?"

"Oh nothing," he answered swiftly " Just your idiot boyfriend was supposed to meet me here so we could spar but instead I find a pre-pubescent girl waiting for me in his stead."

"Oh…" there was an uncomfortable moment of silence, "W-well I was on my way to work, but I was going to stop by Kiba-kun's house to drop these off," she held her arm out, lifting the blue spreading revealing a basketful of fresh tomatoes, " You could h-have them if you want. Naruto-kun tells me you l-like them."

If he was capable of feeling emotion he'd have probably hugged her.

But no.

He wasn't.

"Thanks" was all he muttered, taking the basket.

"N-No problem."

His hand dove in and he brought one of the red fruit to his salivated mouth and took a healthy bite. Hinata smiled, seeing the glint of emotion that had passed through his eyes, "It's good isn't it?"

He nodded, "Where's Naruto?"

She turned her back slightly toward the Hokage monument, "Did you check the Hokage tower? He usually g-goes there in the mornings."


Hinata seemingly lost in her thoughts let out a sudden giggle and he rose his brows curiously, " Ts-Tsunade-sama tends t-to keep him late whenever she has too much paperwork on h-her hands. I'm sure he's on h-his way."

Saying that seemed to trigger some realization in her because her eyes went wide and before he could even mutter a goodbye she had slipped right past him.

" I h-have to go!" she squealed hurriedly, "H-Hope you enjoy the tomatoes!"

And once again he was left alone.

It was days like today when Iruka wondered why he decided to pursue a career in education. Sure, he wasn't the strongest shinobi around, but he had a lot of potential. Perhaps, he thought, if he had settled for the regular shinobi life, he'd be happier. Maybe meet a beautiful girl along the way, married, had a child or two who he could in turn train to be excellent shinobi.

The thought put a smile on his face.

And the fact that he'd missed that chance turned it upside down.

It's not that he hated working at the Academy. In fact he enjoyed it most of the time. It just all depended on the class at the time.

Last year's had been great. Each and every one of his students put their all into their training. There wasn't a knuckle head among them, not that that was necessarily a good thing. It was fun to quarrel with a student or two from time to time. Still. He missed those kids. This year, unfortunately, was a completely different story.

It seemed every child had some sort of issue with authority. The majority of his students were highly skilled, but they preferred to waste their talent: The girls by chasing after the boys, the boys by pulling witty pranks, he being the prime victim of course. He was getting old, and his body was not moving the way it used to. All this abuse was really taking a toll on him.

He let out another sigh.

Naruto had knocked on his door this morning, "Sorry for the late notice," he'd said, " but Hinata's sleeping in today, she's been pretty sick lately. Would you mind covering her class for today? I'd really appreciate it..."



He wanted to stay home. On the one day he was allowed off. day of rest, of freedom. But Hinata's been working at the academy for two years and she had yet to miss a day. Not to mention she'd covered his classes more times than he could count. Since she worked with a particularly unique group of students (they had all been affected in one way or another by the horrors of the war) there was a chance they were well-behaved; knowing Hinata's soft and kind nature, that possibility was rather strong.

And as per usual. he'd been wrong.

As soon as he walked in that classroom he'd heard nothing but childish moaning and complaints about how they wanted their real sensei. All the whining made his head ache so here he was, outside on a lunch break, sipping on a juice box, praying this glorious moment would last forever. God how he wished he'd have stayed home.


His eyes narrowed at the sight of a young girl running toward him.A girl with dark long hair. And lavender eyes.

Iruka blinked, "What are you doing here?" he couldn't help the smile threatening to form on his lips as she reached him, her breath hitching in exhaustion, "Naruto told me you'd be out sick for today."

"G-Gomen, " Hinata began, smiling up at her former teacher, "I feel fine now, just a little nauseated in the m-morning but I'm ok."

Though she really hated to lie to Naruto, she couldn't help herself. The swelling feeling in her stomach subsided soon after he'd gone and she didn't want to miss work. She was still dizzy of course, but it wasn't anything she couldn't handle.

I'm a tough girl, she encouraged herself.

"Oh." Iruka nodded thoughtfully, "well that's actually kind of great for me, I was hoping to rest for a while."

"Sorry for troubling you." She quickly apologized.

"Not at all, not at all."

Hinata shifted her arm to better position the bag on her shoulder, "Well I better be g-going, the kids are probably waiting for me."

Iruka remained silent for a moment, "Heh. Seems like yesterday when I was the teacher and you were the student. You kids really have grown since then. I'm really feeling old!"

Hinata giggled in response, "You're n-not that old!"

