Gaylen tried to hold his head but found his hand unmoving. His eyes cracked open and looked down at his body, no bonds were seen but they could be stasis restraints.

Understandable, all things considered. Gaylen thought as he gave a soft sigh trying to clear his head. Normally it wouldn't have been so bad but for some reason it was difficult to focus through the Force, possibly due to his condition physically.

"Looks like someone decided to get up?" a voice said as the pressure felt like it had been turned off. Gaylen tried his hand again and, finding it free, rubbed his head.

"Something... Where's the young girl? Is she alright?" Gaylen asked as he felt out through the Force, Naomi was alive and well, other than a strong emotional strain that was probably due to the attack, a comforting feeling was near her, possibly her mother as it was female.

"Naomi is fine and with her mother." a new voice said.

Gaylen looked over to his side and found Chakotay and Tuvok standing next to him.

"You are the one from... You look well." Gaylen said to Tuvok. He closed his eyes and focused his mind into calm, allowing the Force to help clear his head.

"Yes. And I thank you for saving my life. Who are you?" Tuvok asked. Gaylen nodded as he tried to sit up as the bald man, most likely a doctor, aided him.

"Do be careful, your body is still dehydrated and starved so you might want to take it easy for a bit." Doctor said. Gaylen nodded and felt a little puzzled, it was as if this man did not exist, as if he was not real yet he felt real enough.

"My apologies for earlier. I wasn't sure exactly what happened, the last thing I remember was the attack, but that is for later. I am Gaylen Tadro, a Knight of the Jedi order. I am pleased to make your acquaintance." he said giving a nod.

"Commander Chakotay, this is our security officer, Tuvok."

"The young man, where is he? Is he alright?" Gaylen asked.

"Ichib is fine. He has been taken care of and has returned to his duties." Tuvok said as he crossed his arms. "As for you. What happened that made you evacuate in an escape pod?" he asked.

Gaylen nodded, "That is a story yes, and a worthy question. I and my partner Ridu were on board a cruiser ship to investigate the disappearances of several trade vessels in the Helix systems when we were attacked, currently by unknown people but they were too meticulous to be the slavers or pirates that we had suspected. We evacuated the crew and left ourselves, what happened after that... I do not know until I awoke on your ship Commander."

Chakotay nodded as he looked at Tuvok.

Gaylen could sense that while both of them believed his story they did not seem to trust him either. Understandable he thought to himself as the doctor finished his diagnostic of Gaylen's health and well being.

"Well, Mr Gaylen is severely dehydrated and starved so might I recommend a trip to Neelix and getting him something to eat and drink before you continue on your application of the third degree?"

They looked at each other and Gaylen looked away rather embarrassed. He felt starved and thirsty but he felt it was rude, especially after everything that happened, to ask for something to eat right off the bat.

Finally Chakotay nodded. "Tuvok. Take our guest to Neelix then have both of you report to the Captain's office. We'll finish our discussions there."

Gaylen gave a bow as Chakotay left. "As you say Commander." then nodded to Tuvok. "Master Tuvok."

Tuvok nodded and gestured. "This way." he said rather impassively. Gaylen noticed as they walked on that the alien in front of him kept his emotions rather suppressed. He felt the fringes of them here and there but he was rather intrigued that someone could keep them locked away so well.

Finally he allowed his curiosity to get the better of him.

"Master Tuvok. Could I impart a question without sounding rude?"

"Yes?" Tuvok asked, a flash of curiosity came off of him.

"I have traveled the galaxy extensively and have met several types of aliens but never one such as yourself... I was wondering, if it would not be considered rude to you, to ask of what race are you?"

"I am a Vulcan." he replied mater of factly.

Gaylen nodded. "Then it is an honor to have you be the first Vulcan I have ever met." he replied as Tuvok gestured towards a door.

The Talaxian chef looked up as the door opened and Gaylen followed Tuvok through. "Ah, Mr Tuvok. We have a new guest I see." he said as Gaylen followed him to a table.

Gaylen calmed himself as he felt eyes on him, everyone had to know who he was by now, with the stir he caused on the ship; he focused on keeping himself under notice as Tuvok introduced them.

"This is Neelix, our chief. Neelix this is Gaylen, of the Jedi Order."

Gaylen gave a nod and bow as he was introduced. "I am honored to meet you Neelix."

Tuvok continued as Neelix gave a bow in return. "The Doctor says he is dehydrated and starved and the Commander has ordered this to be fixed before we continue our discussion of his appearance here."

"Of course Mr. Tuvok. Come on and have a seat Gaylen." He said pulling a chair out for the Jedi. "What do you like."

"I thank you for your concern Mr Neelix but-"

"Oh don't worry about the formalities. Neelix Gaylen."

Gaylen nodded, "Thank you Neelix but I, as a guest, have already caused enough trouble for your Captain and crew. I believe it would be rude of me to make such a special request. Anything you have to serve would be fine."

Neelix smiled and dished up a bowl of soup and poured some greenish-orange liquid into a glass.

"Here. Some of my famous Matron Bolas Stew with a side of Rigelian Bark tea, great for relaxing and rehydration."

"You have my gratitude neelix."

"Will you be joining us Mr Tuvok?" Neelix asked.

Tuvok shook his head. "I must report to the Captain, you will see him to her office?" he asked. Neelix nodded. "We'll get him there, don't worry."

Tuvok turned and left as Neelix sat down. "So, you seem rather out of your element." he said.

Gaylen nodded, "A little. Much has happened in a short time and I must admit my uncertainty on things."

"Well don't worry. You're among friends. So where are you from?" Neelix asked as he sparked up a conversation.

"Well I was born on the planet Alderan but I was 'raised' for lack of better term on a planet called Coruscant to be trained as a Jedi..."