The battle cruiser drifted silently through space as they shifted around the small federation ship.

A helmsman turned and looked at his commanding officer and at the man in the dark cloak. "Sir. We have a visual."
"When will we be within firing range?" the officer asked.

"Within the next fifteen minutes if they do not jump." he replied.

The officer turned to the man in the cloak who shifted. "My Lord?" the officer asked.

The sound of a deep breath being taken and then let out was heard as the figure's lips parted. "The objects we are looking for are secured on that ship. Do not fail us by destroying the cargo with the ship. In fact... Do not destroy the ship Captain. Take pains to ensure it's survival. It will be useful in the long run."

"As you wish My Lord." the captain said as the figure shifted back to its original stance.

They watched and carefully moved towards the ship until they were in firing range. "Sir. They do not detect our presence and we are in firing range."

"Ensure your line of sight is carefully measured Ensign. Fire when you are ready." the cloak said once again. The crew moved swiftly and lined up their sights. "Sir we are ready to fire."

"Fire." the officer ordered as the man in the cloak turned. " I will be joining the on board parties." he said.

The Voyager drifted carefully through space as the crew moved about their daily lives when the ship jolted.

"Captain! We are taking fire!" Price shouted.

"Who are shooting at us?" Janeway asked as she pulled herself into her chair. "Unknown. The ship is unknown."

"Shields down to 85 percent." Price said.

"We are being haled captain." an ensign called.

"On screen."

Instead of being on screen a hologram appeared of a man in a slick smart black and grey uniform, his hair was combed back and he watched the crew with a strange evil glee as they looked at him.

"Crew of the Voyager. I am Captain Talon Wrintel. You and your ship are carrying a very valuable cargo that my Master intends on getting their hands on. You and your ship are also very valuable. If you wish to remain valuable and alive you will drop your shields and surrender. If you do not you will no longer remain valuable and I do not know how well your lives will equate.

You know your best option."

The hologram disappeared.

"I don't intend on giving up anything. Turn and fire." Janeway ordered.

The voyager turned and took aim blasting the attacking ships shields.

Captain Wrintel smiled. "Good. The crew has spunk and desire. This will suit the Lords plans. Return fire. Do not allow the ship to be destroyed. The lord and the invasion team are already on."

The crew of the Voyager in other places had their hands full as a group of armed soldiers walked through the ship while the chaos ensued. Leading them was the man in the cloak.

"Ensure as many of the crew leaves. When you find the Captain and Commander keep them alive and bring them before me as well as any officers-"

He paused as he gave orders and looked around.

"MY Lord?" One of the soldiers asked.

"Continue. Fulfill the orders you have. Take care of the crew. I will find the cargo area..." he said turning. And the Jedi. he added in his mind.

The soldiers looked to each other in confusion, they had never quite understood the man who was on their ship by order of the Sith. But at the same time they never questioned it. When you worked with the Sith on you ship it was best to say yes and no and nod and obey your orders to the best of your ability, not talk back, and do everything you could to stay alive.

They turned and walked through the halls splitting up as they went to look for the crew of the ship.

Almost immediately they encountered the security walled up in a niche. They knew their orders and fired. The crew of the Voyager returned fire blasting the first two down before losing one of their own. The solders were intrigued and amazed at the crews weaponry. Instead of firing single shots it shot more of what could have been considered a laser. They would have to get one for the Lord or he would be most displeased.

Naomi ran with everything her body could give her and more as the sound of the people chasing her flooded her with adrenaline and fear. She had watched them shoot at one of the crew who had pushed her out of the way and continued to run.

It was moments like these that she was thankful for being so young. Still a child she was fairly small and easily slipped by the notice of several other guards. It seemed that only those who were following her took notice.

She pulled aside a panel on the wall and slipped into the Jerry tubing, she tried to replace the panel to hinder their pursuit but failed as she heard them approach. "THERE!" one shouted. "STOP HER!" shouted another.

"Why are we wasting so much time on a child?!"

"You heard the Sith. Everyone either dead or captured. No one escapes, not even some kid."