"Not that old?" he raised his brow quizzically.

"N-No that's not what I meant to say!" Hinata giggled more, "You still look quite young Iruka-sensei!"

The tan nin shook his head dismissively, "I was just kidding with you Hinata" he chuckled, " see you tomorrow then."

"Hai, have a g-good one."

And with that Hinata made her way past the academy entrance, through endless halls where she opened her class door to the warmest of greetings.


Several of her students were immediately at her side, giggling and jumping cheerfully. One of her more enthusiastic students, a small brunette boy with severe burn scars on the left area of his face spoke first "Iruka-sensei said you weren't gunna come today!"

Hinata 's smile widened and she bent down to his level, hooking her hands under his armpits to lift him up, "I wasn't Seita," she whispered playfully, "but then I thought about how much I would miss all of you if I stayed at home and I couldn't help myself!"

She planted a small kiss on the boy's full cheek, and he giggled in response, wrapping his arms around her neck.

Sometime after turning eighteen Hinata gave up her position as heiress to her clan, claiming the right belonged to Neji. She wanted to get a job while the village recuperated from the recent war and Naruto had suggested she check out the academy.

"you love children and they love you right back. Besides, there's been a lot of open positions lately."

So here she was, working as a part time instructor for the new and improved Ninja Academy of the Hidden Leaf. Though she had originally intended to apply for the regular full time, Hinata found herself drawn to this particular bunch. As a child, she was never really skilled at ninjutsu. Hadn't it been for Naruto's presence in her life she would have given up long ago. And here she had these amazing boys and girls, each carrying such hardships on their backs, and they were still determined to succeed. It was inspiring and she fell in love with each and every one of her students on her first day. What kind of a sensei would she be if she let a little nausea get her down?

A Hokage had two jobs.

The first is to protect the village. Make sure all foreign affairs are carefully supervised and gain as many alliances by any means necessary. Rouge nin. Organized crime assemblies, and enemy villages are to be kept under constant surveillance, attacked or eliminated if need be. Along with appeasing the daimyo the village must to be in perfect condition at all times. All shinobi, ranking from Anbu to academy students are to receive top-notch instruction from the respective leaders and sent out on the appropriate missions weekly.

The second was to sign papers.

Out of both, the latter was by far the hardest

Tsunade had warned him that being Hokage did not only equal strength, and so, soon after the war had ended, with his ever present desire to become the top nin in Konoha rammed into his head stronger than ever, Naruto was taken under the Hokage's wing for an up close and personal lecture in leadership. At first, he saw this as a blessing. Though recently he's grown to regret that decision. Tsunade kept him in her office for hours to an end and she never really taught him anything besides how to stamp, sign and organize her paperwork.

He raised his eyes ritually to the large clock above the door to his left and a surge of relief passed through him.


He was free.

"Ne, Tsunade-sama..." Naruto began, "I'll take my leave no-"

"No." came the stern response ,"You finished yet?"

"You didn't even let me-"

"You finished yet?" Tsunade repeated, a little edge to her voice this time.

Naruto let out an exaggerated sigh. Clearly she was not cutting him loose today, so frustrated and slightly annoyed, he shuffled an intimidating large pile of signed documents onto his arms and leaned back slightly, pushing his chair away to rise to his feet, his arms straining a little. Unbeknownst to him, a loose wire lie in his path and, not even two inches in, caught his toes under it.


Though he only tripped and was able to stop himself from hitting the ground, the papers that had been so securely in his grip flared wildly in the air. Immediately, he bit his lip to stifle his screams into growls and watched them rain down all over the office. Before he realized it his left hand had flown up to his golden hair, tugging it in silent frustration.

"Clean it."

Naruto's gaze met with Tsunade's, who held a gleam of amusement in her brown orbs.

"This isn't funny!" he groaned seriously, "You know how many things I gotta do today? I don't have time for this!"

"Oh?" she chuckled lightly, "And what exactly do you have to do?"

He crossed his arms, "Lots."

"Lots as in?"

"I'm on Sasuke duty today."

"I know a considerable amount of kunoichi who would love to replace you."

" my meeting with the elders."

"Who would willingly meet with the elders?"

Eh. He was with her on that one.

"I'm taking Hinata to the Hospital."

"Have you made an appointment?"

Naruto's brow twitched.

"well then," Tsunade smiled mockingly, "looks like we'll be spending some more time together today doesn't it?"

Her arrogant attitude was getting to really piss him off. " Not really." was all Naruto said as the door shut behind him.

That'll show that old hag not to mess with me.

