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Challenge Name and Number: #064, Relationships
Drabble Title:
Quiet Snow
Word Count:
Warnings (if applicable):
Blindshippy, post canon, spoilers for the ending, depressed!Yuugi, references to suicide
Pairings (if applicable):
Blindshippy, could be read as pre-Heartshipping
He needed a moment to get away from their stifling concern, and what he found was someone who understood.
Author's Note:
It was snowing on my way home from class today, and the loneliness and the quiet of the snow falling all around me was what prompted this drabble. Also of note: There's some evidence to suggest that suicide wasn't considered the societal taboo that it is today in ancient Egypt. I've taken that to mean it wouldn't keep the deceased from entering the afterlife.

He stared out over the fence, watching the delicate crystals fall from the gray sky above. School had been let out half an hour ago, and he could still see their disappointed faces when he said he was going to stay after school to ask their math teacher a question. It was a lie – he knew it, and so did they. But he was feeling stifled by their constant questions of concern – he knew they meant well, it was just a constant reminder of all that had happened and for a few moments, he just wanted to get away from it.

"You know, Yuugi, standing out here isn't good for your health, unless you're that eager to see him again."

And Yuugi whirled around to find himself face to face with none other than Bakura Ryou.

Instead of waiting for a response, the other boy simply continued, "I know, not the person you were hoping for." He walked forward, joining Yuugi in observing the streets below. A moment of silence sank between the pair before he spoke again. "There was a time when I envied you."

The frank statement earned a curious glance from the much shorter boy. "Oh?"

"Yeah. You and Atem got along so well. You never had gaps in your memory, never had friends disappear after coming over to play what you'd assumed was a harmless tabletop game, never had to deal with the fear of waking up covered in blood or arrested. There was a time when I thought I was losing my mind. But now," he sighed, "now I have to wonder which of us truly got the shorter end of the stick."

And Yuugi knew exactly what he meant. The Millennium Items were gone, and so were the spirits. Bakura had lost a disruption to his life, and while he had never been directly tortured by the malevolent spirit of the Ring, the spirit also had a habit of isolating his host emotionally and physically. There was no rapport, no friendship – Bakura knew the spirit about as well as the others did. But Yuugi had gotten to know Atem; they were in that nebulous space between friends, brothers, and lovers. Not once had Yuugi ever thought that they'd have to separate.

Except they had.

"Come talk to me whenever you want. The circumstances may have been different, but at least I understand what it's like to lose someone close to you, and to hear nothing but your own thoughts within your head."

"Thanks," came the mumbled reply.

"Oh, and Yuugi? If you really are that eager to see him, just know that it won't count against you."

The taller boy turned away to go home, leaving the shorter there to continue watching the snow fall from the slowly darkening sky.