My stylist, Rovian, had me in something extravagant. A dark purple dress that was tight at the waist and flowy down at the bottom. It was above my knees by 2 inches. I had black high heels on and my hair was down with loose curls. The makeup Rovian has done on my face was very heavy on my eyes, but on my lips there was soft lip-gloss. I love it. I say as I look at myself in the mirror. Rovian smiled at me. You look wonderful He says. I turn around and open my arms for a hug. He hugs me gently, and then let s go realizing what time it is. You ve gotta go. Remember, be yourself. That s how you ll get all of your sponsors. I nod at him. My mentors, my escort, my prep team and my stylist, Rovian, have decided that being myself is going to win me a lot of sponsors. My mentors, told me to go on about my lost love Cato, but I told them I didn t want to. It breaks me down too much to talk about that, but they said Caesar would ask me questions about it anyways. We meet back up with everyone at the elevator. My fellow district tribute, Shaze, was dressed in an all white tux that had a black under shirt. He looked me up and down, then smiled. Wow. You look nice. He says quietly. I look at him and smile slightly. Thank you. I say and look at my mentors, Brutus and Enobaria. You look wonderful. Enobaria says and gives me a soft hug. Remember. Talk about Cato, talk about your kids and talk about how bloodthirsty you are. Brutus says and nods. I frown at him, Enobaria smacks him on the arm playfully. Don t listen to him. Do what you d like. She says and I nod at her. I talk to my escort as Brutus & Enobaria talks to Shaze. You look gorgeous. Remember Lilac, Nice posture. My escort, Lowvia says and scans me up and down, making sure everything is perfect about my dress, shoes, makeup and hair. She s fine, Rovian says as we load into the elevator. Lowvia looks at Rovian and nods once. The elevator ride wasn t long since we were only on the second floor. Once the doors open, I see half of the other tributes standing there waiting to go on stage. Me & Shaze walk out of the elevator and get in line. Good luck. Rovian and Shaze s stylist, Coralee says to us before they, our mentors and our escort walk off to take their seats. Coralee & Rovian will be sitting up front, Enobaria, Brutus & Lowvia will be sitting further up in the crowd. I m nervous. Way too nervous. What if they ask me about Cato? Will I be able to hold myself together? I don t want to mention my twins. I won t be able to handle all of that in front of the crowd and all of the camera s. I breathe heavily and look at the girl from district 9. She had on a little black dress covered in sequins and tall black heels. Her hair was put up in a high ponytail with tiny curls. She was shaking from being so nervous. They tried to make her look sexy, but she looked too scared and young for that. I place my hand on her shoulder and she gasps, turning around fast. Hey, it s okay.. I say quietly. She frowns and bites her lip hard, trying to hold back tears. I take my hand off her shoulder and she turns back around. Shaze looks at me and chuckles, then whispers into my ear. She won t last long.. yeah? I grin at him. I couldn t help but to agree.

The rest of the tributes get here and then we parade onto the stage. I get to my seat, and watch district 1 s girl tribute walk up for her interview. Her name is Roselynn. She had on a short hot pink dress with black buttons down the front of it, then she had black heels and her hair was straight as a board. It looked like someone sat there for hours brushing and straightening her hair. Once her interview was over, the district 1 s boy tribute went up. He was wearing black dress pants, a black t-shirt, then he had a lime green tuxedo jacket. I raised an eyebrow at him. Really? His stylist did a terrible job on him. But I guess people in the capitol like bright colors and stuff? I don t get it, but I guess his stylist did. I never caught his name, I was too caught on the fact that I was up next. Please don t ask me about Cato, please don t ask me about Cato. I couldn t stop thinking that. I needed to be strong and look confident so I could get sponsors. Talking about something like Cato or my twins, would wreck me and make me look weak. I don t want to look weak. I held on every single word Caesar was saying to the current tribute he was interviewing. I knew what questions he asked people because I watch the games every year. He get s into the personal ones. Oh great. The buzzer goes off and their calling for Lilac Razland. I stand up, keeping an expressionless face and making my way to center stage where Caesar awaits. I shake his hand and smile slightly at him. Well don t you look lovely, Ms. Lilac! He says as he steps back a little and let s the crowd get a good look at me. Look at her! He shouts to the crowd with a big smile on his face. I listen to the crowd s Ooo s & Ahh s with a pleasant face. Thank you, so much. I say to Caesar and the crowd. They applause my gorgeous dress and the camera s cut to Rovian who smiles. I can t help but to ask what you have to say about that lovely dress you have on tonight. He says. I look down at my dress and then at Rovian. He knows I love this dress, I told him when I was getting ready. I love it. I say as I look back at Caesar. It s gorgeous and It really fits, me. Rovian did amazing tonight and for my presentation. I add and then smile a big smile. The crowd applause at my reply. Caesar nods at what I said, agreeing. He quiets the crowd by asking me about the score of 12 I got in training. I shrug. I m just good at what I m good at, I guess. I say back and Caesar laughs, the crowd joins in. I purse my lips and nod at the crowd, then shrug again, showing a little bit of character. I think we can all agree you re more than just good! Caesar says and the crowd agrees with hoops and hollers. I chuckle and do an elegant bow toward the audience. Lowvia taught me that of course. Well whatever you showed the gamemakers, was brilliant! Unfortunately we cannot get into details, I sure wish we could though! Caesar says with a bit of sadness to his voice because I couldn t tell them what I did in training. I showed the gamemakers my spear throwing. They were astonished at how far I could throw my spear and how hard. I was a girl, after all and they re not used to seeing a girl who could throw a spear like that. I wish I could tell Caesar and the crowd, but I couldn t. I d really get some sponsors then. But I could already tell I would be getting a lot of sponsors