A leg slipped under his and Naruto tripped for the second time that day, this time actually falling, though there were no papers to follow and for that he was grateful.

"Never," Sasuke hissed, " leave me waiting for you again."

he did have a right to be angry.

"I've already finished my services."

Naruto peered his head up in Sasuke's direction "Well I'm sorry about that."

"I was left with a frivolous chuunin guarding me." Sasuke growled, shoving a hand down the basket he'd been carrying and violently taking a bite out of a fresh tomato," It was insulting."

"Can I have one?"


"Can you at least help me up?"

Sasuke only stared at him as he took another bite of his tomato and Naruto grasped the arm of a red chair Tsunade had placed outside her office for any awaiting visitors.

"Where'd you get those?"

Naruto watched, arms crossed, eyes narrow, as his girlfriend brushed a strand of her silky black hair behind her ear, a faint blush tainted across her plump cheeks. She wore her green form fitting sweater today along with her brown tights with the standard shinobi sandals. Hinata was never the fashionable type, he noted, though she still looked very cute.

"Make sure to practice when you get home, but don't strain yourselves too much, alright?"


He never knew why, but Naruto always loved watching her in action. She suddenly became so womanly and it warmed it heart to watch how gently she handled her students. They really loved her, he noticed. He'd also realized that he never heard her stutter in front of her students, and that kind of bugged him a little.

After they began to date she started to stutter when addressing him again and her shy nature crept in little by little. It was definitely cute though, and he didn't particularly mind it. He just preferred it when she spoke confidently. It was such a shame that her beautiful voice went to waste like that.

Hinata slung her yellow bag loosely over her shoulder and parted her lips in a smile as she watched her students go. The smile faltered, however, and Naruto raised his brow curiously when he fixed his eyes on a small boy who had yet to leave his desk.

"Seita?" Hinata's soft voice called.

There was no response from him.

"Seita, what's wrong?"

Still no response, and so Hinata made her way up the stairs toward his row. She bent down to his level, ushering him to turn toward her, which he did, and place her finger under his chin, lifting his face to meet hers.

She immediately frowned, his cheeks were swollen red and Naruto recognized that he'd been crying.


He sniffled.

"Seita, honey what's wrong?"

His lips pursed with a childish pout and he dug his hands between his quivering thighs.

"..I …I can't do the jutsu...It's too h-hard for me..."

Naruto tilted his head in and his gaze shifted to Hinata, who smiled gently at the boy, her brow furrowing lightly.

"Hey..." she whispered, lowering herself to catch a glimpse of his face. Her arms moved up to his shoulders, lightly descending and she grasped his tiny hands in hers, " If there's one thing I know it's that anyone can do anything..."

The boy continued to sniffle and Naruto felt his heart tighten as Hinata brushed a tear off his cheek, "Don't cry Seita. Sometimes it takes time and a little extra work for some of us to get a jutsu just right..."

The boy seemed to cry a little harder.

Hinata continued, " when I was about your age, I couldn't do most jutsu. I was actually dead last in the class" she giggled.

This seemed to have caught the boy's attention because he stopped and looked up at her, eyes widened, "Sensei?"

"Mhm" Hinata giggled, "I was really bad!"


"I practiced very hard... of course..." she tilted her head and smiled, "I had a little motivation back then..."

Naruto chuckled quietly to himself.

"How about this..." she held his little hands in hers against his cheeks, "starting Saturday, I can meet with you on the weekends for special help with your training."

the boy perked up, "Really?"

Hinata nodded, "Yep"

"Sensei...!" The boy leaped into her, nearly knocking her balance.

Naruto felt his face heaten up at the sight. God, Hinata was breathtaking.

Literally, the way she was holding that child so tenderly took his breath away and any anger he had once held moments ago had distinguished within a matter of seconds. Her hair swished back gently and the boy rubbed his nose against her cheeks. Her skin seemed to glow brighter than usual at that moment.



Hinata's ever present blush darkened, "A-ano...what are you doing h-here...?"

She was nervous. He could tell by the way her hands clutched the small boy.

"Hey," he smiled, "I didn't notice you guys get down here."

The boy she had comforted who looked so broken now shot him a deathly glare from behind her.

"Who's that?" he pointed rather rudely up at Naruto, who in response raised his brow.

"E-Eto..." Hinata momentarily shifted her gaze to the child clutching her sweater, "This is Naruto-kun...he-he's m-my...a-ano...he's m-my.."

"I'm her boyfriend." Naruto finished, leaning down and extending his hand, "It's very nice to meet you."

