He looked at me with those blue eyes from across the room that I could die over. I m a virgin. A full on virgin. I ve never even masterbated. But I think this is the night I m going to give my virginity away. Who will I give it to? To Cato, of course. The love of my life, my best friend, my listener, my shoulder to lean on, my everything. Cato was not a virgin. He was very experienced. I started to get nervous. What if I m not good? What if I don t satisfy him and he leaves me? My heart will break into two. But Cato never judges me. I am my full on self around him and he is the same with me. I stared at him standing there, looking out of the window. What are you looking at? I asked. He answered with a shrug. I laid there on his bed, in a black t-shirt and my jeans. I haven t really felt good today. Either I was sick, or sick with the thought that I was going to have something huge shoved up be today that was going to hurt really really bad. I know Cato will take it easy on me. He s experienced and I m sure he knows how to handle a virgin, right? Come here. I say quietly, but he hears me. His big muscular body walked over to me. Cato is very dominant. It s in his blood, but he always takes it down a notch with me. He sat down at the end of the bed and stared at me. I always felt like a baby with Cato. He s 2 and a half years older than me. I m 15 and he just turned 18. My parents died when I was a baby, well My dad died before I was even born. My mom was 17 when she had me, and a month after I was born, the reaping came and my mom was picked as the girl tribute, she died in the arena. My dad was also killed in the arena, he was picked as the boy tribute the year before. All my mom had of him was me. She found out she was pregnant with me on the second week of the hunger games my dad was a tribute in. The point is, I was raised by mothers close friend, until I was 9. Then I met Cato, He pretty much raised me from then on. He was always so mature and strong. Cato taught me how to hunt and how to fight in case I was ever to be picked as a tribute for the hunger games. He taught me how to swim also. He always makes sure I eat and am cared for properly if I m sick. Cato talks about how, if he were to be picked as the boy tribute and I were to be picked as the girl tribute for the same hunger games, how we would dominant everyone and he would let me kill him when it came down to just me and him. I thought of that as the worst thing ever. Yeah, it d be nice to be in that arena together, but when it came down to just me and him. And one of us would have to kill the other. It freaked me out and made go crazy for a moment.

I crawled down to Cato at the end of the bed and sat in his lap. The feeling of him wrapping his arms around me makes me calm down. Being in his embrace is my favorite place in the world. I turn my head a little and kiss his lips. It s like he knew I was going to kiss him because he kissed me back as soon as my lips met his. I love his lips. They are so warm and soft and they fit perfectly with mine. The feel of them makes me aroused, I guess. I know nothing about sex. Cato s lips traveled away from mine, down to my jaw. I closed my eyes and laid my head back on his shoulder. His lips traveled down to my neck and then he started sucking lightly. I frowned slightly, what was he doing? Was he trying to be a vampire and suck my blood? Oh! wait a minute, I know what he s doing.. He s giving me a hickey! Moments later, satisfied with the mark he had left on my neck, his lips finally make their way back up to my lips. I kiss him passionately. His hands started traveling my body slowly and gently. I moaned quietly against his lips when he started massaging my breasts. I ve never been touched this way before. Not even by myself. I have always been insecure about my body and Cato has never seen me naked, so I started getting nervous. He kept one hand massaging my left breast while his other hand traveled down near my sensitive zone. The hand down there kept rubbing my inner thigh. I started getting wet. Cato pulled away from the kiss and turned a bit, laying me down on my back on the bed. I look at him with want in my eyes. He crawled in between my legs and bent down, kissing me once. He stared into my hazel eyes and I stared back into his blue ones. Do you want to do this? He asked as he studied my facial features. Did I want to do this? I know I wanted to give Cato my virginity, but did I want to right now? He was waiting for my answer, so I swallowed and nodded. Of course. was my answer. He used that as a go and instantly began taking my jeans off. I really hope he goes easy on me. Thank god we re the only ones home because there are going to be some screams, I can tell. Cato slipped my jeans off and then shot a look to me that read Are you sure? I nodded and he slipped my panties off. I was already a little wet from him massaging my breasts. He tossed my panties on the ground along with my jeans and then he came back up to my face and kissed me on the lips. I started feeling some extreme pleasure. He was rubbing my clit. I frowned and kissed him more hard, fast and lovingly. Cato rubbed my clit faster and wow, this was amazing. I ve never ever felt pleasure this way. The only pleasure I ever get is his lips against mine. I moan loudly and I grip the sheets in my hands. I guess he liked the reaction he got from me, so he broke our kiss and moved down to where his head was right down there by my sensitive zone. He gave me one more look and then he started doing something heavenly. Is he licking down there? Oh my god, he is! This is better than the finger! I moan and grip the sheets harder and pull on them. Oh fuck! I scream out and oh my god, It must be a river down there because I am so fucking wet. How can someone feel this good? I moan out again. After a minute more of this, I groan. My body tenses up and Cato finally gets what he s been wanting. I start cumming, and then all of the sudden, I feel a sharp pain. What is that? I blurt out and look down at him. I see him moving 2 fingers in and out of me. That hurts, stop! I bite my lip hard and frown. I m preparing you for the actual intercourse. If you can t handle this, I don t think you re ready. Cato said as he licked my clit again while fingering me. He doesn t think I m ready? I ll show him ready. I sat up and Cato looked up at me. You don t want to do it right n I cut Cato off. No, I do. Take your pants off and let s go. I said, trying to sound pure. But deep down, I was scared out of my mind and nervous beyond words. Cato stared at my face for a moment, then he took the two fingers he was fingering me with and stuck them in