They continued chasing her, Naomi continued to move as quickly as she could resorting to climbing the tubes to the deck below. She dropped down the next few feet toppling to the ground and hitting her head. She held it with both hands as the guards saw her move.

"Quick! The kid went down here."

They swiftly followed the young Half-Ktarian through the tubes, Naomi's body screaming for her to stop slowed her down. She had to find a way to hide, to escape, but none presented itself.

She finally gave up and slid out an opening and ran across the hall into the mess area. It was empty as the red alert gave it a strange glow. She ran through and scrunched herself behind a counter and between some tables and chairs.

The guards burst into the room and looked around for her. "Come out kid. You ain't going to get past us!" they demanded.

"There!" one guard shouted pointing at her.

Naomi squeaked as a man suddenly appeared between them and her.

"Come quietly, and bring the brat." they ordered.

The man shook his head. "You will not harm the child. There is no one here. You should return to your ship." he said waving his hand through the air gracefully.

The leader of the five paused and looked around. "There is no one here." he said.

"We should go back to the ship and report."

"What about the cargo?"

"The Sith said he'll get it."

The five of them left as the man stepped away from Naomi, he gave her a kind smile and knelt down in front of her. "Are you alright, little one?" he asked gently as she pressed up against the wall.

She stared at him wide eyed. "Do not worry. I am not going to hurt you." he said offering his hand but she did not take it. He nodded as he sensed her fear and distrust of him understanding.

"This is not the best place to hide. Is your mother or father here? Is there someone you trust to protect you?" he asked.

She nodded. "Mom and Neelix and Seven."

"It is not wise to travel the ship alone while it is under attack. Please, let me take you to them. I will not hut them or you. I promise."

Naomi sniffed as she felt tears well in her eyes from everything that was going on. "You promise?" she whimpered.

He nodded. "I give you my word as a Jedi. As long as you are under my protection no harm will come to you." he said placing his hand on his chest and then extending it out to her.

Naomi looked him over carefully and nodded climbing out and taking his hand. He helped her stand and he looked her over. "Are you hurt?" he asked. She shook her head. He went to the door and looked out.

"Where are the people you told me about? Do you know?"

She shook her head.

"Then lets look."

"We should look for the Cargo." Naomi said.

He turned and looked at her as she approached. "They said that one of them was looking for the cargo. If that is what they are here for then we need to stop them." she said.

He looked down at her, "If we go to the Cargo area you could be put in danger."

"I am a member of the Voyager crew. It is our duty to stop them." she said determined but he could feel her uncertainty. She was trying to latch onto something to keep her steady through this mess. He had a feeling that she was still young despite her size and she may end up spending a good amount of time in her mothers arms crying about everything that happened.

But the child was determined and he felt that he would not be able to sway her, and at the same time there was a feeling of darkness that wandered the ship; the 'Sith' the men had spoke of. He felt the sith was going to the cargo to whatever was there and would destroy anyone in his way. He had to help the people of this ship but at the same time he could not bring himself to put the child in danger.

Finally he relented to her. "Very well. But one such as you who is small should remain in hiding. Allow me to do any fighting that we come across, you remain behind me where it is safe for those who are small. Understood?"

The girl, thankfully, did not give any rebuttal, only nodding. "Good. Now, you know this ship better than I. I will follow your lead." he said pulling out a metallic tube. "After you, young one."

"Will you please stop calling me young one? I am Naomi Wildman."

"Very well, Naomi. I am Gaylen by the way." he said as he followed her into a panel. "This will help take us there faster and we can hide from them while we are here."

"A wise choice." he remarked as they moved swiftly as they could to the cargo area.

Ichib hid quietly behind the cargo boxes as the ship came under attack. He wondered how everyone was doing but focused on remaining alive for now. The man in the black cloak had entered the room just moments after he dove behind the crates. He felt his heart pounding in his chest as he remained hidden.

the man in the black cloak grinned under his cowl. "I can feel your fear might as well come out. I know you are here." The mans voice sent chills down Ichib's spine but he forced the fear down. He could either remain hidden and hope the man was bluffing or come out and hope to win in a fight.