Instead of taking it, the boy peered up to his blushing sensei, "I'm sleepy."

"No offense Hinata, but that kid sucks."

Said girl giggled.

They were in her bedroom, he on her bed and she in front of the mirror, softly stroking her fingers on through her hair.

"It's so knotty…" he heard her mumble under her breath.

"I like your hair."

Hinata's hands halted for a moment and she stared at his reflection. He hadn't said a word about what happened and she found that awfully odd.



"I…I'm sorry for what I did this m-morning."

"Don't worry about it. We wouldn't have been able to get to the hospital anyways."


There was a comfortable silence and she continued to stroke her hair.

"Are you sleepy?" she asked suddenly and Naruto shook his head 'no' in response.

"I scheduled an appointment for Wednesday."


"For the doctor."

He wasn't looking at her but he was sure she was pouting at the moment. Why'd she hate hospitals so much?

"It's not like they're gonna give you a shot Hinata. Besides, you're a big girl now. No need to act like a baby."

"Look who's talking! You a-always act like a child!"

"Ahh but that's where your wrong," he wrapped his arms around her waist and snuggled his chin on the curve of her neck, "I used to act like a kid."

Why didn't she hear him coming?

"N-Naruto-kun stop it!"

"Stop what?"

"We're in the h-house…" she blushed lightly.

Naruto narrowed his eyes quizzically, "I wasn't going to."

That wasn't embarassing.

"Do you…want me to?"

Her cheeks went an instant red and she shook her head lightly.

"No one'll see us."

"Naruto-kun this p-place is crawling with Hyuugas."

She could feel his lips brush against her ear lobe and her legs quivered. God, why did he have to be so…

"No one will see us," he repeated sternly, "I promise."

Naruto's hands began caressing the skin of her waist, "C'mon.." he whispered breathily.

Hinata stared at their image on the mirror and her heart beat violently.

"We c-cant ..."



His hand that had winded around her dragged up her body to her neck and he turned her face lightly to meet his lips. She could feel him pressing himself against her back and she brought her delicate arm up to dig into his hair.

His tongue darted and her mouth parted in response. She loved it when they kissed. He was never too fast or too slow. It was always perfect.

"Can I touch you?" Naruto asked suddenly, his voice hoarse.

Hinata eyes opened, though still lidded, "Mhmm..."

He smiled at her, giving her lips one last peck before bringing his hands to her night blouse, eagerly unbuttoning her shirt.

"Y'know" he whispered into her ear, "I kinda like it like this."

"L-Like what?" she couldn't seem to focus right now. Her attention was fixed solely on what his fingers were doing and what they would be doing in a few seconds.

"In front of the mirror." His tongue darted out and licked the back of her ear.

"Naruto-kun don't say stuff like th-that."

He chuckled and her breath hitched as the last button came off. Naruto's large hands came over her shoulders and brushed the fabric of her blouse down, exposing the creamy skin of her breasts wrapped firmly in its bindings.

From the mirror she could see Naruto's eyes soften at the scar on her smooth belly and he traced his fingers over it gently, "You're beautiful," he whispered in a placid tone that made her heart skip a beat.

Hinata stroked his face fleetingly as his arms reached higher and caressed her breasts.

"A-Ah..." Her brows crunched slightly and her eyes shut.

Naruto's arms immediately dropped to her waist, "You okay?" he asked alarmed.

"H-Hai...just try not to t-touch them so r-roughly." The comment confused him quite a bit considering he had barely stroked them.

"Ok," He kissed her cheek and touched her again, more gently this time. When she visibly winced he stopped altogether.

"I barely touched them." He whispered and soothed her shoulder, "Did you get hurt?"

Hinata shook her head and Naruto stared down at her quizzically, "Did they hurt before?"



"They feel...sore."

His brows moved up curiously, "Sore?"

She nodded, "Mhm. Actually, It's been feeling sore f-for a while."

"Why didn't you tell me?" Naruto crossed his arms around her shoulders.

"I…" Hinata stared at his reflection and shrugged lightly, "I don't j-just didn't seem like a big deal."

"well it can be," He sighed, leading her back to the bed," listen, I think you should just rest for now, we'll talk this issue over tomorrow."

"I'm sorry."

"Don't worry about it, I can wait."

Naruto, beside her on the bed, snaked his arm around her waist to bring her closer. She faced him, laying on her side, eyes closed lightly as he stroked her stomach .

She's getting chubby.

That was weird. Hinata had never been one to over-eat. His hands moved absently around her, feeling for flab. But there wasn't any.

Just a slight bump on her lower abdomen.

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