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Chapter 6 Part 1:

Sarah woke up with puffy eyes and a tightness in her chest. She could hardly imagine the kind of men her mother would be sending to court her. British no doubt. Of course she was British but in so many ways she felt American. After being a part of their revolution and dutifully reporting it, it felt like this new forming country was her home now. The suitors would be horrified by her lack of loyalty and propriety but she wasn't sure she cared. She got out of her bed, washed up, and dressed. She was downstairs in the print shop writing on a chair when Moses stormed in.

"Well, Sarah have I got a story for you!" Moses exclaimed.

She barely listened to Moses though she knew she should have, but the idea of a story made her so happy. The dull cloud that had taken place above her since James had left and the letter from her mother was gone. Now she could focus on journalism and her writing. Now she could finally get out of this place and have an adventure again. She knew she'd have to ask Moses to repeat himself later but for now she was just so relieved. The possibility of seeing James made her feel even more excited but at the same time she was afraid of how he would be if she did see him. He could be hurt. Or worse. She shook the thoughts from her head and focused herself on the job at hand. She was to go to.. somewhere, Oh dear she really should have paid attention, and report a story. However, now that she was the only journalist she faced other problems. One problem being that it is unsafe and improper for a woman to travel alone. She loved Henri, she really did, but he slows her down with his whining and constant need for food. She went upstairs to pack up her supplies and tomorrow she'd be on her way to what? She wasn't entirely sure. Hopefully to good news, she thought.

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