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California King Bed

Chest to chest

Nose to nose

Palm to palm

We were always just that close

Beck was on her. Planting light kisses on her neck. Jade moaned as his teeth grazed her sensitive skin. It has always been this way. They are always intertwined with each other. They were always so close physically but never emotionally.

Wrist to wrist

Toe to toe

Lips that felt just like the inside of a rose

They lay there, trying to catch their breath. But they weren't done. Not just yet. He wanted more and truthfully so does her. They kissed each other once more and Jade moaned lightly into the kiss. His tongue swept into her mouth and Jade trailed her hand down his back savoring the feel of his muscular torso under her hands. She scratched her nails over one of the ripples of muscle and smiled lightly when he moaned into her mouth.

So, how come when I reach out my finger

It feels like more than distance between us

That's how they spent their every waking hour together. But during school hours he would spend his time with his friends while she spent time with hers. Once in a while she would catch him glancing at her and she would smile slightly at him, careful to make sure no one would notice. He was in the popular crowd and she was just the "Goth Chic".

In this California king bed

We're ten thousand miles apart

It's like a usual routine. They would have sex and then he would leave; leaving her bed empty and her feeling lonely. She wanted her him to stay but the words won't come out so instead she watch him walked away and slowly disappearing as the night swallowed him.

I've been California wishing on these stars

For your heart for me

My California king

She looked at the stars and smiled slightly. The night is always so beautiful. She closed her eyes and made a wish that hopefully that the boy she loves actually loves her back.

Eye to eye

Cheek to cheek

Side by side

You were sleeping next to me

Beck stayed over that weekend since her parents were on a business trip. He dropped his bag in her room and kissed her savagely on the lips. She was so lost by his touch that the world around them fizzles into unimportance.

Arm in arm

Dusk to dawn

With the curtains drawn

And a little last night on these sheets

She woke up and saw that he was gone. She hugged the pillow and closed her eyes, smelling his scent on the pillow as memories of last night flooded her mind. She missed him and maybe just maybe… a little too much.

So, how come when I reach out my fingers

It seems like more than distance between us

She looked at the pictures they took while he was here. They seemed happy and she felt happy. She wanted him. She wanted all of him. She wanted them to be something more and not just sex partners. She wanted him to love her but all of that is just a stupid fantasy.

In this California king bed

We're ten thousand miles apart

She couldn't stand to look at him in school. She was afraid that people might know what is going on between them and they would start calling her names.



It might be the truth but she can't accept it.

I've been California wishing on these stars

For your heart for me

My California king

She saw Beck and Tori together. She was touching his hair and he was smiling slightly. His smiled didn't reach his eyes. But what hurt Jade was when Tori gave Beck a slight peck on his lips before walking away.

"What are you looking at freak?" Tori said as she shoved Jade.

Her books fell to the floor and she bent down to pick them up only to see familiar tan hands helping her. She looked up and saw his beautiful brown eyes.

"Hey." He said and handed the books to Jade.

She nodded slightly and stood up, walking away.

Just when I felt like giving up on us

You turned around and gave me one last touch

That made everything feel better

And even then my eyes got wetter

He pulled her hand and gave her his famous million dollar smile. He pulled her into the janitor's closet and started kissing me passionately. He began placing feather light kisses down her neck and along her collar bone causing her to shiver slightly.

"God I had missed his lips." She thought to herself.

"I missed you." Beck said as his hand reached for the fabric of her shirt.

Jade know how this would end. They would have sex and then he would leave. He only wanted her for the sex but she was tired of it.

"No." Jade said as she pushed him away.

So confused wanna ask you if you love me

But I don't wanna seem so weak

Maybe I've been California dreaming

"I can't do this anymore. I'm sorry." Jade said as she left the janitors closet.

Beck was confused. "Did I do something wrong?" He asked as he chased after her.

"I don't wanna be just a toy. I wanna mean something to someone. I don't want this, not anymore at least." Jade told him.

Beck was stunned as he watched her walk away. It wasn't supposed to hurt but he felt like his heart just shattered. How could one girl possibly have that much effect on him?

"I want her back."

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