his mouth. After her cleaned them off, I guess, he unzipped and unbuttoned his pants. Now are you sure you wan I cut him off again. Shut up, Cato. I m ready. I say and then help him take his pants off. I pull them down and then his underwear. Holy shit. THIS is going to inside me? I thought as I looked at his huge dick. If two fingers hurt, what the fuck is this gonna feel like? Cato saw me staring at his dick. He chuckled and put his finger under my chin, then tilted my head up to look at him. Is there any problems? He asks, too innocently. I gulp and shake my head. No. I answer too quietly. What was that? Cato said, raising his eyebrows. I frowned. I said no. I answer back with an angry tone to my voice. Damn it. I have Cato riled up, who knows if he s going to take it easy on me now, since I m being a smart ass. If I m ever a smart ass, Cato starts getting more dominant with me and I hate that. I m pretty much asking for a brutal experience. No, but Cato loves me.. He might show a little less mercy, but he ll take it easy on me, right? Cato got that grin on his face. That I ll show you kind of grin. He pushed me backwards gently. I stare up at him as he gives himself a quick hand job. I look off and breath heavily. I am so mother fucking scared. Will he even give me a warning? I was starting to rethink my decision on giving my virginity up right now. I lean up and take my bra and shirt off. Now it was too late. We were both naked and who knows if Cato will even allow me to change my mind? I hate when he gets like this. I ve known Cato half my life and this is the worst part about him. He was coming down on me. To stick his huge dick inside of me. To bring me pain. I love Cato. I reminded myself. He s the love of my life. He taught me how to kick some ass if I were ever chosen as the girl tribute for the hunger games. I want him to kiss me. I want him to reassure me that he loves me. Cato s down on me now. He rubs my clit with the tip of his hard, big dick. I felt like I wasn t giving my virginity to the Cato I wanted to. Moments after he stopped rubbing my clit, I felt the tip of his dick enter me. Oh my fucking god. Cato please go easy on me. Please I m scared. Please just kiss me I am so fucking sc - This time, Cato cut me off, with a kiss. As soon as his lips touched mine, I knew that this was the boy I wanted to give my virginity to. I kissed him back roughly, and that s when it went in his huge dick. My eyes shoot open and I scream in agonizing pain. Cato tried kissing me, to stop me from screaming, but boy was that not working. He pulled his dick all the way out. Wait, was it over already? I already had tears streaming down my face and then the huge thing goes back in. I scream again and sob at the pain. Fucking talk to me Cato! Comfort me for god sake! I screamed in my mind. Take it out! Take it out! I exclaim. Cato s mouth was now by my ear. The pain will pass soon He whispered. I kept sobbing and screaming, but a minute later, the pain slowly started to disappear. I stop screaming, but I m still crying. It still hurts, but not as bad as it did at first. That s when he whispered those 3 little words I ve been waiting for, in my ear. I love you.. I look into his blue eyes through my tears. I manage to push these few words out through my cracky emotional voice. I love you Minutes later, the pain has, I think, finally subdued. As he thrusts in and out, it starts to feel, good. I begin to moan in pleasure. Oh fuck baby! I allow that pleasureful sentence to escape my wet lips. They re wet from Cato s spit and my tears. Once Cato finds out that I m starting to enjoy this, he begins to speed up his thrusts. Fuck you re tight! Cato blurts out. Cato, I m gonna cum again! I say as my body starts to tense up again. Oh fuck, oh fuck.. And just then, I came all over Cato s dick. Ugh, I d fuck you all day! Cato yells out, that s followed by a chain of moans and groans. I breath unevenly, and at this point, we re both sweating. He looked so sexy with the sweat glistening off his skin. My hair is stuck to my face from the sweat and tears. Cato finally hit his climax and came deep inside of me. Wait a minute I know, I know nothing about sex and all, but isn t Cato supposed to be wearing A condom? Cato slowly pulls himself out of me and rubs my clit with the tip of his dick again. Then he slides his dick down and shoves it in me one last time, he thrusts in and out a couple of times, and then he pulled it. He collapsed to the bed next to be, breathing heavily. I lay there, wore out, and kind of worried. I look over at Cato and he looks over at me. He kisses me gently once, and then looks back up at the ceiling. I sit up and the sheets where I laid while I lost my virginity, were so messy. There was cum everywhere and a little bit of blood. Look at that mess we made, Cato said with a grin. I stand up and search for my clothes. Where the fuck did you put my clothes? I yell at Cato. He props himself up on his elbows and nods at the end of the bed. What s wrong with you? Didn t you have fun? Cato asked with a frown. I grab my panties and slide those up, then I put my bra on. What are you doing? You re not leaving.. are you? He asked. I slip my shirt on and then my jeans. I sit down at the end of the bed and start putting my boots back on. Cato pulled his underwear and jeans up. After I get my boots on, I stand up and rush out of Cato s bedroom door. Hey! Where the hell are you going? Cato yells at me as I run through Cato s house and out of his front door. I sit on his porch and sob into my knees. A few moments later, Cato comes out of house and looks at me sitting there, sobbing. I look like shit. My hair looks like a volcano that erupted and my face, oh god my face. My eyes are like bloodshot from crying so hard. Cato sits down by me. We don t say anything to each other for a while until Cato finally sighs and asks again. What s wrong? I pull my face out of my knees and looks at him. You didn t wear a condom thing! I yell at him, frightened. Cato frowns, with a look that reads; Shit, I didn t. He shrugs and wraps an arm around me. The chances are of you actually getting pregnant are very slim.. just chill out. It s your first time. He said and pulled me into him. I laid my head on his shoulder and kept sobbing. But that stuff shot really deep into me and there was a lot, Cato.. I say with a scared voice. Cato kisses my forehead. If the odds are that out of our favor, then.. we ll start a family early then, Cato says in a casual voice, like this wasn t effecting him at all. I sit up straight and look into his eyes. Really? I ask, with a more calmer voice. He nods and then our lips crush together.