Chapter 1: Halloween 1981 Earth Time: 7: 30 P.M.

Seto Kamiki Jurai was calmly observing the Earthlings in various types of otherworldly costumes. This day was the only day of the year she could come to this underdeveloped planet. But mostly, she visited this planet to see her first daughter. Lilian. When she was young it was discovered that she could make extraordinary things happen without meaning to. It was researched and then discovered that on earth, several million Earthlings had this extraordinary force called "Magic," for lack of a better term, in their blood and went to hone this power at various academies throughout the world. This lead to them visiting the under developed planet called "Earth" and having her enrolled under the false pretense that she was "muggleborn" as these wizarding types called it. Creating a fake family and even having spats with said fake family. Like her "sister" Petunia calling her Freak. And she played the part wonderfully. She was one of the top students throughout all her seven years. Then when she was of age to have a husband, she married the Crown Prince of Jurai Azusa Masaki Jurai.

She had been heartbroken. Because she was torn between two potential lovers. The Crown Prince, and the heir of an "Ancient and Noble House" of "Pureblooded" wizards called "Potter." In the end, there was a compromise. She would marry Azusa and have a child with him. The child would be the heir of this "Ancient and Noble House" because James Potter would blood adopt him giving him two fathers. Azusa and James. When Lady Seto attended the naming ceremony (Lily had to explain who she really was to James who was shocked to his very core) She was stunned as the newly christened Harry James Azusa Potter Jurai, she was shocked when the infant changed his skin tone from the common Jurai Royal Family tanned skin, to milky white of his adoptive fathers and had his messy hair. The only thing linking him to the Jurai Royal Line was his name and his title. Not to mention he had her daughters and her own eyes of emerald green. Then it was discovered when the child turned 1 that he too possessed this "Magic" force. And it was agreed by both Azusa and James that he would remain on earth for the seventeen years it took to fully hone his Magic. Unless situations forced them to do otherwise. But Lily requested that her mother drop in now and then to see her grandson. She was coming for her third visit so far. And it tickled her to death to see her son-in-law terrified to death of her.


"What was?" Seto hurried around the block were she saw flames and a sramge spirt like being floating into the night. She hurried to her daughters home and terror lit her face for the first time in thousands of years. Her daughters home was in ruins. As if there was an explosion. She heard the crying of an infant. Like a madwoman she dug into the rubble not caring if her clothes where ruined or singes by the still embering flames. But she was too late. He was being carried off by a giant on a transportation vehicle that flew into the night sky. She knew instantly where they where going to take him. And used her communicator's teleport function to teleport herself silently in the area of 4 Privet Drive. Not even startling a cat that was sitting on a brick wall.

She watched the exchange between the giant man, old wizard and old witch. She recognized them as Minerva McGonagall, Albus Dumbledore, and Rubeus Hagrid. Two teachers at her daughters school and the groundskeeper. All three had a good relationship with her daughter and son-in-law.

Earth Time: 11: 30 P.M.

"Until he's ready." Albus said as he put the babe down on the doorstep of the fake house with the fake family inside.

As soon as they where gone, Lady Seto moved in on her grandson. Picking him up from the basket.

"Your coming home with me my adorable grandson." She said sadly. wiping blood still dripping from a curiously shaped scar. Like a bolt of lightning.

To Be Continued...

This has been in my head for a while. I've wanted to do a Tenchi Muyo GXP Harry Potter crossover since my disasterous previous attempt. But couldn't wrap my head around an idea. This finally made the cut.

Harry James Azusa Potter Jurai's family tree

Lady Seto Kamiki Jurai - Harry's Grandmother (Maternal)

Lord Utsutsumi Kamiki Jurai - Harry's Grandfather (Maternal)

Azusa Masaki Jurai - Birth Father

Lilian Kamiki Jurai - Birth Mother

James Charlus Potter - Adoptive Father

Charlus Potter - Adoptive grandfather

Dorea Black nee Potter - Adoptive grandmother

And that's his family tree. Yoshio is the son of Azusa's dead younger brother and Second in line for the throne behind Harry. as he is the Crown Prince of Jurai. Even though he hasn't bonded with a Jurai Royal Tree yet. He will on one of his adventures with the GXP.

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