TITLE: Snuggle Buddies
AUTHOR: mad_server
CHARACTERS: Sam, Dean, Cas
WORDS: 550
A/N: Okay, now I totally have the Dr. Snuggles theme song in my head.
SUMMARY: Dean is a chilly chilly man.

"C'mere," Dean says, yanking Sam away from the mirror.

"Hey," Sam protests, but Dean's already straightening Sam's tie for him, his brows curled in like the holes on a violin. He folds down the collar of Sam's dress shirt and Sam jumps at the chilliness of the hands at his neck. "Whoa, Icicle Fingers. Warn a guy."

Dean steps back, pale in his own suit. The lips he quirks have got a bluish tinge. "That's better."


"Six cups of coffee, Dean? Really?"

"What? It was a long morning."

"Yeah, and it's gonna be a long night, with you peeing every hour."

Dean wraps both hands around the diner's Garfield mug and leans into the steam. "Shut your trap or I'll pee on you."


"Hey." Sam knocks on the bathroom door. "Come on, man. I have to go."


Dean's hunched in the bath, steam filling the room. Sam frowns at him. "You hurt yourself?"

Dean shivers visibly. His face is white. "Can't get warm."

"Huh." Sam lifts the toilet lid and pees, sizing up the goose bumps on his brother's arms. "You look like junk."


Dean's wearing every jacket they own and he's still shaking.

"Okay," Sam says. He sits beside Dean on the couch and wraps a tentative arm around his shoulders. "Let's think about this."

Dean lets out a shuddering breath and relaxes. He inches closer to Sam until their sides are flush, then groans in relief. "There's the money."


He squints exhaustedly when Sam gets up to make hot chocolate, tightens immediately in his coat pile. By the time Sam carries back their drinks, Dean's teeth are chattering audibly.

Sam sits beside his brother and scoops him in close.

"Ohh yeah," Dean sighs, turning to jelly. He lays his head on Sam's shoulder. "Think I pulled something that time."


"Do you have any idea how busy I am?"

Sam smiles hopefully at the angel.

Castiel casts his gaze skyward. His shoulders droop. "I'm going to get into trouble for this."


"Uh." Dean looks from the angel to Sam. "H-Hey."

"Listen, I've gotta pound the pavement, so Cas is gonna keep you company."

"I'm your snuggle buddy." Castiel looks to Sam. "Is that right?"

Sam laughs nervously and slaps him on the shoulder. "Catch you kids later."


"Do you feel ill?"

"No." Dean yawns and sinks further into the angel's chest.

"Sleeping at this hour is appropriate to children and the elderly."

"I'll elder your... child."

"You are in pain."

Dean flushes and shifts with a wince. "Nothing a good Swedish massage won't cure. Look, can we just... "

Castiel lays a cool palm on Dean's forehead. Dean's eyelids droop.


Dean snores himself awake in Sam's arms. He grunts, sleepily flustered. "Whatcha got?"

"Same girl who ganked our vic did a number on you."

"What? Who?"

"The cousin. Works at the supermarket? I guess you made an impression."

"Oh." Dean rubs his eyes and pushes back his hair. "You get her address?"

"It's already taken care of."

"Whaddya mean?"

"Curse is broken. You're free to go."

Dean sits up cautiously. He scoots apart from Sam by a hip width, then another. "Huh," he says from the other end of the sofa. "Dude... why didn't you wake me?"

"You looked so cute. I didn't have the heart."