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Chapter 1

I knew all along that I would fail. The look on Professor Greyrose's face was clearly telling me that when I started waving my wand. A dab of sweat trickled down my face despite the low temperature ever present in the Ice school building. I spoke the incantation then and it gave me another clue; I didn't feel the tug inside me which said is the sign you draw magic successfully from within. True enough, nothing happened when I finished my incantation; my wand unlit, no Snowman standing before me.

The whole class roared in laughter. I blushed furiously. There was no defense coming up from my mouth because I knew it would be pointless; I've been failing to do the Evil Snowman spell three times in a row in three previous meetings. I looked at the laughing crowd and found Hamz Thunderwalker laughing the loudest of all while he nearly doubled over from his chair. "Seriously, how hard can it be to do such a simple spell? What a complete idiot!" he shouted then started laughing again.

I felt anger rose inside of me like a rocket. Hamz Thunderwalker was a boy of my age who studied Storm magic; you'd know instantly from his purple clothing Diviners always wear. He had shoulder-length brown hair that he kept tied back and sly hazel eyes that fit perfectly with his seemingly mocking lips. He was my mortal enemy. We've been crossed in everything ever since the first time we met. I didn't know why and I didn't care. I accepted him as my enemy the moment he shot me with a lightning bolt with absolutely no reason at all at our very first day at Ravenwood School of Magical Arts. After that, he's always been able to pull out ways to make my life miserable, not that my life hasn't been miserable enough to begin with. I glared at him with absolute hate. Seeing that mocking face of his, oh how I would love to jump there and throw him a punch! Just then, I could feel something tugging inside me. The next moment, I felt a tingling sensation on my arm, which was caused by the flow of magical energy. It flowed out of me and to my wand tip. I was ready to throw whatever that was to his laughing face when Professor Greyrose flew in front of me and patted my shoulder.

"That's too bad, my dear, you'll have to try harder than that," she said, breaking my concentration. The energy on my wand evaporated into the air. I looked at her sheepishly and mumbling something about trying harder next time. She smiled at me and then whispered something that only the two of us could hear. "And be careful my dear, I don't want you to start fighting in my class."

My heart leapt; she knew!

Well, I say, never underestimate this cheerful fairy-looking grandma before me. She may be only half my height and looked weak but she wasn't called professor for nothing. She was very skilled in the arts of Ice magic here in Wizard City and she was also a teacher in this magic school. I avoided her eyes and quickly walked back to my seat, reminding myself to look out for any outstretched leg blocking my way. There was none, thankfully. Penny Dreadful was looking at me with such concern; she also knew I was going to blast Hamz to kingdom come a while ago. She shook her head slowly, showing her disapproval while I just plopped myself in a seat beside her, not taking anymore attention to the rest of the class.

I soon regretted my action to ignore the last half of Professor Greyrose's lecture as Penny recounted back what they had learned to me. Professor Greyrose had explained about the next spell we can learn after we master the Snowman spell; the Tower Shield. That was a spell that would negate half of any magic attacks thrown to us. It was a very useful spell and I mentally cheered on my decision to choose to learn Ice magic. Although to be honest, at first my plan was only to learn the Volcanic Shield spell to use up against Hamz Thunderwalker.

"Therefore Sophia," Penny said to me after she had ended her recounting. "you need to master the Snowman spell soon, before the next class started, otherwise we can't start practicing the new spell yet. You are the only person who hasn't mastered it in class."

I let out a frustrated sigh. I knew I would make the entire class mad if I didn't master it in time. I honestly didn't care about anyone in class but Penny. She was my only friend in Ravenwood so I didn't want to upset her. Being her classmate and dorm-mate, I knew that she was very eager to learn magic and she was a bright one at that; the exact opposite of me.

The Commons was lively as usual with students 'chilling' around the small clear pond just in front of the Headmaster Tower. The air was hot all morning and it looked like it was going to rain from the nimbus cloud that slowly gathered above us. We, Penny and I, were now at our way to the Arena in Unicorn Way. We didn't have anymore classes to attend to and I have decided to practice the Snowman spell in there.