just by my score. I m obviously good. Okay, so last year.. when the former boy district 2 tribute was chosen, your reaction was talked about non-stop. Can you tell us a little bit more about that and what Cato meant to you? Caesar asks, his mood toning down a bit. The crowd fell completely silent. I felt my heart stop. I didn t want to talk about this. Please, just, no. I don t want to. I held back all of my sad emotions and tried my hardest to stay normal. I take a deep breath and look at Caesar, who was waiting anxiously for my answer. Well, he obviously meant a lot to me, I begin. Caesar nods and stares at me. It was his last year to be chosen as a tribute, and I guess I just kind of believed he wasn t going to be picked. Since there was so many other name s in the bowl.. I say. Caesar looks out to the crowd and then back at me, wanting more of my story. We can t ignore how the year before Cato was picked, you were picked, but a girl named Laila volunteered for you once you announced you were, Pregnant. Caesar says and everyone awaits for my reply again. I recon those little things are quite old now, am I right? He adds. That made me grin. Laila & Oliver have gotten big. Yes! Their names are Laila Clove & Oliver Cato.. I named Laila after the girl who volunteered for me, and the former district 2 girl, Clove.. they both sacrificed their lives for me. Clove did by not letting me take her place last year. I named Oliver, ..Oliver, because that was my fathers name, and I named him after his father, of course, Cato After I said that, the crowd gasped a let out a few screams of horror. Yeah, it was a tough story to hear. I know. You will make them proud. You will make Cato proud as well. Caesar says, wrapping an arm around me right before the buzzer goes off. Oh! The time is out. Good luck to you, Ms. Lilac Razland, from District Two! He says as I give him and the crowd a little nod. The crowd applause s me as I walk back to my seat, I could hear some sobs too. My story was a heart breaker. Half of the tributes were staring at me as I sat back down, but the other half acted like my interview hadn t even happen. Mainly the boys. It was Shaze s turn. Our mentor s assigned him to be comical. Crack jokes and treat the games like it was just a joke. But Shaze was amazing with a mace. His personality, you wouldn t expect him being really good at anything. But that s how he shocked the gamemakers in his private training. He got an 11. Things have been looking good for district 2 this year. Shaze walked up with Caesar and they had a good handshake. Once Shaze s buzzer went off. It was time for the district 3 girl. She looked pretty. Her stylist had her in a light pink gown with silver heels. Her hair was down, it was naturally short. So they had two little braids in the front that had glitter sprinkled into them. I didn t pay attention to her interview. I was done, so I was just ready to get out of here and go back to my room that will be my room for only one more night. And then the woods will be my home for the next weeks. The district 3 girl s buzzer went off and then district 3 s boy tribute stood up quickly and started walking up to Caesar as the girl walked back. A little too soon there little boy. Really, he looked like a little boy. I wondered how old he was. 13, tops. I didn t catch his name, but I paid some what of attention to his interview. He had on a purple tuxedo with a black bow tie. He got a 2 in training. Damn. He must have sucked. His interview was over, and then the girl tribute for district 4 walked up. Her interview seemed to be seriously, only a second long. But it wasn t, of course. It was 3 minutes long like everyone else s was. But I was just too zoned out to care. The district 4 boy went up and greeted Caesar with a nice handshake. I caught his name. Roy. He was big, like Cato. I got drawn into his interview. I learned that he was obsessed with fishing and that his mother was his life and he would try everything to make it back to her. Haha, yeah right. Not on my watch. Soon, all of the interviews were over. We stand for the anthem. I hold my head high. I felt like I didn t learn anything about my fellow tributes, but I don t care. I ll kill them all either way. After the anthem, we all walk in a file line back into the training center, the lobby and to the elevators. I get into a car with 5 other tributes. One of them was the girl from district 1. She eyes me, but I don t stare back. I act like she s not even there. She s the first one to get off since her floor is the first one. The elevator goes up one more floor and that s where I get off. I walk in and see Shaze. Hey. He says as I start walking to my room, I turn around and give him a small smile and keep walking. It s our last night to do whatever we want. Shaze says. I stop and turn back around. Yeah, but what is there to do? Nothing. Hmm, watch us on TV? Nah. I don t feel like watching me talk about my dead soul mate again. I shrug and keep walking. Okay, don t you at least want to tell our escort and everyone goodbye? He asks. I sigh. He was right. I needed to tell everyone bye. I sit down on the couch and wait for our group to get back. The crowd stopped them to ask them questions. Shaze came and sat down by me. Tomorrows gonna suck ass yeah? He says as he leans back, making himself comfortable. I sit at the edge of the couch, waiting for everyone so I can go to bed. Yeah. I reply quietly. The Avox boy came and sat down a tray of snacks in front of us on the little table. I look at the Avox and smile at him. Thanks. I say to him. He just walks off. Shaze nudges me with his elbow. I look at him. You know we re not supposed to talk to them.. He says with a frown. I roll my eyes and grab a piece of bread, then smear some cheese on it and take a bite out of it. Our group gets here and I tell them goodbye. Lowvia wishes us the best of luck, like every other escort, she s stuck up but deep down she expects the worst, but hopes for the best. I give our mentors a big long hug. Good luck. I wish you both could come out of this! Enobaria says with tears in her eyes. I smile slightly, holding back my tears. Eh, you re both good. I believe in you both. District 2 knows how to kick ass. Brutus says. He gives us both a pat on our shoulders. I believe in you. Lilac. Rovian says and I embrace him tightly. Everyone has a connection with their stylist it seems like. When everyone leaves, I go into my room,
take my clothes off and climb into my bed naked. Goodbye Life I say to myself before I go to sleep.