Three years ago today, I started writing this story and two years and 1 month later I finished it. Wow, I can't believe it. Time sure does fly, huh? XD I want to thank every single one of you guys who took the time to read, give it a review and favorite this story.

In the past three days, I read this story and honestly I don't understand how I published this without cringing! But an author never looks down on any previous writing, for it helps them grow. So I want to give you guys something for helping me with this story and giving me the chance to continue doing what I love.

I will take the time and re-write this story. I want to edit it, omit small details that don't make sense, but I WILL NOT TAKE ANYTHING OR ANYONE OUT. This is my favorite piece and knowing that I made so many amazing friends because of this, I owe it my life.

I will also come back to finish my unfinished work of Figments of the Imagination, and eventually finish Mysteries.

I made many amazing friends and I still talk to many of them. So, I will b on here more for the next year hopefully. So, to any new or old friends, come by and say hello! I'll be looking forward to it and I hope you all look forward to a grown up, Under The Weeping Willow.