He had learned several ways to fight from B'Elanna Torres and Tuvock but he was not sure how well it would hold up against him.

He turned as the man in the cloak pulled out a metallic cylinder. "You were terrible playing hide and seek as a child weren't you?" he grinned evily as he was hit by a beam of red light.

Ichib darted away over the crates to find Tuvok standing there. He moved to the security officers side and took a stance. He cursed himself for being so junior to not have a weapon.

"Fools..." the man said as he levitated a crate and threw it at the duo.

They darted out of the way as the crate cracked and burst open throwing long metal rods across the floor clanging loudly and echoing as they struck. "Are you alright?" Tuvok called to Ichib who nodded. "Yea." he said rubbing his arm where he was hit by a rod. "Barely."

The man glowered at them and adjusted his thumb. A humming sound was evident as a red beam like blade came from the tube. "Now things are getting rather interesting." he said as he threw his right hand out. Electricity sparked from his hand hitting Ichib as he jumped, flying towards Tuvok who darted out of the way of the blade. It impaled the ground leaving a hole and burn marks behind.

Tuvok blinked in amazement. He had never seen such a weapon before and did not know how to defeat it. He glanced at Ichib who rolled over onto his side curled up like a ball after being shocked. "Don't worry about him worry about yourself..." the Sith goaded as he swung again.

Tuvock ducked and pointed his phazer at the man and fired. The man tried to deflect the beam but instead the lightsaber refracted it into his shoulder burning him. He roared in pain as he clutched his shoulder. He channeled his rage at the injury and harnessed it letting the darkness of his anger flow through him as he backhanded the air sending Tuvok flying.

The Vulcan hit the ground hard and his phazer skittered across the floor. The sith jumped up swinging the blade down as Tuvock looked up in time to see a green blade flash in front of him. He looked to find the man from the escape pod standing in front of him blocking the strike.

"Leave. Him. Alone." the man said as he threw the Sith off.

The sith looked up at the Jedi and grinned. "I knew you would come around sooner or later. You couldn't bear to watch the crew get hurt could you." The jedi knew he was goading and forbid himself to become aroused with fury instead sinking deeper into the force and calm. He stood before Tuvok and held the lightsaber with both hands. "You will leave this ship and its crew alone."

"Hah... you think you are strong enough to defeat me? To defeat the dark side? Come jedi. Let us see your power."

Gaylen watched as the sith sprinted towards him and strike, he blocked the attack easily, using the force to read his opponents moves he was able to remain upon the defense and guard easily. Tuvok crawled over to Ichib who rolled onto his chest. "I think... I'm okay..." he groaned as they watched the Jedi bar the way to them.

"That's him... the guy from the pod?" Ichib asked. Tuvok nodded as the fight continued, blow after blow given.

The Sith glared at the jedi under his cowl, his yellow eyes glaring and filled with rage. He back handed the air sending the Jedi flying a few feet before he regained his footing. Tuvok took the time to create a distraction, grabbing one of the rods and hurling it as hard as he could at the Sith.

The sith scoffed and backhanded the rod with the lightsaber. The rod clattered away as the blade fizzled out. He stared at it in disbelief.

"We will see each other again." The sith said putting a hand up to his face, a small tube in it. "Captain. Pull us all out. We retreat for now." he ordered. The sith flipped the tube and hit a few buttons, lights circled around him as he disappeared.

Across the ship the soldiers pulled out and retreated, leaving the ship.

On board the Cruiser the sith glared at his lightsaber and grinned. "We have what we wanted."

Tuvok looked over Ichib as Naomi ran out of her place of hiding to Gaylen's side as he stood up. "Are you alright Ms Naomi? Did you get hurt?" he asked. she shook her head. "See if you can help them. I need... to gain my breath." Naomi moved over to Ichib and Tuvock as the later helped the former up to his feet. "Man... You would think... Ow... This doesn't feel good at all." Ichib said as he stood up.

Tuvock looked at the Jedi who stood. His green blade was put away and he watched them with an unfocused gaze before his eyes rolled back and he fell to the ground.