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"Wha….what?" Roy Mustang stuttered out.

"We never said it didn't work." Kyoko repeated.

"Prove it."

"Well I WOULD, but…" Shizuki faded off, gesturing to her current predicament. "Limbs don't just grow on trees."

"Just tell me where it is." He demanded, irritated now.

"Should be in that alleyway over there." Kyoko said, gesturing out the window near her bed.

"You brought it with you?" Roy asked, shocked at the audacity of these sisters.

"Not really. It sorta followed us." They responded, distracted by the T.V. behind the lieutenant colonel's head.

The now frustrated man turned and shut it off with a forceful click, ignoring the disappointed groans of the girls.

Turning a glare on them and using his most stern voice, he said, "Take. me. There. Now."

After Shizuki and Kyoko had been assisted by a nurse into wheelchairs, they lead Lieutenant Colonel Mustang out to the chimera. Unfortunately, or maybe not, it had already ceased to live.

"Well this is a disappointment." Shizuki sighed.

"And to think we risked our limbs for that thing." The elder said, face wrinkling a bit in disgust.

"Look at this!" Roy exclaimed, who had been staring in horrified fascination at the creature lying dead at his feet.

"What?" Came the unified reply. "We see nothing wrong with it."

"You honestly thought you would't get in trouble for risking human transmutation?"


"That….Just WHAT were you thinking?"

"Clearly that it was a good idea." Shizuki retorted, not happy that she was being shouted at. Her sister had climbed out of the wheel chair and now crouched, inspecting the lifeless form.

It was a good thing more people weren't out and about, or there'd definitely be a commotion.

Mustang sighed. Clearly, there wasn't much he could do in this situation. There'd only been one other case like this, and it was those Elric brothers….

Suddenly, an idea struck him.

"You two are coming with me." He decided, plan already formulating in his head.

"Where to?" Kyoko asked, suspicious.

"To meet some one like you."


"We have to use the bathroom." The needy sisters proclaimed, ignoring the way their escort rubbed in temples in frustration.

"Both of you?" Roy asked, lifting his head and raising an eyebrow.

When they only nodded, he waved them off- glad for a moment of peace and quiet.

The two girls walked down the hall towards the restroom, attempting to act as unsuspicious as possible.

Closing the door behind them, they immediately went into action. Kyoko stood on her tip-toes and pried open the window, her sister listening and keeping watch at the door. When the elder finally had it opened she slipped quickly through, followed by her sister. Landing on their feet, the two were already running.

They were not, by any means, expecting the back of their shirts to be grabbed and lifted up.

"Unhand me you fiend!" Shizuki demanded, kicking and punching. Just hoping to hit anything besides air. Her sister simply hung there limply, watching the other struggle.

"Good work Armstrong." They heard a familiar voice say, Roy Mustang walking in front of them,

"Anytime!" The deep voice of their captor said cheerfully.

Needless to say, they were loaded back onto the train and then to Resembool. As revenge, the whole ride consisted of cries of 'Roooooooy~ I have to use the bathrooooom!' and 'Neeeheeeeheeee….You're being meeaaaan!'.

They finally grew tired of this on the way up an auto-mail shop on a hill. Entering, they were lead to the back, where a short looking blonde boy lay in a makeshift hospital bed. A suit of armor sat nearby, along with a girl and an old woman.

Introductions were made, and Roy explained what they were doing there. Ed was certainly surprised to find that there were others who had attempted what he did.

"Why did you do it?" He asked, wondering if maybe they too had lost a family member.

He was not at all happy with the response.

"We were bored."

"You would do something so horrible…. because you were BORED?" He shouted, anger already flaring in his golden eyes.

"She was merely a maid, completely expendable." Shizuki spoke first.

"So we expended her." Her sister finished.


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