Being a good friend as she was, Penny had volunteered to come and help me practice. I peered over at her as she told me a few tips to successfully cast that darned spell. Penny was a cute girl with her reddish brown hair cut short an inch above her shoulders. We were at the same age of fourteen though I could tell that she was more mature than I was. She was very nice, always cheerful and calm in any kind of situation. She knew what she was doing and acted accordingly. Compared to me, we were like the earth and the sky for I was a short-tempered one and often act without thinking. Penny came from a famous Death family in Marleybone; The Dreadfuls. She clearly showed how proud she was by her lineage by wearing black and white robes with elaborate design of Death symbols outside of classes. She didn't care that that very symbol was being taboo-ed in the Spiral at the moment, thanks to Malistaire and his crazy plan. Whatever that was, I didn't know much. People only said that Malistaire was an evil wizard and he had spread fear to the Spiral to accomplish his goal. However Penny didn't buy all that. She still thought Malistaire as an awesome person.

"My parents said to me," she told me one day, "that Professor Malistaire is a great person and that I'd enjoy his lecture. It's too bad I can't meet him now due to some things." Those some things were the mysterious disappearance of the Professor himself along with the building of the School of Death and various problems occurring throughout Wizard City years ago. Soon after that, Death magic was feared and become the symbol of evil itself. Necromancers, the successor of Death magic were treated like outcasts in society, even now, and unfortunately Penny and I were ones.

"I'm sorry Penny," I said, catching her attention once we arrived in the Arena. The Arena was one HUGE building consisting of two large, circular, coliseum-like areas with seats surrounding it. It was a place where we hold tournaments; wizards dueling as well as magic training. There were two opened doors leading to different arena once we passed the huge and also opened front doors. We were now at the right arena, which was the practice arena; the left one was used only to hold official tournaments.

Quite a lot of people were there; waving wands, murmuring incantations, and this one boy was seriously mad with his failed attempts to summon a Storm creature that he snapped his wand in two. I'll probably going to do that too, I thought, watching him throw his broken wand and storming out of the arena. He stopped abruptly when he saw us walking inside and quickly scowling. "So it was you!" he shouted all of a sudden while pointing an accusing finger at us. I raised an eyebrow as response. "It was because of you two coming that I had a very bad day today!"

I could only stare at him in disbelief with my mouth open as he walked past us. What a completely unreasonable excuse he just made! Penny sensed my body tensing and quickly pulled me away from the door. Then we realized the people inside were pausing what they were doing to stare at us. Ok, anyone else want to blame their bad luck at us? Bring it on! I thought angrily, eyeing every one of them for any sign to do so. But no one did. They resumed their activity, only after they moved as far away from us as possible.

"Well, that's convenient. We need space," Penny said cheerfully as she pulled out her wand from her backpack; and that's why I said she was more mature than me. Things like that were normal to us but it was still annoying for me. I wonder sometimes why she was chosen to be a Necromancer. She was like a Theurgist in any way. She then turned to me, smiling and said, "Isn't that right, Sophia?"

I was pretty sure Ambrose had placed her in the wrong school for her smile would always do a great job to calm me down. I eventually brushed it off and nodded.

"So," said Penny, her chocolate brown eyes studied me for a moment. "What were you apologizing for?" she asked.

"Well, you know. Back then at our Ice class," I took a deep breath. "I messed up. I know you are very eager to learn the next spell, but I messed it up. You'd have been able to practice that spell by now if only I weren't that stupid."

Penny looked at me in disbelief and started to giggle. "Oh Sophia, you talk like there is no tomorrow. And who said you were stupid?"

"Said I."

Penny laughed. "You know you are not stupid. You just didn't get enough practice, that's all. I am sure you'll be able to pull it off soon."

"I'm not sure about that," I said darkly as I pulled out my wand from my backpack.

"What is that? It's not like you to give up so easily."

I wanted to say, "Not easily, I've failed three times in a row in three classes." but I held my tongue. I appreciated her giving me encouragement very much. I just had to believe that I can do it. Penny gave me a gentle push on the shoulder and said, "Come on, I assure you will prevail this time! I will help you, okay?" She was grinning at me and I couldn't help but grin back at her.

Yes, I just have to belief in myself!

End of Chapter 1

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