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Chapter 2: Revealing

Age Five

Harry had apparently snuck out of his room at midnight Jurian time much to the dismay of his personal Wau bodygaurd Raul. The rather muscular canine like being was frantically searching for the only son of the Emperor of Jurai. Even though he lived with his grandmother and grandfather as Emperor Azusa was a very busy man, he still found time about four times a week to see his only child.

"My prince please!" Raul called as the chocolate brown furred canine searched the halls of the Juraian Palace. "Lady Seto will skin me alive and wear my pelt to my funeral! Let alone what your father might do if he finds out about this!"

Raul kept his ears perked and alert to the sounds of Harry's footsteps. But he did not hear footsteps. What he heard was sniffling. From above. He jerked his head upward and gasped when he saw the Crown Prince of Jurai hanging from a chandelier 20 feet in the air.

"Raul help!" Harry pleaded as he held on for dear life.

"How in the world did you get up there?" Raul asked in shock as the twenty seven year old canine man demanded as he tried to judge the best method of getting Harry down.

"I don't know!" Harry said in honesty. "One minute I was in my bathroom brushing my teeth and the next I'm here! I've been here for four hours! Please get me down!"

Raul was panicking as Harry was slipping. He had no choice. He raised his arms, closed his eyes, and prayed to Tsunami that he would catch the Crown Prince.

Harry finally let go. And he fell twenty feet. Right into Raul's arms. The muscled canine caught the part human boy and held him tight as Harry sniffled in fear against his chest.

"So, he has Magic as well." Lady Seto said as she arrived on the scene. One of her Ladies in Waiting had informed her of her grandson's predicament.

"Grandma." Harry sniffled as Raul put him down and he ran to the green haired woman. She caught him in a hug and put her thumb and forefinger along his chin. She tilted his head up to see her face.

"You did nothing wrong. Neither did you Raul." The Devil Princess of Jurai reassured the Wau who let out a relieved breath that he had inhaled when he heard her voice. "Looks like we have to pull off another Facade on Earth. Go to bed Harry. Grandma will take care of everything." Lady Seto assured the five year old.

A Few Days Later...

"So he must return to Earth?" Azusa asked his mother in law.

"According to the Headmaster of Lilian's school if the magic is not honed it could destroy the person from the inside out." Seto said as she remembered the conversation she had with Dumbledore as Mrs. Evans. Now she would have to take up a new face as "Petunia Dursley." And her husband would take up "Vernon Dursley" To Earthlings it would appear that they where a family of Uncle, Niece, Son and Nephew as Raul would be joining them on Earth as well as he was Harry's bodyguard. It was all very advanced tech that created illusions. Harry would also have to play the part of the downtrodden nephew as "Petunia Evans" hated Lillian.

Azusa's visits to Earth where cut short to only a few times a year but he spoke to Harry most of the time via communicator. He would, unfortunately, come to visit playing "Aunt Marge." Vernon Dursley's biological sister.

And so this new facade continued for eight years. And every time Harry had done something stupid yet something that made him stronger, he would cower behind his grandfather during Seto's tirades of how stupid and idiotic his stunts where. See, he had yet to bond with a Jurian Royal Tree Seed. This and the fact that he was part Earthling made many on Jurai think he wasn't fit to be the Crown Prince and future Emperor. But his grandmother assured him that many of the Jurai Clan throughout history had been "Late Bonders" as they called them and bonded when they where in their teens rather than when they where children.

Seto and Utsutsumi where very much intrigued by the "Invisibility Cloak" as it supposedly had Juraian energies surrounding it. They researched this by looking into several books that Harry sent home on wizarding history. It was fascinating.

Today we find Harry in Potions. So far this year, he had been forced to enter a strange tournament against his will with a binding magical contract on it. This meant that he had to compete or die. Today they where brewing a "Heritage Potion." A standard Fourth Year Potion used to prove lineages. Some students often volunteered to take it for Extra Credit for Potions. But in this case...

"You can't force me." Harry stood defiantly in front of the class. He knew Snape didn't particularly like him, in fact he downright despised him, but this was going a bit too far.

"Potter if you don't put a drop of blood into this Potion I will give you a failing grade for the rest of the year." Snape threatened the boy.

"But Professor you can't! That's completely unethical!" Hermione protested.

