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Everyone knew something was wrong when Quinn walked into school alone. If the pink hair, nose ring or black attire didn't do it for you, the tattoo on her back of a circle with Sam in the middle that had a/through it everyone knew they had broken up. Rumor was Sam was living with Rachel now and the two had been shacked up together in her house for months. Rachel had also dumped Puck at the beginning of the summer and the two "friends" had been off the radar. Everyone assumed the two had dumped their significant others for each other.

"This year is certainly going to be interesting," Kurt said to Mercedes. Quinn had done her strut down the hall and everyone was looking at her like she grew another head. A couple minutes later Sam entered with hair shorter and a shade darker. No Rachel in sight.

"Yeah the two golden couples broke up," Mercedes said, "What is going to happen to Glee Club now?"

"Did you hear Quinn quit Glee?" Tina said coming over.

"Yes," Kurt said, "I guess she didn't want to be around Sam and Rachel. I thought Sam and Quinn were never going to break up."


Glee felt empty. There was no Sam, no Quinn, and to everyone's shock no Rachel. Everyone was looking at Puck like he had answers but he was a clueless as the rest of them.

"Has anyone even seen Rachel this summer?" Artie asked. Now that Kurt and Mercedes thought about it, no they had not. The three had sleepovers all the time and they never realized they had stopped.

"Let's not focus on that," Mr. Schue said since some of our members might not be returning we need to find a way to get more people to join. "With Quinn gone and since we don't know about Sam and...Rachel we have the potential to be down to nine members."

"Mr. Schue," Finn said, "Before we go around trying to find new people I think we need to work on getting our people back first." The whole club nodded, "We know them, there has to be something going on. I am sure they don't really want to quit."

"Puck are you sure you don't have any idea what is going on with Rachel?" Mercedes asked.

"No, she broke up with me," Puck said not wanting to repeat it anymore, "She won't talk to me."

"Santana?" Mercedes said, "What about Quinn?"

"I heard her and Sam have a huge fight and then he left," Santana said trying to keep the hurt out of her voice, "The next day she had pink hair and walked around like a robot. She moved back into her parents' house a couple days later so I have no idea." Her best friend had ditched her and now wouldn't return her calls. So Santana put on her cold "I don't care" front.

"Sam?" Kurt said looking at Puck. Sam had been living with him after all.

"I don't know about him either," Puck said, "He told my Mom he was moving out and going to live with Rachel."

"There is something wrong here," Mercedes said, "Quinn and Sam were the most stable couple I know, they were practically engaged. Something big must have happened to make them break up."


Sam wasn't at the school the next day and Quinn smelled like cigarettes when she entered Spanish class. The Glee kids looked at each other. Who were these people? Rachel had perfect attendance and had missed two days of school already.

"We should go over there," Kurt said to Mercedes, "This isn't like them. Quinn is hanging with the Skanks and Sam and Rachel are nowhere to be seen."

"We will go after school." Mercedes said.

So they found themselves in front of the Berry Residence as soon as school was over. Before they could ring the bell they heard someone coming up to them. Sam had headphones on and was sweating. He had obviously been going for a run. He looked surprised to see them.

"Hi guys," Sam said, "What are you doing here?"

"You weren't at school, and no one has seen Rachel in weeks," Kurt replied. "We came to check on you."

"Rachel wasn't feeling very well," Sam said his face blank, "She will be there tomorrow."

"So we will see you in Glee then?" Kurt asked.

"I will be." Sam told them. "I don't know about Rachel though. Can you guys do me a favor?"

"Sure," They said at the same time. Sam moved closer to them.

"Don't say anything about how she looks," Sam said.

"Please tell don't tell me Rachel is dying and will be wearing an unflattering wig," Kurt said putting his hand on his heart. Sam laughed.

"No, nothing like that Rachel is perfectly healthy," Sam assured them, "She just has a lot on her mind. Tell the others too."

"Okay, we will," Mercedes said and then couldn't help but ask, "What about you and Quinn? Have you seen how she is dressing lately?"

"Yeah, I have," Sam said shifting his weight, "I tried calling Lu, but we had been on bad terms since the breakup." Sam face didn't give anything away.

"Why did you guys break up?" Kurt asked.

"Lots of reasons," Sam replied, "See you in school."

Kurt's mouth and eyes went wide when he saw Rachel the next day. She was wearing sweatpants a familiar gray shirt and an even more recognizable green jacket. Rachel had obviously lost weight and her hair was up in a ponytail. She didn't look like herself. She looked like an ill Rachel dressed up like Puck for Halloween. Sam was next to her holding her hand and basically dragging her into the hallway. Kurt and Mercedes looked at each other and made their way over to them.

"Hi Rachel," Kurt said with a smile trying to act as natural as he could.

"Hello Kurt," Rachel said trying to act natural too, but then something caught her eye at the end of the hall. Rachel ran away her eyes already wet with tears. Kurt and Mercedes looked behind them and saw Puck looking at them. Sam took a deep breath.

