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Yuuzhan Vong speech

The Lines Are Drawn

It was several weeks later that Commander Sev'rance Tann stepped blinking out of the cloning chamber. Luckily for the droids and other attendants that were around her, she could sense Skyran through the Force and so didn't lash out against them.

Of course, considering that he wasn't in the room and had no intention of entering it any time soon was slightly off-putting for the Chiss woman put then she looked down and realized that she was naked as the day she was born, and promptly blushed. As soon as she asked about her clothes and weapons, the attendants rushed to get them for her, obviously remembering the tales told by their fellows from when she had been alive previously.

As soon as she was dressed and was strapping on her lightsaber, Lord Paxis walked in, his Mandalorian mask glinting in the soft light of the room. He had read about Darth Revan and was familiar with what he had accomplished during the Mandalorian Wars and the Jedi Civil War that followed. The Jedi didn't deserve a second chance in his opinion, seeing as how stagnate they were and their antiquated contradictory ideals. After all, you can't seek justice without emotion, for you won't recognize injustice without it. It was quite foolish of them, and he only hoped that their reign came to an end soon. The Sith were as the Force meant them to be, and the sooner they realized that he better.

"We have been waiting for you, Commander," Captain Nelross said in his rich tenor.

Seeing who he was, she immediately knelt, seeing as all those who were of the Dark Acolytes were made aware of his position as Count Dooku's apprentice. "My lord," she intoned.

He made a motion with his hand, "Rise, Commander Tann, I find myself in need of your unique talents, and that wonderful memory of yours. The Desolators are needed and we have to get the plans for them drawn up before anything can begin. This will be your task, Commander. Understood?"

"Sir, yes sir!" Tann said, saluting stiffly.

Skyran nodded approvingly, "Good, now, off with you, I will have an attendant show you to your quarters. I have other things to attend to at the moment and will contact you if anything changes." And with that, the conversation was done and they went their separate ways.

With Sev'rance Tann back in the field, (technically speaking) redrawing of the Desolator plans took top priority. Unfortunately, with time being what it is, and there being no reply from the main branch of the army, Nelross had to take over as the de facto commander (not that he wasn't acting in that role already).

Getting the Desolator plans remade, however, was only the tip of the iceberg. With no contact from Count Dooku or General Grievous, Captain Nelross had to make executive decisions on his own, one of them being the construction of the EG and IG-110 series. With the chance of Jedi finding them, and the warning of his master running through his head, Skyran would not take any chance of being overwhelmed having only two lightsaber users on his side. The droids lightsaber-wielding capabilities would be more than a match for the Jedi. And with the plans for General Grievous' creation in his grasp, he also began creating a new set of designs for a droid much like the General of the Separatist forces.

Hopefully, when it all settled down, when all the fighting came to an end, he would be able to sit back and relax and not worry about war and which planet and which organization sided with you. With the way things were looking, however, that was a long way off.

Sighing, Skyran stood up from his desk and walked across his room to the viewport, and looked out into space.

He had no idea where this path would take him, and he wasn't strong enough to pierce the veil that was clouding the future.

Stepping onto the bridge, he noticed his navigator standing before his command chair and frowned. Striding forward and sitting down, he motioned for the Neimodian to begin.

"Captain, we have come across a strange anomaly in a pocket of space just beyond the where we will be exiting hyperspace.

As it happened, the journey to the Unknown Region was incredibly long, and, seeing as this wasn't exactly charted territory, unsafe. So they were taking things nice and slow. Of course, something just had to happen just as they finish their jump.

Nelross sighed, "And do we have any idea what this anomaly is?"

The navigator shook his head, "As far as we can tell, sir, it just sitting there, and is making no overt moves. The scouts have set up a perimeter and will report any irregularities beyond the already observed."

Skyran nodded, "Very good, as you were."

When the fleet finally exited hyperspace, the ships arranged themselves around the Ravager. They slowly made their way to the planet that was to be their base of operations.

The Ravager opened its hangar and let out a small landing craft that was escorted by a battalion of fighters to the planet's surface where it immediately proceeded to head toward the only mountain on the entire planet where the advance base was located. With the CIS having decided to spread its influence beyond the known regions, they eventually came here, to the Nelroon system. As it was, there were only two planets in the entire sector and only one of them was habitable. The second was just a ball of gas, much like Yavin. As it was, the planet Nikros was devoid of all forms of life beyond some wildlife here and there before the CIS claimed it.

The mountain was void of all forms of life except for the small fortification at its base. Setting down, Skyran waited patiently for the ramp to lower and then walked out onto the planet's surface. The air was not as good quality as on others such as Dantooine and Alderaan, but it was enough to suit his needs, as he wouldn't be staying on the surface for very long anyway.

Striding forward, he walked inside the building and presented Count Dooku's command to those already there.

Construction would begin almost immediately. They really didn't have time to wait around, as they were facing an unknown threat that made even Lord Tyrannus disturbed enough to send out such a large force out to face it.

Frowning, Skyran listened to the report from his radar who had spotted a large force moving quickly through space as he watched the materials be removed from the carrier crafts and instructed those that would be staying planetside that they would be leaving presently and so anything they needed would have to be requested upon their return.

It wasn't long before the Sith Lord was back in space, ordering his forces to prepare for any possibility. They couldn't the chance that they were there for the anomaly, so he ordered the fighters already guarding it to be doubled and for the capital ships to form a defensive formation to protect the planet.

With that done, the Ravager moved to its position in the middle of the fleet, all its fighters pouring out of its hangar. Whoever it was that was coming couldn't be allowed to tell others of their location. He would destroy them before they got the chance.

Aboard the Yuuzhan Vong I'Friil Ma-Nat warship Legacy of Torment

Deign Lian, commander of the advance force sent forth by Supreme Overlord Shimrra Jamaane to test the strength of the galaxy that the gods had ordained to be theirs.

But all was not going as planned, for not a year after setting out from the main fleet, the yammosk picked up something they had not faced before; something unliving, but held living at the same time. This was different from when the former Supreme Commander had fought the living world, but posed a threat as the yammosk informed him that the things were unloading several unlivings, which was all it could say as whatever it was letting out had no life to them.

"Phahg," Deign swore, "Release the coralskippers, and prepare the yaret-kors(coralskippers) and order the rest of the fleet to do the same."

The yammosk answered in an affirmative and the orders were given, and so the First Battle of Nikros was underway.

Yuuzhan Vong vocab:

Phahg: swear word

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