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Love can be beautiful. Love can lift you up and bring you joy. Love can make you smile and make you laugh. Love can be good. But sometimes, love brings tears. It brings pain. It makes you hurt.

Hermione Granger looked up from her desk to see that night had just begun to fall. Her back was aching from hours of sitting in the same position, neck craned over her work. She let her eyes travel back down to the many parchments littering her desk. The light in the room was dim now as she picked up one in particular, the final piece to her story. She glanced down, settling her eyes on one single word. Hurt.


Hermione had been lying awake in her bed for what seemed like hours. Any second now. It really had to be soon, light was clearly beginning to show in the small window of the bedroom. If one could even call it a bedroom.

The past several weeks, Hermione believed she had come to know what it felt like to be a prisoner. Yes, she was a prisoner in this jail known as 12 Grimmauld Place. The initial excitement she felt over staying in the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix wore off surprisingly quickly.

Or perhaps it wasn't that surprising.

But just a couple of more hours and she would be free. Free to roam the long Hogwarts castle corridors, breathe the fresh air of the Hogwarts grounds, and most importantly, she smiled to herself, laze herself away in her favorite corner of the Hogwarts library.

She frowned slightly, remembering how her leisure library hours would definitely have to be cut short this year. She couldn't believe the OWLs were already upon them!

It seemed only yesterday she had received her Hogwarts letter in the mail. Where did the time go?

She only wished time could move a little faster now. But alas.

Hermione continued to get lost in her thoughts. For someone so organized and logical, her mind was surprisingly scattered at times, moving from subject to subject until it came to rest on a particular one it enjoyed.

I wonder if the boys are up yet, her mind mused. She scoffed quietly to herself. If no one was there to rouse him, she was fairly certain Ron would never wake. No, that's not true. He would eventually get hungry.

I bet Harry's awake. He was always an early riser. Even though he would never admit it aloud, she knew Harry couldn't wait to return to Hogwarts as well. But if anyone knew what it meant to Sirius to have Harry here, it was Harry.

She wished more than anything that things didn't have to be like this. That they could just be Godfather and Godson without any of the hiding and the secrecy. It almost pained her how much she wished it. That for just once, Harry could have some justice. For just once, he could know what it felt like to live a normal, happy life. She couldn't think of anyone who deserved it more.

Hermione sat pondering this for a long while when she suddenly heard a knock on the bedroom door. Mrs. Weasley was calling them down to breakfast. Glancing at her watch, she was pleasantly surprised to find that the minute hand had made a long journey since the last time she checked.

It was almost amusing how lost she could get in her own thoughts if only she could find just the right subject to get lost in.

What had she been thinking about again?

She paused briefly from her business of shaking Ginny awake. But just as a good dream soon disappears like wisps of smoke upon waking, all her thoughts seemed a jumbled mess as she made her way downstairs to the sweet smell of breakfast.