"Be QUIET Miss Granger or you will join him." Snape said as he wretched Harry's arm up and carefully cut open the part human's thumb. He pressed Harry's right thumb over the cauldron and in went a drop of his blood. The potion rippled and smoke letters appeared.

Harry James Azusa Potter Jurai

Bioligical Mother - Lilian Kamiki Jurai (Also Known As Lilly Evans nee Potter)

Biological Father - Azusa Masaki Jurai (Emperor of Planet Jurai and Leader of the Jurai Royal Family)

Adoptive Father - James Potter (Blood Adoption)

The class was silent and everyone stared at Harry who wretched his arm out of Snape's grasp. "Severus Tobias Snape." He hissed evilly. "You are hereby made an enemy of the Juraian Royal Family."

"You insolent little!" Snape snapped at Harry's sudden change in attitude and raised his right hand to back hand his face.

"STUPEFY!" Shouted several students. They knew their Potion's Professor didn't like Harry, but even Slytherins knew that physical assault on a student was grounds for sacking.

"Someone get the Headmaster!" shouted Parvarti Patil in panick as the Gryffindor students combined Stunning Spells had knocked Snape out cold. Dean Thomas ran from the classroom as several Gryffindors and Slytherins surprisingly held their unconcious Potions Teacher at wandpoint. They liked how he bullied all the other houses, but what he did to Potter just now crossed the line.

But as they waited, several students couldn't help but think Azusa? Jurai?

Soon Professor Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall arrived with Dean who had apparently sprinted all the way from the dungeons up to the Headmasters office because he looked exhausted. The teacher and Headmaster where shocked to see their colleague unconcious and several students aiming their wands at his unconcious body still.

"What happened here?" Albus asked calmly. Though he was curious as to why Harry was glaring at Severus and had a cut thumb. Then he remembered the yearly Heritage Potion.

Several students told him the same story. Snape told Harry to either use the Heritage Potion or he would automatically fail him for the year. Then when he said something that Snape didn't like and wretched his arm out of his grip Snape threatened to strike him physically. Something not even tolerated in the Muggle World.

"Fifty Points to Gryffindor and Slytherin each for defending a fellow student, and Twenty Five from each for attacking a teacher." Albus said calmly as he studied Snape's unconcious form making sure he was alright. "Ennervate."

Snape jerked awake and steadily Then realized what happened and thought he could use it to get Potter expelled. "Potter attacked me sir." He lied. "After he used the-"

"Severus, shut up." Minerva ordered as her nostrils flared. "You know damn well that forcing the Heritage Potion on an minor is grounds for up to 5 years in Azkaban. We will be notifying the Aurors in a under an hour."

"But HeadMaster!" Snape protested before glaring at Potter and bringing out his wand in one last attempt at contempt for him.

"Expelliarmus!" Hermione reacted before anyone else and Albus caught Severus's wand.

"Thank you Miss Granger." Albus said. "Five extra points to Gryffindor. Now, Severus, explain yourself." He ordered sternly.

"I'm his bloody teacher! He should have obeyed me and just taken the Potion!" Severus protested.

"That is no excuse. You as a Professor had no right to order a student to use that Potion. I have shown great leniency toward your treatment of students over the years but this is the final straw. You are hereby no longer the Potions Master at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

"But HeadMaster!" Severus Protested. "YOU!" He snarled at Harry. "You have cost me my job!" McGonagall held him back as he lunged toward Harry.

"Your luck I can't have your life." Harry snarled back in his face.

This made Snape even more mad as he snarled in McGonagall's grip. He so angry he was salivating.

The Gryffindors cheered as Snape was dragged magically out of the room and made a spectical of as he was dragged to the HeadMasters office. Several other students and even a few Slytherins who didn't like him cheered as well.

Harry, while everyone wasn't looking, waved his wand and vanished the smokey letters that spelled out his parentage. Only Hermione saw this. And she heard him whisper "That was too close. Thank god most of them are idiots."

She made a note to corner him and demand an explanation later...

To Be Continued...

I realized that Dumbledore had to keep him at the castle because of his position as a spy, but he gave Snape waaaaaaaay too much leniency on how he treated students. Many "Hogwarts Reads" fics address this as well with Dumbledore and McGonagall telling Snape that they will talk about the way he treats students later.

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