"I gotta go," Sam said and he looked tired, "It is really hard having a dramatic best friend." Sam walked in the direction Rachel ran away.

"Did he say best friend?" Mercedes asked. "I thought they were going out."

"No, he said best friend," Kurt replied, "He wasn't looking at her the way he looks at Quinn. I don't think they are together at all." Quinn, who had been listening from around the corner, watched as Sam walked away. For the first time she thought she might have been wrong about Sam and Rachel. Maybe they hadn't been having an affair. Whatever, like Quinn gave a crap anymore anyway.


"Did you see the way Rachel looked today?" Santana said leaning forward from her seat in Glee Club that afternoon. "We all know those were Puck's clothes. Guess Little Miss Bee isn't as innocent as we all thought if she has a stash of Puckerman's clothes on hand."

"Santana," Mercedes said in a warning tone, "Don't go there, and they broke up and it has obviously messed her up so shut up about the clothes."

"They broke up so why is she wearing…" Artie stopped talking when Puck and Finn came into the room. The room was suddenly dead quiet.

"What did we say?" Kurt said breaking the silence, "No comment on how she looks."

"Why?" Finn asked while Puck reminded silent.

"Sam asked us not to," Kurt replied, "I have never seen her like this." The room became quiet again.

"Come on Rach." They all heard Sam's voice say from the hall in front of the door. Mercedes put her finger to her lips to quiet everyone. They club leaned forward as they listened.

"I can't Sam," Rachel's weak voice say, "He hates me." The whole club looked at Puck, but he was staring straight ahead listening.

"No one hates you." Sam assured her.

"Everyone hates me…" Rachel began to say but Sam had had enough.

"Rachel Berry you get your ass in the class room before I do it by force!" Sam yelled. Rachel soon appeared at the door and walked to a seat in the front. Her shoulders were shaking and Sam put his arm around her to steady them.

"Glad to see you're here Rachel." Mr. Schue said with a smile and Rachel nodded. Sam couldn't help but look back at Puck, but his face was showing nothing. Sam's phone rang and Sam excused himself when he saw who it was. Sam got up to go into the hall.

"Sam!" Rachel called out, "Don't leave." Kurt scooted one chair over and took the girls hand.

"We got you Rachel," Kurt said with a smiled and Rachel smiled weakly back. When Sam saw that Rachel was semi stable went into the hall.

"Hi Leroy," Sam said to Rachel's father. "She is doing okay. She's here. No, Rachel still won't talk to him. I am trying. It's okay Rachel is my best friend. I need to help. Thanks, no I haven't talked to Lucy. I know, I know. Okay, Bye." Sam put a hand to his temple and after another minute walked back into the classroom. Quinn, who had gotten really good not being seen watched as Sam seemed to struggle with himself. She remembered when he found out he was moving into the hotel Sam had hugged her so tightly that she couldn't breathe. The urge to hug him had never been stronger than at this moment. It was his own fault when he picked Rachel over her.

"Where are you going?" Quinn asked when after looking at his phone Sam suddenly got up and was putting his jacket on. They were just watching a movie, but he was ditching her.

"That was Rachel; she broke up with Puck," Sam answered, "So she will probably be crying for the next 24 hours. I am the shoulder."

"Oh." Quinn said because there wasn't anything else to say.

"You' are leaving again?" Quinn said getting angry now.

"She doesn't have anyone else, and she is going through some hard stuff right now," Sam told her.

"Like what?" Quinn asked and then said sarcastically, "Oh yeah, you can't tell me."

"I love you," Sam said instead on answering, "Just trust me okay Lu-Lu?" Quinn nodded. Whenever he said his special nickname for her Quinn's heart still melted after all these years.

"I would never cheat on you Lucy," Sam said, "You know that, so why are you accusing me of the worst possible thing. How could you think so low of me?"

"Admit it!" Quinn yelled, "Admit that you are seeing Rachel behind my back! But it isn't even behind my back, everyone knows! I thought the idea was ridiculous before but maybe Finn was right!"

"Finn is never right, and why are you so worried about what other people think?" Sam said his voice rising too. "I thought you had moved past that."

"Maybe you don't know me." Quinn said and crossed her arms.

"Maybe you don't know me either," Sam said back, "You actually think I am the type of guy who cheats on his girlfriend? Rachel and I are just friends."

"Tell me what is going on!" Quinn shouted.

"I can't!" Sam yelled.

"Then we have nothing more to say," Quinn said and Sam just looked at her his face hard.

"Fine, goodbye Quinn," Sam said and slammed the door on his way out.

Quinn never thought they would break up. She had his grandmother's ring on a chain and wore it around her neck, or she did. Quinn didn't wear the ring Sam gave her when they were six either. It seemed like everything she did reminded her of Sam. So she changed everything. Lucy was gone, and Quinn doubted she would ever come back this time.


So what did you think? What is going on with Rachel and what secret did she ask Sam to keep? Any guesses?

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