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~Maka's POV~

My father, a weapon, married my mother, a meister. For what I heard they were an amazing team. My mother made my father a Death Scythe after getting all 99 Kishin souls and a Witch soul.

Years later, my mother, on her way home from a meeting at the DWMA, died in a multi-car crash .She was a teacher there since my dad would go on missions with Lord Death. I was only 14 at the time of the accident, but as soon as I turned 15 I moved out.

I left my father, Spirit, alone. He always brought woman home and I made excuses to leave. I live in the middle of Death City in an apartment that a tall, purple headed lady by the name of Blair owns.

When I was little my parents and I used to walk around Death City all the time. Every time I walk around, I remember those times and I begin to cry. Just north Death City, is a huge desert. Keep walking for about 30 minutes, and you'll reach a cliff that over look's the ocean. I used to sit there for a few days.

One day, I sat there playing with the keys in my hands and they slipped from my hands. I looked down and saw them and a piece of grass. My curiosity got the best of me and I climbed down. I was twenty or so feet of the ground when my leg gave out and I fell. I landed on the soft grass and groaned in pain. I sat up rubbing the back of my neck when I saw the most beautiful scenery ever.

A fairly large meadow stretched for what looked like less than a mile. In the middle a single tree sat crying.

'A Weeping Willow...' I thought. My mother's favorite tree. She told me she only saw one in her life but she doesn't remember where. I looked around for my keys and when I finally found them I looked at the tree again. I got closer to it and moved the leaves to get to the trunk. It was shady, and cool inside. I sat, resting my back to the trunk, and sighed happily. I think I found my own personal space.

~Soul's POV~

Honestly, I don't remember my early life before I was 14. The last thing I remember is waking up in a white room. I panicked and ripped the needles from my arms off. I found a pair of clothes that I assumed were mine, since they fit me fine.

I was about to leave through the window when a blond lady caught my attention. She was my roommate. She had a tube in her throat helping her breath. She looked like she was beaten pretty bad. I walked over and she looked at me.

"Please..." She breathed out coughing. I took a step back and she smiled a little.

I could tell it took all her energy to say something. "Help my... little...b-baby..." She breathed. "Her n-name... is M-M-Maka..." She reached for my hand and grabbed it, with the little force she had. "P-Promise?" She breathed one last time before closing her eyes. Her hand fell out of mine and the machine she was connected to beeped loudly. I panicked.

"I promise. I'll help your Maka." I said. I jumped out the window as I heard footsteps running toward the room. I never found out her last name. All I knew was that her daughter's name was Maka. I roamed the streets hoping to bump into the girl, but no luck. I asked around if anyone knew her, but I guess she isn't very popular.

I didn't have money so I slept in the local park on a bench. A nice girl around my age took me found me and took me in. She said her name was Tsubaki, and she lived with a very loud, and conceded guy named Black Star. I met their friends Death the Kid, Patty, and Liz. I asked them if they knew a girl named Maka, but they didn't

'I will find you Maka.. I promise.' I thought to myself.

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